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Company profil MiMA forklift started production in 2001, which is a professional high-tech enterprise only specializing in designing and manufacturing electric material handling equipments, narrow aisle forklifts, long-material handling equipments and customized equipments. Relying on the strong technical team with design concept of “safety, durability, comfort and low carbon”, MIMA is committed to providing the solution, warehouse equipments and related services of 500-1,000,000kg for customers. .With 20 years continuous technological innovation and patents accumulation, now MIMA products are widely used in medicine, food, chemicals, electronics, machinery, furniture, logistics and other industries. MiMA products currently cover 12 series, including counterbalance forklift, pallet truck, pallet stacker, reach truck, order picker, tow tractor, narrow aisle forklift, 4-directional forklift, multi-directional forklift, customized equipments and AGV etc, to satisfy your one-stop material handling requirements. To provide the material handling equipments and storage solutions of 500-100,000kg materials, and do our best to build a prospects of ‘minimum space,maximum performance’ for customers. Founder Introduction Company founder Mr. Han Long finished his post-graduate studies in 1989 and has been engaged in mechanical design and sales for 11 years in the forklift industry.. With the great expectation to electric warehouse material handling equipments, he founded Banyitong Science & Technology Developing Co., Ltd., which only focuses on R & D of electric warehouse material handling equipments, and created multiple firsts in this field. Adhering to innovative design concept, MiMA products have 12 major categories so far, and we will be deeply committed to the R & D of very narrow aisle and multi-directional forklifts all the time, and provide customers with the best storage solutions.
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Very narrow aisle truck (VNA) With our high rack stackers, you can stack pallets or pick individual articles with consummate ease. They impress with their throughput performance and space utilisation – both significant advantages in the face of growing costs and product variety in the world of logistics. VNA electric articulated forklift The load capacity of MJ series articulated forklift can be 2 tons and the max lifting height can be 12.5m. Adopting front single drive mechanical differential bridge design, maintenance free full AC motor, large speed ratio gearbox which provides a greater climbing ability.

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VNA Narrow Aisle Forklift AGV by Egemin Automation. This robotic vehicle (VNA) is used in high-bay racking aisles. VNA is commonly installed in distribution. The Flexi VNA articulating forklift works in aisles as narrow as 72 inches. With a full 2,900 lb. Lift capacity and lift heights up to 25 ft, your load handling will never be the same. In fact, your warehouse will never be the same. With the Flexi VNA forklift you can create up to 30% more warehouse capacity.