Nintendo Switch Frozen

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Situation not resolved

Frozen Nintendo Switch Fix

Nintendo Switch Frozen

The system will need to be repaired.

Nintendo no longer offers factory repairs for the following systems:

Nintendo Switch Frozen Black Screen

  • Original Nintendo 3DS - Model No. CTR-001 - Serial numbers begin with “CW” or “CB”
  • Original Nintendo 3DS XL - Model No. SPR-001 - Serial numbers begin with “SW” or “SB”
  • New Nintendo 3DS - Model No. KTR-001 - Serial numbers begin with “YW”

Click here for information on replacement and upgrade options.

Nintendo Switch Dead Pixel Problem: What is it and what can I do? The latest Nintendo Switch. Hi, this video shows you how to fix a Nintendo Switch that has seized. The video shows my newphew's Switch which has frozen on Fortnite. It is unresponsive t. A Nintendo Switch can freeze up on you for multiple reasons, including a loss of Wi-Fi connection, an incomplete download, a battery issue, or a software glitch. Whatever the reason for your system. The Nintendo Switch is a ton of fun to play, but it's also a complicated piece of tech that doesn't quite follow the rules of typical consoles or tablets. It's not always obvious what to do when something doesn't quite behave the way you think it should.

Repairs for all other Nintendo 3DS family systems are still available.Click here to begin the repair process.

Nintendo Switch Frozen Case

Be sure to include your SD card and any games that are having this issue with your repair.