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Nintendo Swich™のダイエット向けソフト「Zumba® de 脂肪燃焼!」などを実際に4か月プレイレポート!他のSwitchのソフトとの比較も。結論を言うと40歳に近いおじさんが実際に10キロほど痩せ、筋肉量が増加しました。.

The Nintendo Switch was a massively popular video game console hybrid. Thanks to the joy-con controllers, players can take their console on the go as a portable device. However, detaching these joy-cons will offer players some more motion-focused control mechanics. As a result, there have been a few video games released that are based around keeping players a bit more active. If you’re after some video games to burn calories or just to keep you moving around, then check out some of these video game titles listed below.

  1. Exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Zumba® is a global movement that brings the fun to fitness with over 15 million people taking weekly classes across 186 countries. Get your fix of the Zumba® program anytime, anywhere with high-energy routines and hip-shaking jams including chart-topping hits and Zumba originals. Use the Joy-Con.
  2. That’s what you get with Zumba: Burn It Up for the Nintendo Switch. It works a lot like Just Dance but is intended for an audience focused on fitness rather than a casual market.

#10 Jump Rope challenge

Jump Rope Challenge is an extremely simple game. Developed by Nintendo and released for free on the Nintendo eShop, players are tasked with jumping a skipping rope through the use of the Nintendo Joy-Con motion controllers. The goal is to go through a different set number of jumps each day. While the game was released for free and again very bare-bones in terms of the gameplay mechanics, Nintendo didn’t plan for this game to stay available on the marketplace. It was originally just something to keep players active during the pandemic which continued to become a worldwide problem. There are plenty of players out there that can’t get into the gym right now and as a result, Nintendo has decided to keep the game available for those that want to download and enjoy it for the foreseeable future. Again, we can’t guarantee it will be available for download down the road so being free, it’s worth grabbing a copy while you can.


#9 1-2 Switch

1-2 Switch was a launch title for the Nintendo Switch platform and it heavily used the joy-cons as a means to demonstrate all the features they offered. Players were meant to compete with another player with players only needing one joy-con each as they completed a series of minigames. There were minigames based on all kinds of different events such as playing around with makeshift katanas, wands, shaking sodas, and even milking cows.

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#8 Zumba Burn It Up

Nintendo Switch Zumba

Zumba is a fitness dance class that blew up after it was crated up in the 1990s. This class puts participants into a fitness regimen with an instructor showing how to dance along with the music in order to workout different areas of your body. For this point we have Zumba Burn It Up, a game that’s quite a bit like Just Dance. Similar to Just Dance, players can pick their difficulty and go through the different dances by mimicking the instructor. Meanwhile, the moves are based around different upbeat music. If you enjoyed Zumba but can’t make it to classes or have an interest in trying it out for the first time, then now you can decide when to give it a try whenever you’d like at the comfort of your home.

#7 Fitness Boxing Series

Fitness Boxing was developed as a spiritual successor to Shape Boxing for the Nintendo Wii. In this game, players are going through different boxing workouts. It’s simplistic but grows more difficult by players constantly updating their progress such as height and weight over some time. Meanwhile, the gameplay itself has players going through daily workout routines and an avatar instructor to help motivate you along the way. Players will be doing different punches and dodges while the game players through a collection of soundtrack songs. As mentioned, this is a series and so far there are two installments available. They don’t play much differently from each other, but there are some differences in terms of the soundtrack provided with each game.

#6 Just Dance 2021


Another series to keep players moving is Just Dance. This is a game series that you’re likely well aware of already as it’s been around for players to pick up for years across multiple generations of platforms. Each installment tends to require some kind of motion control or detection hardware as you dance along to different songs while also ensuring that you’re hitting the right moves displayed on the screen. Each song is choreographed by professional dancers and there is usually a difficult selection to give newcomers some moves that are easy to pull off or enthusiasts moves that are incredibly challenging to keep up with. Players are mainly given the same kind of game with each installment, but the difference here is the selection of music available to dance through. So if you find yourself enjoying the game and staying motivated in dancing regularly then you’ll likely find some other great titles worth picking up within the same IP.

#5 Sports Party

Ubisoft even took on the Nintendo motion controls with their release of Sports Party. Similar to the likes of Nintendo’s Wii Sports, Sports Party offers a wide range of different sports that players can go through with the motion controls. In the collection of video games, players can play Frisbee, jet ski, basketball, golf, skateboarding, and beach tennis. The game also allows players the ability to change up their avatar with new items that are unlocked as they progress through the different sport games.

#4 Mario Tennis Aces

Mario is no stranger when it comes to popping up in different sports games. We’ve seen Mario and his iconic friends pop up in a variety of different sports games in the past and one of the games that can keep you moving around and staying active is Mario Tennis Aces. In this game, players are going through different tennis matches which as you can imagine will allow players the ability to move the joy-cons in a way to mimic hitting a tennis ball along with performing different kinds of trick shots. While you can play in multiplayer along with competing against other players online, this game does feature a campaign mode. In the game, Waluigi and Wario pick up a mystical racket that provides them with some incredible Tennis skill and power but also posses them in the process. To claim the racket and destroy it for good, Mario and his friends will need to join in a tournament and attempt to defeat them in a grand match.


Arms is one of the earlier Nintendo Switch exclusives to launch for the console. It was essentially Nintendo’s new take on a boxing video game but with futuristic cartoonish boxers. Essentially, with this game, players are controlling a fighter that has spring-like arms. When players use the joy-con motion controllers, characters can unleash different styles of attacks. Players could extend their arms to launch their fists out to an opponent while also using different motion-style attacks to deliver more strategic moves.


Nintendo Switch Zumba Songs

Nintendo switch zumba songs

#2 Mario and Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Mario and Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 was a new installment to the Mario & Sonic crossover series. In this game, players follow the iconic characters from both IPs as they participate in a variety of sports events. This included the likes of boxing, soccer, karate, sports climbing, and surfing, just to name a few. However, since this game was released both in the arcades and on the Nintendo Switch, there was plenty of focus around motion controls and using the likes of Nintendo’s joy-con controllers. These games tend to do well and the same can be said for Mario and Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. After all, with the pandemic postponing the Tokyo Olympic Games, we at least got to play a makeshift version of it.

Nintendo Switch Zumba

#1 Ring Fit Adventure

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Easily the most recognizable workout video game on the Nintendo Switch and likely the first to come to mind is Ring Fit Adventure. This is a turn-based RPG title with on-rails mechanics as well. However, to play this game, players will require the peripherals that come with the game. Included in the mix are the leg strap along with the ring, each of which requires a single joy-con to be docked in. Overall, in the game, players are battling against an evil bodybuilding dragon but to reach the dragon, players are forced into clearing out a variety of dungeons. Each dungeon comes with a slew of enemies to battle against. To deliver different attacks against your opponent, players will need to perform various workout moves. As a result, this is where the joy-cons will come into play as the game can determine how well you are performing these motions. The better you do with the motions the bigger your attack will be. Meanwhile, players can attempt to block attacks by pushing the ring in while resting against your abdomen. Fans took up with the game and it blew up thanks to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. In fact, at one point these games were incredibly tough to find with some players forced to pay a higher price from a reseller.