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Samsung today released version 6.1 of its Magician software. Samsung Magician is the software that’s used to optimize the company’s solid state drives (SSDs). Magician allows users to keep an eye on the drive health, manage and protect their data as well as improve the performance of the drive. Samsung SSD Magician 6.3.0 The Samsung SSD Magician software facilitates easy maintenance and use of Samsung SSD products connected to a desktop or notebook computer.

Download and install the Samsung Magician software on the computer with the SSD drive. Open Samsung Magician and select ‘Data Security’ from the left hand menu; Make sure the correct drive is selected under ‘Target Drive’ Under ‘Encrypted Drive’ click ‘How to enable’ In the pop-up click ‘Ready to enable’. So I recently switched from a single SSD to of them 4 in a raid 10 array. I was able to use a feature called RAPID in the Samsung magician software. Inside the software, it says that the array is an unrecognized drive.

Samsung magician rapid mode

Are you getting not desired speeds for your Samsung EVO SSD on Windows 10 and cannot perform Performance Optimization from Samsung Magician? Even If you enable the Rapid mode you’re still getting below 540MB/s Sequential Read and 521MB/s Write speed. This problem only occur on Windows 10 and works perfectly on the older version of Windows. We solved this issue by trimming the Primary SSD and instantly our SSD boost to 4194MB/s Read and 3849MB/s Write..

Below are the instruction how to fixed this issue on Windows 10.


  • Latest Samsung Magician Firmware 4.9.5 Above
  • Update your Samsung EVO 840, 850 or pro to the latest Firmware Check Firmware Update from Samsung Magician.
  • Enable RAPID Mode from Samsung Magician to your Primary SSD

Once the above requirement has been done, do the following step below:

1. Search Optimize Drives on Cortana and open the Program Defragment and Optimize Drives from the search result.

2. Now, Select your Primary SSD in our example we selected Drive C: and click Optimize.

3. Now, open your Samsung Magician and click the Performance Benchmark. Then Perform Benchmark to your Primary SSD (Drive C:) and see the result.

Samsung Magician Clone


Samsung Magician Download Windows 10

Done! You can now enjoy the true speed of your SSD on Windows 10 and play much faster games in your PC.

Samsung Magician

Over provisioning is a practice to exclude certain size of the SSD capacity from use to prolong its life expectancy and performance.

If you are using a Samsung SSD, you are in luck because they already provided a free tool that allows you enable over provisioning easily.

In this guide, I will show you how to enable over provisioning using Samsung Magician software. Mine is Samsung 860 EVO but this tool should gonna work on any Samsung SSDs.

1. Download Samsung Magician and install it on your computer. Note that the download button located at the bottom of the page.

2. Launch the program, then go to Over Provisioning menu.

3. Set the amount you want to allocate. Ideally is 10% but the higher the better. Then, click Set OP.

4. Wait until the process finished.

Samsung Magician Software 860 Evo

5. Now the over provisioning has enabled.

In my case, I have 465 GB in total usage capacity. But, since I have allocated 10% of them which is around 46 GB, now I only have 418 GB left to use.

But hey, my SSD will last longer with the highest performance.

But don’t feel bad about it. In fact, SSD experts encourage people to enable this feature and try to leave as many free spaces as possible. This is a very good video explaining about over provisioning — you definitely have to check it out!

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