Lockable Letter Box

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  1. Letter boxes for doors can be horizontal or vertical, flap or spring opening. You can also pick a door letter box that has a draught excluder to keep out the cold. An internal newspaper box can catch your mail, and keep it all neat and tidy for when you’re ready to have a read. Alternatively, we have external wall-mounted lockable letter boxes available which add a touch of style to your home, and keep your mail safe.
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Small Lockable Box


The FlapLock™ FL01 is a simple to fit, neat and affordable item which helps to prevent the postage of junk mail, fishing through the property letterbox and arson attacks. Please note: The FlapLock™ will not prevent arson where an accelerant is used.

The letterbox lock is attached to the property door using two adhesive pads which are placed either side of the letterbox aperture slot.

The FlapLock™ FL01 has the option of being either locked or unlocked to suit the user’s requirements and if preferred can be left locked at all times. Often, domestic users combine a Flaplock ™ with an external wall mounted mailbox (e.g. the Eurobox) to enable their property to remain secure from arson and unwanted mail whilst being able to still receive post.

– How can I still receive mail whilst securing my home?

The most common solution to this issue is to combine the FlapLock with an external mailbox. The postal delivery worker will deposit items into the mailbox and the Flaplock will secure your home at the same time – still accepting mail whilst securing your home.

A second solution is to utilise the locking functionality on the FlapLock only. The FlapLock is extremely versatile with a lock setting system to allow for mail to be accepted (ideal for morning opening ready for the postman) and then locked when required (typically used during the night). This solution requires you to adjust the lock setting and this has been incorporated in to the daily routine of many users.

– How can I make this a permanent fixture for my home?

Lockable Wall Letter Box

The FlapLock features a set of two adhesive pads at either side of the product, and when they are firmly pressed upon the property door, they are fixed to a shear strength of 30.6 kilograms. The adhesive pads are extremely strong and will not be prised away from the door generally when attacking it from the external side of the property door.

Also supplied with the FlapLock are four optional additional screws* that can be used to securely fix the product to the door with its maximum strength. Screw fixing through the FlapLock into the door will secure the item to its maximum strength. If you are renting your property, please make sure that you have permission to screw fix into the door prior to installation

Lockable Letter Box

*32mm standard wood screws only supplied as standard – please check they are suitable for the material and thickness of your door prior to fixing.

Outside lockable letter boxes

– What type of property doors can I use the FlapLock with?

Please note: Additional screw fixings supplied are only to be used on standard UK doors with a thickness of 38mm+ around the letter aperture opening. Please check suitability prior to installation – contact us for more information.

– How secure are the adhesive pads?

The FlapLock™ FL01 letterbox security lock uses adhesive pads with are sourced, tried and tested to be fit for purpose. Whilst designing this important feature of the FlapLock ™, much research and development time and effort is spent on the investigation on methods and materials used.

Our high tack double sided 2mm thick polyethylene foam tape, used alone, is tested and promoted by the manufacturer as having the bonding industry peel adhesion withstanding weight of up to 30.6 Kilos per 625 sq mm, i.e. 35 Newtons per 25mm of tape (based on 23℃ test temperature).

– What type of doors can the FlapLock™ be used with?

The FlapLock™ can be used on both UPVC and wooden type doors.


– Can the flap lock be used as a letterbox blanking plate?

Yes. The flap lock is suitable for use as a letterbox blanking plate, helping to vastly reduce the risks associated with arson, theft and other similar crimes. If you are using the flap lock as a letterbox blanking plate, please make sure you make allowances for how you will store you mail deliveries going forward. The most suitable option for this would be to use an post box externally, this would ensure that you protect your home against risks mentioned above whilst still being able to receive mail deliveries.