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50A 600V Forklift Charger Battery Connector Charging Plug Forklift Battery Charger Connector with Extension Cable Forklift Battery Charging Cable. Get it as soon as Mon, Mar 29. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Forklift plugging is common practice that should be encouraged for its benefit of reducing brake wear. What is forklift plugging? Plugging, also called regenerative braking, regen or switch-back, occurs when an operator traveling in one direction uses the directional selector to switch to the opposite direction. Forklift plugging, also known as regenerative braking, regen or switch-back, allows operators to change direction of the forklift using only the directional controller and accelerator pedal. By eliminating the use of the forklift brake to change direction, forklift plugging decreases the.

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Septic and grease receiving stations from Screenco Systems are affordable and very effective at removing trash from any flow stream, keeping land application and lagoon sites trash free. Our systems are high capacity, gravity offload, ranging from 500 GPM to 1000 GPM filtering rocks, rags, roots and hair. Our screening systems are constructed of lightweight quality aluminum with 3/8' gapped stainless steel screens which meet the new 503 regulations. Four models are currently available, featuring our patented Dual-Screen design. The Mini-Screen features 16 square ft of screening area with up to 500 GPM off load. Small footprint, big results! The Maxi-Screen features 20.5 square ft of screening area with up to 500 GPM off load.


The Porta-Screen features 20.5 square ft of screening area with up to 500 GPM off load. Simply tow it behind any pump truck to screen trash while field spreading. The Mega-Screen features a whopping 40.5 square ft of screening area with up to 1000 GPM of off load capacity. All units are simple, non-mechanical and will not plug with rags or hair.

Plugging Forklift

Our new Grit-Eliminator simply removes grit from any flow stream ranging from 15 - 72 cubic ft with 6' cam inlet and outlet. 8' cam size is standard on extra large Grit Eliminator units. Stainless channels and baffles with aluminum lids and gaskets as standard. Just let gravity do the work for you.

  • A forklift feature designed to decrease wear and tear on forklift brakes, forklift plugging gives operators the ability to change direction of a forklift with an accelerator pedal and directional selector. Forklift plugging is also referred to as regenerative braking, regen or switch-back.
  • Plug Power’s GenDrive fuel cell products can power anything from a forklift and pallet jack to AGVs and tuggers.
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Our new line of pumping accessories include, Folding Tripod Lid-Lifters, Aluminum Tank Mixing-Stick, Long Handle Stainless Scrapers, Heavy Duty Telescoping Inspection Mirrors and Deck Hose Racks which stack up to five pump hoses nestled against any tank.

We welcome you to Forklift Faceoff: the game that allows players to experience first-hand the difference in productivity and operation when driving a fuel cell-powered forklift vs. one powered by batteries. Based on real customer data, now you can experience the benefits of zero-emission fuel cell power right from your computer or from most devices!

The Rules:

  • Run the pick route using the fuel cell-powered lift truck
  • Then, run the SAME route using the battery-powered lift truck
  • Let us know your scores on our Facebook page using #ForkliftFaceoff2020

Here’s what you may have noticed during the game:

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  • Power. Fuel cell-powered vehicles operate at 100% power as long as there is fuel in the tank. Battery-powered vehicles degrade, causing the vehicle to run slower between battery changes or charges.
  • Downtime. The fuel cell can be refueled much faster than the battery recharges.
  • Pallets moved. The fuel cell-powered vehicle is proven to result in an increase in fleet productivity. For high-asset utilization applications, like that seen in multi-shift distribution applications – full power vehicles with little downtime results in a more productive workforce.

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