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The new Nintendo Switch 'Monster Hunter Rise' Special Edition is expected to release this coming March 26. The Nintendo Switch is reportedly available for preorder as of the moment on GameStop. However, gamers should probably try to preorder the Special Edition Nintendo Switch now since most special edition Switch consoles tend to sell out really fast.

Wednesday night’s dense Nintendo Direct shared more news about the upcoming game Monster Hunter Rise, which is set for release March 26, 2021. The ninja-themed adventure has excited series fans and newcomers alike, but collectors eyes lifted when they saw a special edition Nintendo Switch console and Pro Controller revealed for release the same day. Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller is Live By Sean Fallon - February 18, 2021 04:52 pm EST Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise is set to release on the Nintendo Switch on March 26th,. #MonsterHunterRise #MonsterHunter #ProController #NintendoSwitch #NintendoThis is the Monster Hunter Rise Pro Controller Unboxing check out what's inside the.

In addition, the said Switch Pro Controller 'Monster Hunter Rise' Edition is also reportedly available for preorder. This report is based on the article from IGN that announces both the Switch itself and the Switch Pro Controller 'Monster Hunter Rise' Deluxe Edition available for preorder as of the moment.

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The upcoming console bundle also includes the reported special-edition switch and also a digital code for gamers to download the said 'Monster Hunter Rise' as well as the Deluxe Kit DLC. This is the first time that the special edition Switch will also include the game. The previous Animal Crossing Switch special edition reportedly did not include the free game.

The article by IGN describes the Nintendo Switch having base features of the 'Monster Hunter' iconography etchings. This also includes metallic gold artwork that also features Magnamalo as well as the upcoming game's said flagship monster. The Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con will also have similar designs etched artfully into them. This also includes the back of the Nintendo Switch's screen as well.

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'Monster Hunter' Switch 2021

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The upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro Controller 'Monster Hunter Rise' Edition is expected to feature the exact same golden Magnamalo design etched on its very own faceplate. It will also reportedly fit right in with the said console, or even look great on the coffee table. Both of the special edition hardware pieces, along with the upcoming game itself, is expected to release on March 26.

An article by Collider notes that Nintendo actually hosted one of their big livestreams, the Nintendo Direct, just recently which also revealed a number of major current as well as upcoming titles. The Nintendo Direct also revealed a number of details regarding Animal Crossing and Super Mario Bros crossover that would most likely have its fans seeing both mushrooms and bells. Of course, the Nintendo Direct also showed more about the 'Monster Hunter Rise' which is actually the latest installment in the particular long-running action RPG survival franchise.

The trailer actually shows off what looks like a number of the game's intriguing environments. This also includes quite a beefy roster of a lot of fearsome monsters as well as their friends who will be facing them to claim their own precious crafting materials in order to build some powerful armor and weapons.

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Monster Hunter Switch Pro Controller

We have some Monster Hunter Rise news. The game is coming out on the switch and today we learn of the controller that is themed after it can now be preordered. It is set to come out April 26th so make sure you get it before then. It is 59.99 but if you are fan you might want it.

“The Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro controller is available to pre-order here on Amazon for $59.99 with a release date set for April 26th. The Split Pad Pro lacks features like rumble and motion controls, but it does offer a full-size controller experience in handheld mode. It also includes assignable buttons and turbo functionality.”

Article:Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro Controller Is up for Pre-Order (

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