SumoPaint is a fun and simple way to make creative and beautiful photos in a few clicks. Use professionally hand crafted filters, creative stickers. SUMO Paint is a free online Flash-based image editor similar to Adobe Photoshop. SUMO Paint has web-based 'paint' features similar in some respects to Pixlr. It was created in 2007 by Sumo Limited and has many of the same tools and features as Photoshop but is geared more toward illustration, where other software such as Photoshop are more suited for heavy image editing. Sumopaint defines itself at the funkiest painting app online. This tool comes with an impressive suite of features like perspective mapping, animated & 3D brushes, lightning effects, auto smoothing, and more. One of Sumopaint's most exciting features is that you can publicly share your creation and receive feedback from its online community. Sumo Paint is a solution that is somewhere in the middle, as it is a feature-rich graphics designing tool that can be used from the confines of your Google Chrome Browser. A graphics designing. VERDICT: Sumopaint is a full-fledged online editor that allows you to manage basic photo editing and offers a profound set of color correction tools for drawing and designing. Large number of filters, effects and brushes are available, too. Sumopaint offers several unique digital drawing tools. For example, the Symmetry Tool that.

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Enjoy the benefits of a powerful graphics designer and editor from the confines of your Google Chrome browser with this neat extension

There are times when we just want to express ourselves in art form, but we don't seem to have the right tools for the job. In the case of digital drawing, you either have software solutions that are either too simple and lack tools, or they have too many tools, require a powerful PC and are too complicated.Sumo Paint is a solution that is somewhere in the middle, as it is a feature-rich graphics designing tool that can be used from the confines of your Google Chrome Browser.


A graphics designing tool with a surprising amount of features

Whenever you think of a browser extension, you think of something lightweight that will perform a few easy tasks, but that doesn't apply to Sumo Paint.It offers a wide variety of tools, such as layers with undo support layers with classic layer effects, 37 filters and effects, professional painting tools, selection tools with full undo support, image enhancement tools and much more.One thing worth mentioning is that all this abundance of tools and features do come at a price, as low-end PCs might be affected by decreased response times, even when doing simple tasks, like moving the cursor.


Keep your paintings safe and always gain access to them

Aside from the fact that any Chrome extension's progress is synced between multiple devices, Sumo Paint adds an extra layer of protection in the form of an account based entrance into the app.Once you've created your account, you can log in from any device and your progress will be transferred. This account creation also makes way for some social interaction features, since all of the art that you create can be shared to a public gallery with other Sumo Paint users.

An overall feature-rich graphics designing app for your browser

If you're the type of person that loves drawing, but find MS Paint too simple and Adobe Photoshop too complex, then you could give Sumo Paint a try. It's powerful and fun, and while that power does come at the cost of some extra system resources, so do other graphics designing tools.

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  • Certain features are limited for the Free version
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The main benefits of Sumo Paint are its easy-to-use tools, wide selection of tools for photo editing even for its free version, and its pixel editing feature.

Sumo Paint is a trustworthy software that can be used with a single click. Its interface shows a complete toolset of photo manipulation tools that users wouldn’t normally find in free software. Regardless if used online or on PCs, the app is comfortable due to its studio-grade tools. Each tool has a thorough explanation and makes it approachable for beginners to use.

Sumopaint Flash

At first, Sumo Paint can be easily seen for more than a drawing-oriented program. The app allows your ideas to turn into reality by allowing you to draw and sketch with your own creative style and touch. The app’s toolset and features also allow its users to do high-level photo editing. The app’s image brushes, brush styles, and brush effects leave a good impression and quality for any digital artists. Last but not least, each feature also many options available in itself.

Sumo Paint



The app also enables pixel editing and makes it popular than other free image editors. Sumo Paint also has layering tools to help make professional level images. Image filters and adjustments are also available to help make eye-catching images.