Nintendo Switch Joy Con Grip

Note: If the console is powered off or set to sleep mode, the Joy-Con holding position will automatically revert back to dual-controller grip.

Nintendo Switch Joy Con Grip

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While being used as wireless controllers, the Joy-Con can be held in different positions:

As a single controller (dual-controller grip) or
as individual controllers (solo remote grip)
As individual controllers (solo horizontal grip)

Nintendo Switch Joy Con Grip Controller

While you can navigate the HOME Menu using the Joy-Con in the different holding positions, the holding position within each game will depend on the single and multiplayer options for that software. For example,

  • Some games, such as Snipperclips - Cut it out together!, allow you to use the Joy-Con only in solo horizontal grip.
  • Other games, such as Super Bomberman R, allow you to use the Joy-Con in single player as dual-controller grip or as solo horizontal grip, while using the Joy-Con in multiplayer allows for solo horizontal grip only.

Complete these steps


To set or change the holding position for the Joy-Con.

Nintendo switch joy con grip controller

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  1. From the HOME Menu, select Controllers then Change Grip/Order.
    • Any wireless controllers paired to the console will be temporarily disconnected.
  2. Depending on the holding position to be used, press the buttons on the Joy-Con as follows:

Nintendo Switch Joy-con Grip Mario And Luigi

How to Hold the Joy-ConButtons to Press
As a dual-controller grip
  • L Button (on left Joy-Con) + R Button (on right Joy-Con), or
  • ZL Button (on left Joy-Con) + ZR Button (on right Joy-Con)
As a solo horizontal grip SL Button + SR Button on each Joy-Con you wish to use horizontally