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Hit that Switch!!
World-LevelExtra 2
GameSuper Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
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Hit That Switch!! is the second extra level in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and its remake Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. The majority of the level revolves mainly around the use of ! Switches. All the Red Coins in this level are found in plain sight.


Yoshi begins the level near a Warp Pipe to the left, which takes him to an area where he can find two Winged Clouds and two Crates, all containing a total of 20 stars. Yoshi must collect all of these stars, as the player will not have any other chance to get more later on since they don't appear anywhere else in the level. Yoshi encounters the first ! Switch ahead of this pipe, and he needs to press it to cause several ! Blocks to appear, leading him to a red Flatbed Ferry.

When Yoshi jumps on this platform, he must quickly press another ! Switch on top of some ! Blocks in his way. Yoshi eventually finds two Spring Balls on top of a couple of ! Blocks; the first Spring Ball allows Yoshi to reach a very tall row of ! Blocks, while the second allows the hero to collect a flower, as well as reaching over the ! Blocks. Yoshi has to press another ! Switch here, and quickly use a red Flatbed Ferry to cross a large pit, avoiding a low-clearance row of ! Blocks by ducking at the right moment. Two flowers are found on this path, each above two Wild Piranhas.

After this, Yoshi finds another ! Switch, which when pressed causes a huge row of ! Blocks to appear. He must utilize two Spring Balls to jump over two tall lines of ! Blocks. The two last flowers of the stage can be collected here, both by using the aforementioned Spring Balls. By waiting until all the ! Blocks disappear, Yoshi can find the goal roulette utilizing a red Flatbed Ferry.

Names in other languages[edit]

Isoge!! Dokidoki Suicchi
Hurry!! The Heart-Pounding Switch
Kuài! Kuài! Dǎkāi kāiguān!
Hurry! Hurry! Turn On the Switch!
FrenchVite ! L'interrupteur !Quick! The switch!
GermanFlatteralptraumFluttering nightmare
ItalianSalta sull'interruttore!Jump on the switch!
Spanish¡Dale al interruptor!Hit the Switch!


  • This level's concept of dashing to the exit by relying on block-producing switches was reused for the levels Run for It in New Super Mario Bros. U and P Switch Peril in New Super Luigi U.
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