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Cast Iron Cooking and Maintenance

V.R two door post boxes in red and black. Aluminium Boxes and more! Click on a feature product for further information. Cast Iron Post Box Black GR with Gold lettering. Cast Iron V.R Black Post Box two doors. Pillar post box in red GR. Reproduction of cast iron vase.

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  • Non-Stick Tests on Completely Unseasoned Skillets - Fried Egg Test, Scrambled Eggs, Baking Cornbread in Unseasoned Skillet.

In about 2007, my Mother-in-Law gave us several cast iron pieces that had been in the family for a few generations, but were just stored in boxes, unused. We weren't ready to learn how to use cast iron but we didn't want to get rid of them, so we just left them boxed up and moved them around the country for a decade. (Being in the military, we move every 2-3 these have made a few cross-country trips!) But recently, I deciced to restore them and learn how to cook with cast iron! They weren't in terrible shape, but the seasoning needed some attention on all of them, and a few had some rust. I built an electrolysis tank for some of them, and others I just sanded a bit before a few seasoning cycles in the oven.

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Since then I've started looking for old or interesting cast iron pieces when we drop by Goodwill or flea markets. Sometimes there are good finds; other times the places are a little too proud of their stuff.... I'm not going to become a collector or anything, but I'm having fun learning how to restore and use them so I'll keep going until I get bored. Most likely, the kids will end up with some usable sets of cast iron cookware when they're ready!

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So I'll use this page to document some of the lessons I learn along the way, tips and tricks for cooking and maintenance, resources where I learn good info, etc. Hope others find this helpful!