Post Boxes For House Wall

These mailboxes can be recessed into a wall to save space, but there is also the option to mount these mailboxes on a wall, using a surface mount collar, so long as you check with your local post office first to ensure correct installation. For Replacing Older Mailboxes: the Horizontal and Vertical 4B+ Mailboxes. Xydled Mail Boxes with Key Lock,Locking Mailbox Wall Mounted Cover Square White,Large Capacity Waterproof,Steel Cover Metal Postbox for House,13.8 x13 x4.7 Inch, Black 4.4 out of 5 stars 20 $29.99 $ 29. Cheap Electric Lock, Buy Quality Security & Protection Directly from China Suppliers:Key Lock Box, Combination Lockbox with Code for House Key Storage, Combo Door LockerEnjoy ✓Free Shipping.

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There's something charming almost magical about a well-designed mailbox

Whether it’s classic elegance, contemporary or an unconventional design you're going for. Mailboxes make statements, express character and warm the hearts of neighbors and passers-by.

Mailboxes are not just for collecting mail, they are about

  • Street side appeal
  • Displaying personality
  • Extending the beauty of your home

We showcase the largest online range of mailboxes from the world's best designers and deliver them direct to your doorstep - free!

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Residential Mailboxes

Wall Mount Mailboxes

Still the most popular style we sell, wall mounted mailboxes are mainly used in urban and suburban homes. We sell almost any style you can imagine, with vintage mailboxes and modern mailboxes being two of the most popular. Even if it's installed right at you front door, we recommend a locking mailbox to keep thieves out of your mail.

Post Mount Mailboxes

Also known as curbside mailboxes or rural mailboxes are - unsurprisingly more common in rural and suburban areas. We stock everything from heavy duty security mailboxes - like the popular Fort Knox mailboxes. As well as beautiful decorative mailboxes like the Lewiston or Whitehall range. Buy them with a matching in-ground or surface mount post for a streamlined look, or use a standard wooden 4'x4' as an economical option.

Column Mount Mailboxe

An increasingly popular style for that upmarket and sophisticated look. Recessed column mounted mailboxes are the perfect basis for improving curb appeal. The most popular model is certainly the manchester column mount mailbox, highly customizable with a variety of door ornaments and lockable with an optional locking conversion kit. The Manchester has a classic yet modern style.

Commercial Mailboxes

Mail Drop Boxes

Essential for businesses who regularly receive parcels, drop boxes provide security and convenience when staff are not around to collect the parcels. The Elephantrunk by Architectural is a top selling model with a contemporary design in a category that isn't generally known for style.

CBU's - Cluster Box Units

When centralized mail delivery makes sense, CBU's offer a cost effective and attractive solution for developments and apartments. While we don't have a large selection of CBU's for sale we are working with suppliers to expand our range.

Address Plaques

We stock a fulll range of high-quality custom house number signs as well a range of DIY plaques from Edgewood. Whitehall are the leader in address plaques, in fact 8 out of 10 address plaques we sell come from the Whitehall factory in Michigan. Whether it's estate sized Arch Marker for your lawn or a petite sized Cape Charles wall mount - there's plenty of styles and designs to choose from.


Classic ornaments to show the wind direction, weather vanes or wind vanes as they are sometimes called delight and make beautiful finishing touches to houses, barns or conservatories. We stock a large range of Whitehall weathervanes, with popular models including the stunning 58' copper eagle and the classic 40' copper horse.

Post Boxes For House Wall

Cable Wall Boxes

Our collection of wall mounted post boxes and parcel boxes are securely attached to walls through pre-drilled fixing points on the back of each mailbox. Wall mounted post boxes are available as an individual mailbox ideal for use outside of a home or in a bank of multiple mailboxes popular in accommodation properties securing mail for all residents.

Wall mounted post boxes are typically manufactured using high quality zintec steel and aluminium extrusion or brushed stainless steel. Mailboxes are available in a variety of colour finishes to meet the design style of each project and location, finished with polyester powder coated paint from our standard range of RAL colours.

Wall mounted mailboxes are popular with clients who have a requirement for banks of mailboxes but do not have a large depth of wall for recessing. Banks containing high quantities of wall mounted post boxes typically utilise one of our cantilever supports, table frames or pedestal supports which helps to distribute the weight of the product between the location wall and floor.

Post Boxes For House Wall Design

We offer a huge range of sizes and colours and each wall mounted post box is available with detailed CAD drawings on quotation.

A comprehensive range of individual wall mounted mailboxes

A comprehensive range of individual mail boxes are available on our online store for wall mounting, perfect if you are looking to fit a single box outside of your home to a wall.

The range of wall mounted mailboxes we have available come in a huge variety of sizes, designs, styles and finishes we a secure solution for every requirement.

Head over to our online store now to take a look at the range of products we have on offer.

A photograph of the MEFA Pearl mailbox ideal for wall mounting outside of your home.

Can banks of multiple mailboxes be wall mounted?

Whether mailboxes can be wall mounted is entirely dependent on the space available at the area of installation. Typically vertical type mailboxes (shorter width, larger height) mailboxes can be wall mounted, whereas horizontal (larger width, shorter height) would generally need support below the mailboxes to disperse the weight distribution.

Another factor that may affect whether mailboxes can be wall mounted only is the quantity of mailboxes required and the configuration of those boxes. Please get in touch with us for any queries regarding wall mounting mailboxes.

The Queensland Curve Project – Mailboxes set into a curved surround

How are mailboxes fitted to a wall?

The mailboxes we supply are fitted with fixing holes in the rear panel of the mailboxes which are used to secure through and fix into the wall. The fixing holes used in mailboxes vary in location and quantity depending on the mailbox model used in that particular project.

The installation of wall mounted post box is fairly straight forward and requires basic DIY skills. Use the following steps as a guideline:

  • – Whilst holding the mailbox at the desired location, use a spirit level to ensure the mailbox is in the correct position
  • – Open the front door of the mailbox and mark the wall through the mounting holes in the back of the post box
  • – Drill and plug the wall with appropriate fixings
  • – Screw fix through the mounting holes in the back of the post box, into the plugs now fixed in the wall
A single COM 1 mailbox from the The Bradwell Street Project.
The COM 1 mailbox can be used a single item or in a bank of multiple mailboxes.
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need additional support when fixing my post box to a wall?

Here at The Safety Letterbox Company, we supply mailboxes for both single and multi-occupancy residences, and depending on the quantity of mailboxes you use, you may need additional support to aid the fixing of the post boxes to the wall. Additional supports include items such as cantilever support brackets, support tables and legs.

Post Boxes For House Wall Construction

What type of wall can post boxes be mounted onto?

Post boxes can be mounted onto walls featuring sufficient strength, typically constructed using brick or blockwork. If fixing to a wall that uses a render or other similar material, then a fixing must be made through the material and into the brickwork behind.

Wall mounted post box or freestanding?

Wall mounted post boxes are popular in British homes as they are fixed near to the property entrance door, without taking up much space for both mounting the item and when it is in use.

Freestanding post boxes are used a lot in homes that are tucked away down rural country lanes, fitted at the end of a driveway which allows post-delivery personnel to easily and quickly deliver items without having to travel down a private road to post items.

Do you supply cast iron post boxes?

Unfortunately we do not supply cast iron post boxes at the moment. Our post boxes are manufactured using high-quality zintec steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium – all of which offer similar material characteristics to cast iron.

What colour can these wall mounted post boxes be supplied in?

Our range of wall mounted post boxes are available in a number of different colours as standard. MEFA products are sourced from our sister company MEFA who are based in Denmark, and are available typically in around 3-4 different finishes, of which are held in stock here in our South Wales factory ready for quick despatch.

The Eurobox mailbox is available in 6 different finishes (5 colour and a stainless steel finish) as standard, all of which are held in stock for a quick despatch.

The COM 1 mailbox which is also available to purchase online is available in a black, white and silver finish on a short lead time. Visit the product page for more information.

If you are looking to purchase wall mounted post boxes for a multi-occupancy development, then we can offer this product in any colour finish from our standard RAL colour chart.

All of these products are available in custom finishes to suit specific project and design requirements, Contact Us for more information about lead times and prices.