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Vimium provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control in the spirit of Vim. This is a port of the popular Chrome extension to Firefox. Most stuff works, but the port to Firefox remains a work in progress. Firefox 전용 — Firefox를 설치하세요. Vimium Alternatives. Vimium is described as 'The Hacker's Browser. Vimium provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control in the spirit of Vim' and is an app in the Web Browsers category. There are more than 10 alternatives to Vimium for a variety of platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Google Chrome and Firefox.

I've been using the Pentadactyl Firefox extension for a long time. Thisextensions 'vimifies' Firefox and it does a very good job of it. This isprobably the best extension I have ever seen on any browser. This post is reallynot against Pentadactyl, this is a great addon and it still works great.

Unlike Vimium, the keyboard shortcuts can be used at any time, and the default bindings use modifier keys (think Emacs, not Vim). Get for Firefox or Chrome. Original Vimium README. Vimium is a Chrome extension that provides keyboard-based navigation and control of the web in the spirit of the Vim editor. Installation instructions. @meluskyc Vimium C v1.77.3 has been released on Firefox Add-ons, and you may try it again. There's a hidden logic bug and it was exposed in v1.77.0, because of not managing browser's NewTab. Meluskyc commented on Sep 14, 2019.

However, I have been more and more dissatisfied of Mozilla Firefox over theyears. Indeed, the browser is becoming slower and slower all the time and I'mexperiencing more and more issues on Gentoo with it. But the biggest problemI've with Firefox right now is the philosophy of the developers that is reallycrappy. Currently, there is only one thing that is good in Firefox compared tothe other browsers, its extensions. Basically, an extension in Firefox can doalmost anything. Pentadactyl is able to transform most of the interface and getrid of all of the useless parts of the interface. It is currently impossible todo so in other browsers. These powerful addons are using the XUL/XPCOMprogramming interface to do so. Pentadactyl is the only reason I've kept toFirefox so long. But Firefox has announced, already more than a year ago, thatit will deprecate its XUL/XPCOM interface in favour of webextensions. This meansthat a lot of very good addons will not be able to work anymore once thedeprecation has been completed. Several writers of popular Firefox haveannounced that they will not even try to port their addons and some addons willsimply not be possible anymore. This is the case for Pentadactyl which is on theline for when the deprecation occurs. The data for deprecated has already beendelayed but is likely to come anyway.

For several months, I've been looking at several possible replacements for mycurrent Pentadactyl browser. I've tried qutebrowser, but it is really toolimited in terms of features so far. I've also tried again Chromium which isa great browser but unfortunately, there are very few possibilities for addonsto modify the interface. Vimium is a great addon for Chromium which is basicallythe very much more lightweight alternative to Pentadactyl. It has much lessfeatures, but most of the missing features are simply things that cannot be donein Chromium.

Only recently did I test Vivaldi. Vivaldi is a free multi-platform browser,based on Chromium and supporting Chromium extensions. The major difference withChrome is how the UI is customizable, due to the use of a dynamic UI, stylablewith CSS. With the customizability of Vivaldi plus the great shortcuts andvim-like behaviour of vimium, I really feel like I found a new Pentadactyl withthe advantage of not having to bear Firefox!

Here is how it is looking with the follow URLs feature from vimium:

Note: The gray bar on the left is the console to the left and the top kind ofbar is awesome wm, they are not part of the browser.

Vimium Options Firefox

VimiumVimiumFirefox vimium c

I'm using the dark theme with native windows. I've disabled the address bar,moved the tab bar to the bottom and completely hidden the side panel. All thatremained was the title bar and the scroll bar.

Vimium C

To get rid of the title bar, you can use CSS. First, you have to only displaythe Vivaldi button in the settings page. Then, you can use this custom CSS:

to hide the title completely! To get rid of the scroll bar, you need to use theStylish extension and use this custom CSS:

And then, no more scroll bar :)

If you want to have full HTML5 video support, you need to install extra codecs.On Gentoo, I've uploaded a ebuild on my overlay (wichtounet on layman) with thename vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs and everything should be working fine :)

Firefox Vimium Addon

Vimium is clearly inferior to Pentadactyl in that for instance it only works inweb page, not in system page and you still have to use the browser for a fewthings, but it does not seem too bar so far. Moreover, I wasn't using all thefeatures of Pentadactyl. I haven't been used this browser for a long time, somaybe there are things that I will miss from Pentadactyl, but I won't certainlymiss Firefox!