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Kernel Posted Apr 21, 2021 1:09 UTC (Wed) by jake. In a lengthy message to the linux-kernel mailing list, Miguel Ojeda 'introduced' the Rust for Linux project. It was likely not the first time that most kernel developers had heard of the effort; there was an extensive discussion of the project at the 2020 Linux Plumbers Conference, for example. Login to Nextcloud, go to Contacts and click on “Settings” icon at the bottom-left corner and click on “More settings” icon and choose Copy Link. In order to synchronize your contacts with Thunderbird, you have to download the SOGo Connector Addon. Download the newest.xpi-File and install it in Thunderbird via Tools Addons.

There are some tricks to getting this working: using the wrong CalDAV URL, username, password, sync tool, or version can cause a lot of frustration. Here’s what worked for me here in 2021.



Just use the default Thunderbird wizard to add a new email account. Use your normal login password, even if you’ve got 2FA set up. (Apparently app passwords don’t work for IMAP/SMTP.)

Calendar and Contacts

First, if you have 2FA set up for Nextcloud, create an App Password for Thunderbird at: /settings/user/security under Devices & Session. Normal passwords will fail with an error like this if you try to use your regular password on an account with two factor authentication enabled.

Second, the default CalDAV support in Thunderbird and Lightning is crappy. Ensure you have the latest version of Thunderbird installed (I removed the default Ubuntu version 68 and installed version 78 straight from a ZIP file from the Thunderbird website) and then install the TbSync and CalDAV Provider add-ons.

To install add-ons in Thunderbird, click the Hamburger (three lines) menu near the top-right corner of the main pane and choose Add-Ons.

Once both plugins are installed, open TbSync by clicking “TbSync: Idle” in the bottom-right corner of the main Thunderbird or Lightning window (the Home or Calendar tabs). There you can click Account Actions and add an account.


To successfully add a NextCloud CalDAV or CardDAV account, you’ll probably need to do it manually. Choose Manual Configuration instead of Automatic. Supply the username (usually the part before @ in your email address) and password (either your login password or the app password you created for 2FA). The server addresses can be found on the Calendar and Contact pages, and should be the primary addresses (not the per-calendar address.) For example go to /apps/calendar and click Settings & Import at the bottom left. Then click Copy Primary CalDAV Address and paste that into the appropriate TbSync field. Finally, go to /apps/contacts and click Settings, click the three dot menu next to your Contacts folder, click Copy Link, and paste into the appropriate TbSync field.


Your TbSync configuration should now look something like this:

If all goes well, the main TbSync window will accept the settings and you can check [x] Enable and synchronize this account. Then you can configure each contacts folder or calendar you’ve selected.

Nextcloud Thunderbird Filelink

After I updated from Thunderbird 52.9 to 60 enlightenment stopped working with all caldav calendars on my nextcloud-instance. It doesn't synchronize anymore and doesn't even show that it doesn't. As soon as I downgrade to Thunderbird 52.9 and Enlightenment 5.4 all is good. I don't believe the problem being the nextclouds fault because the syncing is working with all android apps, Evolution and CLI tools too.I tested with a now profile on Thunderbird 60. But that doesn't help. I only get empty calenders because of the sync-problems