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Warehouse Order Picker Lifts and Vertical Stock Picking Man Lifts are a Safe Alternative to Rolling Ladders. If you stock and retrieve parts from shelving or pallet racks using a rolling ladder, you may want to consider the benefits of Warehouse Order Picker Lifts and Vertical Stock Picking Man Lifts.These automated lifts are a much safer alternative for inventory picking. Order Pickers Taking Performance to the Next Level Crown can help optimize your order-picking process – both on the ground and at the highest elevations. Superior driving performance, stability and industry-leading ergonomics allow operators to work safely, productively and confidently.

  1. ORDER PICKER FORKLIFT Hyster® order pickers for easier, more accurate order picking Introducing Hyster® i3 Technology™ Hyster® i 3 Technology™ integrates commonality among Hyster warehouse products and simplifies the way in which operators and technicians alike handle and service the truck.
  2. The Raymond 5000 Series order pickers deliver exceptional versatility, intuitive handling and easy maintenance. With a broad range of capabilities, these forklifts can adapt to a variety of warehouse environments and are designed to help you run a faster.
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What is an Order Picker?

Before you browse order pickers for sale, here’s a breakdown of the equipment. An order picker is a type of material handling equipment designed to help users retrieve boxes, typically in a warehouse environment.

Like a narrow aisle reach truck, an order picker machine is ideal for picking stock from warehouse racking systems. However, instead of simply lifting its forks to retrieve a pallet, an order picker lifts the operator too.

To use an order picker machine, a forklift operator stands on a platform. The mast of the order picker raises the platform, lifting it anywhere from nine to 35 feet depending on whether the machine is a mid-level order picker or high-level order picker.

Order pickers are also known as stock picker lifts or stock picker forklifts because of their popular warehouse use. Order picker machines are very user friendly and have a surprisingly high lift capacity for their size.

Both mid-level and high-level order picker forklifts typically have a maximum lift capacity of around 3,000 pounds.


Since the platform of the order picker forklift is integrated with the forks themselves, additional safety training is recommended. You don’t want the stock picker lift to accidentally move while you’re grabbing an order.

Because of this, picker forklifts are typically equipped with a “dead man’s switch” to prevent the stock picker forklift from moving while the operator is stocking or picking.

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LiftOrder picker forklifts

Overall, these warehouse picker machines are incredibly efficient and user-friendly.

To browse order pickers for sale, simply let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll send you over free quotes on a variety of order picker machines that fit your needs.

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Order Picker Lift

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Crown Order Selector Forklifts

These are nice Crown order picker lift trucks with low hours and in good working order. For more information and details, please call a SJF customer service representative.

Order Picker Lift For Sale

  • 2004 Crown Fork Trucks
  • 3 available
  • Model: SP3000
  • Reference Number: Tags 121, 122, 123
  • Lowered Height: 95.5'
  • Raised Height: 210'
  • Capacity: 3,000 lbs.
  • Fuel/Volts: 24 volts
  • Was $7,500.00 ea.
  • SOLD

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