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Pokemon World Champions brought us a new trailer today, immediately after yesterday's reveal of Turtonator. Technically, only one of these Pokemon is new to fans who follow online leaks of Corocoro: Crabrawler (2', 15.4lbs), a Fighting-type crab Pokemon who has boxing gloves for hands and the abilities Hyper Cutter and Iron Fist. 1 day ago  Fujifilm is releasing a new app and accessories for its Instax Link photo printer aimed at Nintendo Switch users, just in time for the wildlife photography game New Pokemon. Pokemon Sword + Pokemon Shield - 2 Game Bundle - Nintendo Switch. ESRB Rating: Everyone by Nintendo. 4.8 out of 5 stars. Get it as soon as Tue, Mar 2. 1-16 of over 1,000 results for 'nintendo switch pokemon games' Pokemon Arceus - Nintendo Switch. ESRB Rating: Rating Pending Dec 31, 2021 by Nintendo. Nintendo Switch $59.99 $ 59. Pre-order Price Guarantee. Get it as soon as Fri, Dec 31. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Famous Mii Characters & QR Codes for your Nintendo Wii U, Wii, 3DS, and Miitomo. Search for famous Mii Characters and get printable, step-by-step instructions on how to create them. Scan Mii QR Codes with your 3DS, Wii U, or Miitomo App. Fill your Mii Plaza with celebrities!

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This month's Sun and Moon Youtube promo was uploaded this morning:
First up, they drop the bomb that several existing Pokemon will receive new forms based on the environment in which they're found within the Alola region. These include a Grass/Dragon-type Exeggutor (35'9', 916.2lbs) with an extended neck and the Frisk ability; Ice-type Vulpix and Ice/Fairy-type Ninetales with the Snow Cloak ability; and Ice/Steel-type Sandshrew (2'4', 88.2lbs) and Sandslash (3'11', 121.3lbs), who also have Snow Cloak.
Next, we get a string of new Pokemon reveals! The bulk of the attention is dedicated to the bird Pokemon Oricorio (2', 7.5lbs), who has several different forms with changing types: Baile Style Oricorio is Fire/Flying, Pom-Pom Style is Electric/Flying, Pa'u Style is Psychic/Flying, and Sensu Style is Ghost/Flying. Oricorio's ability Dancer sees Oricorio copy dance-themed moves used in battle, such as Quiver Dance, and it gets a new move named Revelation Dance that matches Oricorio's current type.
Minior (1', 88.2lbs) is a Rock/Flying-type meteorite Pokemon. As revealed with its new ability Shields Down, the default form of Minior is a shield that protects it from status effects, but once Minior falls below 50% HP, it will break and reveal an inner form more suited for attacking. Minior's Core can have up to four different colors.
Gumshoos (2'4', 31.1lbs) is the evolved form of Yungoos and even more suited for the 'Donald Trump Pokemon' jokes that its pre-evolution has received thus far; it has Stakeout and Strong Jaw for its abilities. Mudsdale's pre-evolved form Mudbray (3'3', 242.5lbs), said to be the Donkey Pokemon, was also revealed, and it too has Own Tempo and Stamina for its abilities.
The last two reveals are Fomantis (1', 3.3lbs) and its evolution Lurantis (2'11', 40.8lbs), a pair of Grass-type manti who use plants for synergy and elegance. Lurantis is revealed to know the new move Grass Blade, and both have the Leaf Guard ability.
Finally, some game mechanics are shown, including riding Pokemon such as Mudsdale, Tauros and Charizard, and the objective of the game is revealed to be 'The Island Challenge' i.e. completing trials for type-themed Trial Captains officials such as Mallow (Grass), Lana (Water), Sophocles (Electric) and Kiawe (Fire). It should be noted that Kiawe's profile on the official site states his main Pokemon is Marowak, perhaps indicating Marowak will receive a Fire-type Alolan form. Trial Pokemon will await the end of each of these challenges.
Another new feature will be powerful new Z-moves that Pokemon can use once per battle. The trailer states that there is one Z-move for each type, with Pikachu using 'Gigavolt Havoc,' Rowlett using 'Bloom Doom,' Litten using 'Inferno Overdrive' and Popplio having 'Hydro Vortex' in the video.
The next news is set to be released August 12!