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Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that's fantastic for home use and playing on the go – truly the best of both worlds. I was excited for 4K, but then I discovered HDR. Nintendo Switch Pro - Will It Offer 4K Visuals? One of the more common rumours regarding the Switch Pro is that the system will offer 4K visuals – a seemingly outlandish claim given that the. Nintendo Switch System Update12.0.0 adds this internal setting:“4kdppreferredoverusb30”I’m NOT SAYING that this is “Prefer 4K DisplayPort over USB 3.0”.But, if it is, it makes sense.

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A new Nintendo Switch dock could have just been revealed through the latest patch to Nintendo's console.

Just below, you can check out several datamined files (via Nintendo Life) from the new Nintendo Switch software update 12.0.0. One file, in particular, makes reference to something called the 'Cradle Aula,' which many have taken to believe is the new dock for the revised model of Nintendo Switch.

You might recall that 'Aula' was the codename previously datamined from past Nintendo Switch software updates. The name first reared its head earlier this year in January, when it was referenced several times in an update for Nintendo's handheld console.

New Nintendo Switch 4k

If you're thinking that the new code could be an update for the existing Nintendo Switch dock, it's unlikely, as the current dock has never actually received an update in the four years that it's been out. There's also reference in the files to 4K output through USB 3.0, which makes sense given the previous rumors of the revised Nintendo Switch model supporting 4K output.


Just recently, a new report claimed that the Nintendo Switch Pro would be launching at some point later this year in 2021. Not only this, but it would apparently be using an Nvidia chip for upscaled 4K graphics, with the outlet again reasserting that the revised model would support 4K output.

Barely a month prior to the Aula codename first turning up, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser poured cold water on the Nintendo Switch Pro rumors. The president shot down rumors of a revised Nintendo Switch model, stating that the console was currently at the midpoint of its overall lifecycle. According to the president, we'll be with the current Nintendo Switch model for a few more years yet.

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Nintendo's next Switch hardware revision has long been rumored, but details on what to expect from a possible 'Switch Pro' finally began firming up on Wednesday, thanks to an apparent leak from its screen supplier.

Bloomberg Japan has the scoop, and it points to Samsung as the source of Switch's next panel type: a 7-inch OLED panel, currently estimated at 720p resolution. That Samsung OLED production line will begin cranking in June, according to Bloomberg's unnamed sources familiar with 'internal matters.' Meanwhile, other Nintendo hardware assemblers will begin receiving the panels 'around July.'

For sizing comparisons, the current standard Nintendo Switch uses a 6.2-inch 720p LED panel, while 2019's Nintendo Switch Lite shrank its LED panel to 5.5 inches (but is also 720p in resolution).

Nintendo Switch 4k

How might “Pro” get to 4K?

Such a timetable would put Nintendo in a position to unveil the hardware 'this year' and 'prop up [Switch] demand in time for the holidays,' Bloomberg reports. Whether this means a new, larger Nintendo Switch would land on store shelves by year's end, however, was not entirely confirmed by the report.

The report also didn't clarify exactly how the system's internals might be improved, but it did allege one key feature: a bump to '4K graphics when paired with TVs.' This appears to confirm that a new Switch model will continue to employ its hybrid 'home-and-portable' gimmick.


How might a 'Switch Pro' jump to 4K resolution, especially if the handheld version remains locked at 720p? Bloomberg's report doesn't speculate. In the meantime, we're wondering whether its TV dock might be updated to include extra processing chips (and thereby leverage a 'split motherboard' proposition, much like Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5), and/or whether Switch SoC manufacturer Nvidia has any DLSS-like tricks it can add to neatly upscale standard Switch games to 4K resolution.

Either way, Nintendo has limited history with mid-generation console refreshes that add boosts to older software. Portable systems like Game Boy Color, DSi, and 'New' Nintendo 3DS were all capable of applying processing boosts to software, but this required specific compatibility in each game—as opposed to, say, a blanket boost to 4K resolution for any Switch game imaginable.

Nintendo Switch 4k Console

The report also doesn't clarify whether a larger Switch will remain compatible with existing, detachable Joy-Con controllers or whether Nintendo might roll out a larger pair to match the newly larger Switch's base hardware. (The large hands among Ars Technica's staff would appreciate the latter.)

As recently as February, Nintendo told its shareholders that Switch was in the 'middle' of its life cycle, suggesting another four or five years of support, while the company offered a vague assurance about new Switch versions not being announced 'any time soon.' Previous rumors about a 'Switch Pro' emerged as recently as early 2019, but these fizzled, with only Switch Lite eventually emerging from that pool of rumored hardware refreshes.