Roxio Toast 11

Powered by Roxio's Toast has come a long way from its disc-burning roots. Today, the latest version is Toast 11 Titanium, and it's a versatile multimedia toolkit that lets you burn, capture, copy. Roxio Software Updates Toast 11 Version History. Toast 11.2 (3175) Update includes: Add OS X Mavericks (10.9) compatibility; Resolved issue where copying image file cause Toast to crash. Roxio advertises Toast 11 as a suite of utilities that don’t replace, but rather enhance the functionality of the iLife suite installed on your Mac. There are occasions where you can’t yank video from a Sony camcorder into iMovie (I found out the hard way), or maybe.

Roxio Software Updates Update Toast 11 Titanium and Toast 11 Titanium Pro to Toast v11.2 (3175) Click hereto see the Toast 11 software updates history. This will not update any previous version of Toast.

Toast 11 Version History

Toast 11.2 (3175) Update includes:

  • Add OS X Mavericks (10.9) compatibility
  • Resolved issue where copying image file cause Toast to crash
  • Resolved issue where converting image file cause Toast to crash
  • Resolved Get Backup 2 RE compatibility issue with Mavericks
  • Updated GraceNote with the latest SDK to support Mavericks
  • Resolved YouTube video sharing broken issue

Toast 11.1 (1067) Update includes:

  • Toast has been fully Cocoa-ized
  • Hundreds of changes and fixes implemented as a part of this effort
  • Added Mountain Lion (10.8) compatibility
  • Added support for recording to 100GB and 128GB BDXL media
  • Implemented Gatekeeper Support
  • Web-Video feature improvements
  • Requires using Safari to capture web-video
  • YouTube users may need to OPT OUT of HTML5 Trial
  • Mountain Lion users with 10.8 will need to update to 10.8.1 or later to publish video to YouTube
  • Resolved issue where some users could not complete Setup Assistant
  • Resolved file extension issue encountered when saving projects
  • Disc Images can now be created on all systems with no optical drive
  • Resolved digital signing issue which occured on some OS versions (1066)
  • Resolved issue where updating would generate invalid signature message (1067)
  • Customers still encountering this error will need to download a full version of Toast 11.1 from our software update page or install a previous version and then update.

Toast 11.0.5 (727) Update includes:

  • Added video export profiles for iPad (third generation), AppleTV (third generation) and PS Vita
  • Toast will now correctly growl with support for Growl 1.3.x from Mac App Store
  • Resolved issue where malformed MP4 file may cause Toast to crash
  • Resolved issue where malformed video files may cause Video Player to crash
  • Setting audio crossfades in spanned disc projects should no longer cause a crash
  • Users who enjoy scrolling up and down will once again enjoy using the AVCHD Media Browser
  • Cosmetic issue where 'Pause' and 'Resume' buttons did not update has been fixed
  • Resolved graphics alignment issue when authenticating to Facebook
  • Attempting to authenticate to Vimeo with an unverified account will remind you to check verify your email address
  • Open QuickTime Player option when converting audio now opens QuickTime instead of iTunes
  • Length of video is now correctly displayed in the main window when working with DVD-Video sources
  • Video_TS Folder and Compilation projects will now correctly include DVD-ROM content
  • Photos rotated using iPhoto should now be correctly rotated in Toast Media Browser
  • Resolves error that may occur when writing Lead-Out track on DVD+R DL media under Lion
  • Image File based projects now correctly allow you to replace the first image you added to the project with a new image
  • Audio durations will in spanned Audio CD projects will now be correctly updated in the main window
  • Resolved cosmetic issue where the volume name of an image file may not display correctly
  • Skipping forward and seeking through ASF video files should now work correctly in Video Player
  • Resolved issues with window focus when using Quick Look preview on Web Video content

Toast 11 Titanium v11.0.4

  • Resolves several issues running under Lion
  • Audio effects are now carried over to duplicated items correctly
  • Large AVCHD archive projects now display the correct number of required discs
  • You can now burn a Mac Volume project after canceling a previous Mac Volume project
  • VCD and SVCD projects with merged clips should no longer cause errors when burning or writing a disc image
  • Resolves issue where thumbnail and video preview window appear green for specific MKV video files
  • Resolves an issue related to burning projects with MPEG-2 TS streams

Toast 11 Titanium v11.0.2

  • Resolves issue causing slow write speeds on some recorders
  • Audio effects applied to the video projects can not be correctly previewed in the Edit window
  • Various localization issues addressed

Toast 11 Titanium v11.0.1

  • Higher quality export profiles available for export to Vimeo
  • Updated Roku video export profile
  • Audio CD project now allows up to 199 tracks
  • Subtitles from additional DVD-Video sources are now preserved correctly when embed option has been enabled
  • Resolves issue publishing video to Facebook when Secure Browsing (https) option has been enabled on target Facebook profile
  • Resolves issue capturing Web Video content with updated Flash browser plug-in
  • Various issues resolved relating to selection of content in Media Browser
  • Resolves issue where Audiobook project can not be completed
  • Other miscellaneous fixes

Roxio Toast 11 Titanium is the ultimate media toolkit, designed to make it quick and easy to get the most out of your personal media. With Toast 11, you can capture both streaming audio and Web video, then convert the results for playback on your favorite player, or use in any media project. Here's how:

Capture Audio from the Web — or Any Mac App

With Toast 11's updated Spin Doctor utility, you can now capture audio from any running application, including streaming audio from Web browsers, separate from the audio from other apps or the System. No more system beeps ruining your captures!

To get started, open Spin Doctor and choose Applications>Currently Running from the source options at left. Then click on the app you want to capture from, in this case, Safari:

Toast 11's revamped Spin Doctor utility now lets you capture the audio from any running app, such as Safari (click image to enlarge).

Click Next to go to the recording window. Here you can adjust the recording level (especially important for live microphone recordings and analog inputs), and choose recording quality options. We've chosen CD quality output.

Spin Doctor recording options.

Now it's time to capture. Click Next and press the red Record button when you want to start recording. (Tip: start recording just before you press play on a streaming Web audio track. That way you won't miss anything. You can trim off any excess bits in Spin Doctor later.) You can Pause the recording and restart at any time with the red button as well. When you're finished recording a track, click the Stop button. You can then record more tracks, or click Done.

Spin Doctor in the process of recording. You can pause and restart recording with the red Record button before finally pressing the Stop button to finish your track (click image to enlarge).

After clicking Done, your recorded track(s) will open in the Spin Doctor editing window, where you can define the beginnings and ends of tracks by sliding the green markers at either side, as well as apply audio effects and edit track information.

Roxio Toast 11 Pro

The Spin Doctor editing window, where we've adjusted the green start/end markers for our track, and entered Artist and Album information (click image to enlarge).

Roxio Toast 11 Download

When you're finished editing, you can save your track(s) to disk from the File menu, or send them directly to iTunes or Toast using the buttons at upper right. When exporting to iTunes, you can choose your encoding format, such as AAC, Apple Lossless, or MP3. In Toast, you can burn your tracks to CD or Music DVD.

Next time you hear something great on the Web or any Mac app, fire up Spin Doctor and record it!

Exporting from Spin Doctor to iTunes in Lossless format.

Roxio Toast 11 Pro

Capture Web Video

Ever wish you could save YouTube or other Flash-based streaming Web video to your hard disk so you can play it offline? Or wanted to tranfer YouTube clips to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or other portable player? Now you can, with Roxio Toast 11's Web video capture feature.

There are just a few simple steps: To start, open Toast, click the Convert tab, and choose the Video Files project type. Next, open the Media Browser by clicking on the Media tab at top right, or selecting it from the Window menu. Finally, click the Video tab in the Media Browser and then 'Web video' from the drop-down list of media types. Now Toast is all ready to capture.

Roxio Toast 11 Titanium

Preparing to capture Web video (click to enlarge).

To start capturing video, simply open your Web browser and play the video you want to record. Toast will automatically capture it for you, and then add it to the Media Browser Web video list. Continue playing and capturing as many clips as you like. Below, we've captured several YouTube clips.

Roxio Toast Titanium

Captured clips displayed in the Media Browser (click to enlarge).

Roxio Toast 11 Titanium Dvd Menus

Now drag the clips to the project window to convert them to the desired playback format (the Flash-format captures will not be saved permanently, so be sure to convert them before you quit Toast). Click the Record button, and you'll be prompted to select your playback device and quality level. You can save the converted videos directly to iTunes if you like, or to a folder. We've opted to send our videos to iTunes below, so we can transfer them to an iPad.

Sending captured video to iTunes (click to enlarge).

Now you can preserve and enjoy your favorite Web videos anywhere, no Internet connection required!

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