Revit 2020

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Autodesk® Revit Issues Addin (2020), v1.0.0 Release Notes

The latest release of Revit® building design software provides better interoperability, boosts efficient and accurate document production, and delivers on many user-requested features. Interoperability improvements. Connect form making to documentation with improved Revit interoperability for tools like Rhino and FormIt Pro. (video: 1:19 min.).

Thank you for downloading the Autodesk® Revit Issues Addin.

This document contains information regarding the installation and use of this Addin. It is strongly recommended that you read this document before installation. For reference, you should save this document to your hard drive or print a copy.


Revit 2020
  • Installation Instructions

You can install this Addin for the following Autodesk products running on all supported operating systems and languages. Be sure to install the correct Addin for your software.

  • Autodesk®Revit® 2020

Key Features of this Addin

The Autodesk® Revit Issues Addin (2020) closes the loop between cloud-based BIM 360 issue management and the desktop-based Revit authoring application by accessing a centralized issue management system for creation, visualization and update. A BIM 360-created issue, for example from Coordination, can be easily visualized in Revit models for design changes/updates and issue status update, for example 'closed/resolved'. It provides a seamless, closed issue management process between Coordination, Design Review and Design Authoring.

As you prepare to install this Addin, keep the following in mind:


Ensure that .NET Framework 4.7.2 Runtime is installed on your system.

Close the Application

It is required that you close Autodesk® Revit 2020 before proceeding with the installation of this Addin.


After you install, it is recommended to reboot your system even if not prompted.

About This Addin

After you install, Addin information is available by clicking the Issues panel Information button.

Installation Instructions

Follow these instructions to install this Addin on a single computer.

  1. Download the Addin and save it to any folder.
  2. Close all running Autodesk applications.
  3. Find the folder where you saved the Addin and double-click the executable (.msi) file.

Apply This Addin Through a Local Network

Revit 2020

Follow these instructions to install this Addin on multiple computers using your local network.

  1. Download this Addin and save it to any shared folder on your local network.
  2. Close all running Autodesk applications.
  3. Find the shared folder where you saved the Addin, and double-click the executable (.msi) file.

This Addin can be uninstalled through the Program and Features section of the Microsoft® Windows® Control Panel.

Follow these instructions to uninstall this Addin on a single computer.

  1. In Windows Control Panel > Program and Features, click on the Autodesk Revit Issues Addin (2020) and choose the Uninstall option.
  2. When prompted click Yes to confirm that you want to uninstall the Addin.

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Revit 2020 Download With Crack