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Just Dance 2021 is the latest installment in the popular rhythm game series, and the fifth version is a row that I’m reviewing. With musical tastes being so subjective, I’m mostly looking for what’s different with this year’s features. For better or worse, there’s hardly anything.

Nintendo switch just dance 2021 song list

A Just Dance Unlimited Subscription perk is still offered and will give you the diversity (600-plus tunes) that these 40 new tracks mostly lack. There’s a lot of current pop that’s autotuned or has singers mumbling, shouting, or whispering for my liking. Of course, if you’ve been playing the series from the start, you’ll recall Just Dance 2018 offered three free months of Unlimited. Existing subscriptions carry over to Just Dance 2021, as do high scores. Note that rumble (beat vibrations) don’t work with Unlimited, just the 40 new songs.


The phone app and co-op mode also return. These are welcomed features (the latter particularly), albeit familiar if you’ve played one of the more recent entries. With COVID-19 spikes happening everywhere, I wonder how much the phone app will get used in this outing? Quickplay is a new mode, but it’s about as exciting as it sounds, merely picking a song at random. You’ll also need to deactivate the countdown every time you play to avoid random song selections.

Just Dance 2021 is the ultimate dance game, with 40 hot new tracks from chart-topping hits like 'Rain On Me' by Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande, 'Kick It' by NCT 127, and 'Ice Cream' by BLACKPINK x Selena Gomez. Start a dance party your friends and family can enjoy! Dance to over 600 songs with the Just Dance Unlimited subscription streaming service. Just Dance 2021 for Nintendo Switch for auction. Online bidding is open for this week's Public Auction - This sale will have a staggered close starting this upcoming Saturday at 9:00 AM. Any lots that have a bid submitted in the final moments will receive an additional 60 seconds before the official closing. Ubisoft Just Dance 2021 for Nintendo Switch $25. 17 Apr, 10:35 pm. $49.99 Bestbuy Super Mario 3D All-Stars Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite. Ubisoft has revealed another nine songs set to make an appearance in the upcoming Just Dance 2021, which will be launching on Switch this November. We're probably in danger of sounding extremely.

I found it interesting looking at my playtime for the last several Just Dance installments. After three years straight of being among my most played games, Just Dance 2020 saw my lowest amount of total playtime. This fact surprised me, especially with so many months of sheltering in place (I could’ve used the sweat mode to track my burned calories). I think it’s because last year’s version felt more like an update. Outside of the All-Stars mode – cut from 2021 – it ended up feeling too similar. Just Dance 2021 feels likewise.

Just Dance 2021 would still be quite a solid choice for family fun. It’s an E-rated game with a Kids Mode, though I encourage parents to look the song list over. A few of these new songs are probably not appropriate for youngsters. Earlier years of the series saw specific Kids or Disney Party spinoffs, but the last several years have just had the main series games. As a series, Just Dance has fallen into a definite pattern. A pattern that remains pretty fun with exercises the whole family can do, but a pattern all the same.

Refined but not innovated, Just Dance 2021 represents the series in stagnation. It still entertains, but the past few entries have seen little in the way of positive change. A couple of the prior editions on Switch are arguably better. With a Just Dance Unlimited Subscription, I’d stick with one of them before grabbing Just Dance 2021 on sale. This series has diminished and needs to break from its comfort zone with a shot in the arm to stand separate from other exercise titles.

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It’s the gaming sale you’ve been waiting for: Nintendo’s highly anticipated Black Friday 2020 deals have finally arrived. From newly released games such as Just Dance 2021and NBA 2K21to all-time classics like Mario Kart 8 Deluxeand Super Mario Bros. U: Deluxe, many of the brand’s best titles are majorly marked down.

Like previous years, Nintendo has forgone a price cut on its benchmark console, the Nintendo Switch, and instead offered a special Black Friday-only bundle that includes the console, a digital copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and a three-month Nintendo Online membership for $299 — the usual price of just the console alone.

Nintendo Switch Just Dance 2021 Songs

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Nintendo Switch Just Dance 2021 Bundle

Inventory for the Nintendo Switch has been sporadic throughout the past few months due to unprecedented demand, so now’s the chance to grab one while it's available at Amazon, where Switch bundles with SanDisk memory cards are available. And apart from the Switch, fans can also nab the Switch Lite, which is back in stock at Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy. Amazon has even restocked the Switch Lite bundles with SanDisk memory cards that offer up to 256 gigabytes of extra storage for those who prefer downloading games over physical cartridges, and Walmart's Animal Crossing-themed Switch bundle with Pimkin 3 Deluxe is available again.

Games are on super sale, too, with the newest Just Dance 2021 leading the way. Discounts are as big as $25 off at Best Buy, and you can find matching prices at Amazon as well. Even the game of the year — Animal Crossing: New Horizons — is back in stock at Walmart with the game’s exclusive Pop Socket bundle, or on sale as a stand-alone purchase at Amazon. And Pokemon fans can grab both the Swordand Shieldgames for as little as $39 apiece.

There are discounts flying left and right, so we’ve rounded up the 28 best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals you won’t want to miss below. Hurry and shop before the markdowns and consoles are gone, and check out EW’s full coverage of other Black Friday deals here.

Best Black Friday deals on Nintendo Switch consoles

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Black Friday sales on Nintendo Switch games

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Nintendo Switch Just Dance 2021 Songs

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