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Why do you need to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad? That's because a contact synchronization enables you to access and view the contacts info on both devices and guarantee the safety of the files meanwhile. Then do you know how to sync contacts from iPhone to iPad? If not, this article can help you - 4 quick and easy ways will be introduced here.

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Click on Contacts and select Import vCard (the file you've just exported from Google). Then turn on Contacts in iCloud on your iPhone by going to Settings your name iCloud. Then you can find the Google contact has been imported to your iPhone. Sign in - Google Accounts - Google Contacts. How to Sync your Contacts with Google Contacts on the iPhone If you’re an iOS user who spends any time in Google’s cloud (or have a mixed selection of devices), then you can also sync your Google contacts with your iPhone. First, head into the Settings menu, then choose Accounts and Passwords. Tap the Add New Account option, then Google.

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Syncing contacts between iPhone and iPad is not difficult actually as long as you find the right way. These ways include using phone to phone data transfer software, iCloud, iTunes and AirDrop.

#1 How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to iPad Using Transfer for Mobile? (without iCloud)

The best way to sync contacts from iPhone to iPad is to use a professional as well as powerful phone to phone transfer tool like MobiKin Transfer for Mobile. This phone transfer tool can assist you to transfer not only contacts but also calendars, notes, bookmarks, books and more between iPhone and iPad. The whole transfer process can be completed within simple clicks.

Apart from iPhone & iPad file transfer, it also supports to copy files from iDevice to Android, Android to iOS device, Android to Android. For the users who wish to switch to a new phone or share files between devices running on different operating systems, it is really an excellent helper. If you are also one of them, don't hesitate to get this software by clicking the icon below.

Tutorial on how to sync contacts from iPhone to iPad with simple clicks:

Step 1. Download, install and run the program on your computer. Then connect your iPhone and iPad to the PC via two USB cables.

Step 2. Follow the prompts on the screen to make both devices recognized by the tool.

Step 3. Once done, two devices will be displayed on the program. Just check if your iPhone is the source device and iPad is the destination device. If not, please click 'Flip' to change their positions.

Step 4. Tick off the 'Contacts' option from the middle menu and then hit 'Start Copy' to import contacts from iPhone to iPad.

As we have mentioned above, this tool also supports the iPad to iPhone transfer. So if you want to transfer contacts from iPad to iPhone, you can use it to achieve your goal as well.

#2 How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPad via iCloud? (Wireless Way)

Another popular way to sync iPad and iPhone contacts is to use the 'Merge' feature of iCloud. This is easy to complete and you don't need to use a computer as well as a USB cable. By using this way, what you need to do is just to turn on the turn on the iCloud sync on your iPhone and then merge the contacts. After that, you can enable the iCloud sync on your iPad and the contacts will be synced.

Here is how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad with iCloud:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone and iPad to a stable Wi-Fi network. For those who don't have Wi-Fi network, you can turn on your mobile data network.

Step 2. Go to 'Settings' > tap on your name > 'iCloud' on your iPhone.

Step 3. Toggle on 'Contacts' under the 'APPS USING ICLOUD' section.

Step 4. Select 'Merge' to allow the contacts on your iPhone to be synced to iCloud.

Step 5. Repeat the steps above on your iPad and then your iPhone contacts will be synced to iPad.

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#3 How to Get Contacts from iPhone to iPad through iTunes? (Use USB Cable)

It is also feasible to sync contacts from iPhone to iPad without iCloud - using iTunes. This service supports to sync contacts, music, pictures, videos, podcasts, books and calendars on different Apple devices. That is to say, to get contacts from iPhone to iPad through iTunes, you just need to sync your iPhone to iTunes and then sync iTunes with your iPad.

Steps to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad via iTunes:

Step 1. Launch the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer and make it recognized.

Step 3. Click your phone's icon at the upper-left corner and go on to select 'Summary' > 'Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi' > 'Apply'.

Step 4. When the syncing process ends, you can disconnect your iPhone and connect your iPad to the PC.

Step 5. Click on the phone's icon as well and then go to 'Info' > choose your wanted items > 'Apply'.


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#4 How to Share Contacts from iPhone to iPad by AirDrop? (Wirelessly)

As for the users who wish to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad wirelessly, they can choose to transfer via AirDrop. This way allows you to share different types of files with everyone or contacts only. The supported file types include contacts, calendars, photos, videos and voice memos, etc. And apart from share files between iPhone and iPad, it empowers you to AirDrop from iPhone to Mac as well. Before using it however, you should make sure that both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections on your devices are working perfectly.

Learn how to sync contacts from iPhone to iPad via AirDrop:

Step 1. Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both your iPhone and iPad.

Step 2. Enter 'Control Center' and tap on 'AirDrop' to turn on the feature on both devices.

Step 3. Open 'Contacts' App on your iPhone and select the contacts you want to share to iPad.

Step 4. Click on 'Share Contacts' > 'AirDrop' > choose your iPad.

Step 5. Then a notification will appear on your iPad asking you to accept the transfer. Click 'Accept' to allow the sharing process to begin.

The Bottom Line

These are 4 best ways to sync contacts from iPhone to iPad. They are all safe, simple and efficient. Hence, you can choose any one of them to share your contact without worrying about the technical difficulty or security. And among these 4 ways, Way 1 is considered the best one since it not only enables you to sync contacts between iPhone and iPad, but also allows you to transfer other files between other iOS and Android devices. So if you are the one who wish to share files between two phones, this would be your best option.

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By Gina Barrow, Last updated: July 17, 2020

Recent issues: “how to backup iPhone contacts to Google account


Smartphones have dominated the telecommunications arena and undoubtedly still the topmost choice of people. Chatting and calling became easier and convenient with the help of contacts saved on our devices.

Sadly, if you did not take any iPhone contacts backup then you might end up with no contacts at all. However, there are plenty of ways to save, backup, sync contacts or merge iPhone contacts.

We can even backup iPhone contacts to Google. Yes, even though these two giants are competitors yet they prove that everything is just in the name of fair play.

In this article, we will learn how to transfer and backup all our iPhone contacts to a registered Google account.

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Part 1. How to Quickly Backup iPhone Contacts?

Well to avoid many hassles and possible issues, you can choose to backup iPhone contacts to the computer or sync iPhone contacts via third-party apps safely and securely. All you have to do is to simply run the program and it will do the stuff for you.

FoneDog Toolkit - iOS Contacts Backup & Restore is a professional program that efficiently manages all phone data through ‘backup and restores’ option.

This software is able to back up the entire device to the computer without any data loss and no overwriting issues.

Free Download Now, you can try to backup and restore your iPhone contacts in a few clicks.

Step 1: Download, Launch Fonedog and Choose Backup Option

Download and Launch Fonedog toolkit. Connect the iPhone to the computer with an original USB cable connector and wait until software loads up. Choose iOS Data Backup from the main menu and continue to the next step.

Step 2: Select Contacts Backup Mode

You can choose from the two given options of data backup mode: Standard and Encrypted. Standard will backup all data regularly while Encrypted will let you set one password for the entire phone files. Choose whichever you desire and click Start.

Step 3: Choose Contacts to Backup

Among the given phone data onscreen, mark iPhone Contacts to backup and then click Next to continue.

Step 4: Contacts Backup Complete

Wait until FoneDog Toolkit - iOS Data Backup & Restore has finished backing up the entire contacts. It will prompt you when the process is done.

Quick Tip: How to Transfer Contacts among Different Devices

A great tool recommended here would help you to transfer the contacts between Android devices, iOS devices, Android and iOS devices, or even Android/iOS and PCs. It is called Fone Dog Phone Transfer.

Share contacts from iphone

Part 2. How to Backup iPhone Contacts to Google

It may sound a little weird but yes you can backup iPhone contacts to Google. All you need is to add or register a Google account and we will give you the steps on how to smoothly keep all the contacts safe.

How to Backup iPhone Contacts to Google

  1. Step 1: Install the Google Drive app.
  2. Step 2: Register a Google account.
  3. Step 3: Turning on the contact sync option and sync the contacts on your iPhone to Google.
  4. Step 4: You can verify if all the contacts were synced by opening the Gmail account on a browser or go to and check if all contracts are complete.
Step 1: Install the Google Drive app
  1. On the iPhone, install and launch Google Drive
  2. Tap Menu in the top left corner
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Backup
  5. Tap Start Backup

Before you start the backup, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi and not mobile data to avoid extra charges and of course a stable connection.

Step 2: Register a Google Account:
  1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Tap Contacts, scroll down and tap Accounts
  3. Tap Add Account and then Google
  4. Enter your email and password (if you enabled 2-Step verification, use the same app password)
  5. Tap Next
  6. Toggle Contacts on
  7. Tap Save

After turning on the contact sync option, all the contacts will be saved to Gmail automatically. You can verify if all the contacts were synced by opening the Gmail account on a browser or go to and check if all contracts are complete.

If contacts are not syncing or if you are having problems with syncing the contacts, follow the troubleshooting below:

  1. Open Settings app on the iPhone
  2. Tap Contacts
  3. Tap Accounts
  4. Tap the Google account
  5. Turn 'Contacts' on.
  6. Tap Account
  7. Tap Advanced
  8. Turn 'Use SSL' on
  9. Tap Account
  10. Tap Done
  11. Add account of your Gmail account again
Share iphone contacts with google

Share Contacts Between Iphones

This will then start back up your iPhone contacts to Google drive. Remember that when you back up multiple times, all the previous backups will be overwritten especially for contacts, photos, and calendars.

Third party contacts such as Microsoft Exchange and Facebook will not be added to the backup

Part 3. How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Gmail Using iCloud?

ICloud is so far the best way to backup all the contacts on any iOS devices.Also, it can sync contacts. This is because it gives total convenience to ensure that all data is safe no matter what and wherever you are. All you need is to simply turn on the iCloud backup.

Note: Here you are going to do with Google Contacts as well. Google Contacts greatly helps in contact transfer.

Follow the steps below on how to backup contacts to iCloud:

How to share iphone contacts
  1. On your iPhone go to Settings and tap your iCloud account or your name then tap iCloud and toggle Contacts on.
  2. On your computer, open and enter your Apple ID and password
  3. Click on Contacts among the given options and then select the contacts you wish to sync from your iPhone to Gmail
  4. Tap on Settings and click the Export vCard option
  5. Open Google Contacts and sign in or go to
  6. Click the Import Contacts... option from the left panel and click Choose File in the new popup window
  7. Select the vCard you just exported from iCloud and then click Import

That’s it! You have just performed how to backup iPhone contacts to Gmail via iCloud.

Part 4. Summary

Imagine if you lose all your iPhone contacts. Will you be able to call or text anybody from your phonebook just by memory? We bet not.

We cannot deny that contacts are extremely important in our everyday phone use. We cannot remember all our family and friend’s numbers all at the same time that is why we rely mainly on our phonebooks.

There are so many ways to backup iPhone contacts to Google drive even if they are competitors. Users are given their free will on how to back up their own personal data as long as they follow the above-given methods.

Share Iphone Contacts With Outlook

In case you are having a hard time syncing the contacts to Google, simply use FoneDog Toolkit - iOS Data Backup & Restore and you will surely have all the contacts safely, easily and faster!

How To Share Google Contacts With Iphone

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