Letter Box Near Me

The Clues to the Letterbox Sites on
Connecticut's State Forests

Note: Forest Numbers refer to the order in which these State Forests were added to the Forest System.

Letter Box Near Me

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State ForestTown in which
Letterbox is Located
Seedling Series
Algonquin - Forest #21Colebrookclues
American Legion - Forest #14Barkhamsteadclues
Camp Columbia - Forest #31Morrisclues
Centennial Watershed -
Forest #32
Cockaponset - Forest #9Haddamclues
Enders - Forest #29Granbyclues
James L. Goodwin - Forest #28Hamptonclues
Housatonic - Forest #4Sharonclues
Massacoe - Forest #3Simsburyclues
Mattatuck - Forest #13Watertownclues
Meshomasic - Forest #1East Hamptonclues
Mohawk - Forest #6Cornwallclues
Mohegan - Forest #27Scotlandclues
Nassahegon - Forest #24Burlingtonclues
Natchaug - Forest #5Eastfordclues
Nathan Hale - Forest #26Andoverclues
Naugatuck - Forest #19Naugatuckclues
Nehantic - Forest #11East Lymeclues
Nepaug - Forest #10New Hartfordclues
Nipmuck - Forest #2Unionclues
Nye-Holman - Forest #18Tollandclues
Pachaug - Forest #15North Stoningtonclues
Paugnut - Forest #17Torringtonclues
Paugusett - Forest #25Newtownclues
People's - Forest #8Barkhamstedclues
Pootatuck - Forest #12New Fairfieldclues
Quaddick - Forest #22Thompsonclues
Salmon River - Forest #20Colchesterclues
Shenipsit - Forest #16Staffordclues
Topsmead - Forest #30Litchfieldclues
Tunxis - Forest #7East Hartlandclues
Wyantenock - Forest #23Kentclues

Letterbox Introduction Letterbox Map

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Займемся отработкой английского времени Present Simple (Present Indefinite). Но прежде, предлагаю вам обратить внимание на эту статью, где доступно описаны случаи употребления Present Simple. Практически все упражнения даются с ответами.

Present Simple / Indefinite Exercises.

Упражнение 1. Напишите форму 3-го лица ед. числа следующих глаголов

do – does

go – __________

read – reads

collect – __________

hate – __________

play – __________

study – studies

tidy – __________

wash – washes

watch – __________

brush – __________

teach – __________

Упражнение 2.Put the verbs in the Present Simple form.

  1. One fly_____________ (to fly) , two flies _____________ (to fly).
  2. One girl _____________ (to cry), four girls _____________ (to cry).
  3. When a wolf _____________ (to see) the moon, it _____________ (to begin) to howl (выть).
  4. Wolves and sheep _____________ (to be) never friends.
  5. Our hens _____________ (to lay [откладывать]) a lot of eggs.
  6. Boys _____________ (to fight) and_____________ (to shout).
  7. That boy _____________ (to try) to catch some balls.
  8. These girls _____________ (to try) to run away from an angry turkey.
  9. If one goose _____________ (to have) one tooth, how many teeth _____________ (to have) thirteen geese?

Упражнение 3.Вставьте глаголы из скобок в форме Present Simple. Yan is at a summer camp in Poland. Write what he usually does in the camp. Put the verbs in bracket in the correct form.

He ________ (get) up at 7. He ________ (have) his English lesson every day. Не ________ (speak) English to his friends. He ________ (play) board games in the afternoon. Sometimes he ________ (swim) in the lake. He often ________ (go) hiking. He sometimes ________ (sit) by the camp fire in the evenings. He never ________ (go) on a trip without his friends.

Упражнение 4.Вставьте глаголы в Present Simple. Put the verbs in the present form.

go, like, love, watch, read, like, walk, come, do, watch

My name's Pavel. In the evening I usually (1) ___________ my homework. Then I (2) ___________ TV or video. I (3) ___________ action films! They are super! Then I (4) ___________ my dog. After that I (5) ___________ home, (6) ___________ a book and (7) ___________ to bed. My sister is little. She doesn't (8) ___________ action films. She (9) ___________ cartoons. She (10) ___________ them every day.

Упражнение 5.Рассмотрите таблицу. Напишите про Элли. Look at the chart and write about Ellie.






the news





  1. Ellie often watches comedies.
  2. ________________________.
  3. ________________________.
  4. ________________________.

Упражнение 6.Сделайте предложения правдивыми для вашей семьи. Используйте следующие слова.

always, usually, often, sometimes, rarely, never

  1. We ____________ celebrate Christmas.
  2. My mum ____________ decorates a Christmas tree.
  3. My dad ____________ buys a Christmas tree.
  4. My granny ____________ makes a cake.
  5. My parents ____________ send Christmas cards.
  6. I ____________ get presents.
  7. We ____________ sing Christmas carols.

Упражнение 7.Заполните стихотворение предложенными формами глаголов. Complete the poem.

’m, end, go, have, is, is, start, starts, starts, watch

My lessons (1) _______ at ten to eight,

But, poor me! I (2) _______ always late.

English (3) _______ at ten to nine,

That’s when my eyes begin to shine.

Russian (4) _______ at half past ten,

But I haven’t got my pen.

It’s not on my desk, or under my chair.

Oh, here it (5) _______, in Silvia’s hair.

My lessons (6) _______ at five past two,

But I haven’t got my shoe.

Oh, here it (7) _______, behind the door.

I’m late again, it’s half past four.

At five o’clock I (8) _______ my tea,

At ten to six I (9) _______ TV.

I (10) _______ to bed at ten to eight.

To have a rest is always great!

Упражнение 8. Дополните предложения предложенными ниже глаголами в форме Present Simple. Complete the sentences.

like, live, lives, likes, don't live, doesn't live

  1. I __________ in Russia. I __________ in Great Britain.
  2. My Dad __________ in Canada. He __________ in America.
  3. I __________ reading. But my brother __________ watching TV

Упражнение 9.Заполните текст предложенными глаголами в Present Simple. Complete the text.

Обратите внимание!

Beachcombing — прочёсывание пляжа / прогулки по пляжу в поисках чего-л. ценного

Be, go, live, walk, have, be, collect

Steve's granddad (1) _________ at the seaside. He (2) _________ a nice small house. His house (3) _________ near the beach. Every day he (4) _________ to the beach. He (5) _________ on the beach and (6) _________ things there. His hobby (7) _________ beachcombing.

Упражнение 10.Write likе or likes.

  1. I _______ quiz shows.
  2. He _______ horror films.
  3. She _______ music programmes.
  4. My parents _______ the news.
  5. My friend Nastya _______ cartoons.
  6. All my friends _______ nature programmes.
  7. My grandad _______ sports programmes.

Вопросы в Present Simple /Indefinite. Упражнения.

Упражнение 11.Задайте вопросы и ответьте на них, используя Present Simple. Ask and answer questions using Simple Present.

Example: take a bus to school

— How often do you take a bus to school?

— I usually take a bus.

— I never take a bus.

sleep till 12 p. m.

watch TV

come to class late

wear a tie to school

wash dishes

speak English

drink milk

meet your friends

dance and sing

buy new things for yourself

Упражнение 12. Задайте вопросы. Используя do или does. Дайте краткие ответы. Ask your friend about what Yan and Nick do in the Polish camp. Write questions using do or does. Give short answers.

E.g. Do they speak English in the camp every ? — Yes, they do. (No, they don’t).

1. Yan / speak English / in the camp / every day?

2. he / play / board games?

3. Nick / eat / Polish food / in the camp?

4. they / go hiking?

5. children / go / on a trip / every day?

6. Nick / have / English classes / every afternoon?

7. they / sometimes / sit / by the fire / or / round the Christmas tree?

Упражнение 13.Дайте краткие ответы. Give short answers.

  1. Do you watch the news?
  2. Does your mum like horror films?
  3. Do your parents like comedies?
  4. Does your friend like nature programmes?
  5. Does your teacher like music programmes?

Ответы к упражнениям

Упражнение 2.

1 flies/fly, 2 cries/cry, 3 sees/begins, 4 are, 5 lay, 6 fight/shout, 7 tries, 8 try, 9 has/have

Упражнение 3.

Letter Drop Box Near Me

gets, has, speaks, plays, swims, goes, sits, goes

Упражнение 4.

1 do, 2 watch, 3 like, 4 walk, 5 come, 6 read, 7 go, 8 like, 9 loves, 10 watches

Упражнение 5.

2. Ellie sometimes watches action films.

Usps Letter Box Near Me

3. Ellie rarely watches sports programmes.

4. Ellie never watches the news.

Упражнение 7.

1 start, 2 'm, 3 starts, 4 starts, 5 is, 6 end, 7 is, 8 have, 9 watch, 10 go.

Упражнение 8.

1 live / don’t live или don’t live / live, 2 lives / doesn’t live или doesn’t live / lives, 3 like / likes

Упражнение 9.

1 lives, 2 has, 3 is, 4 goes, 5 walks, 6 collects, 7 is

Упражнение 10.


1 like, 2 likes, 3 likes, 4 like, 5 likes, 6 like, 7 likes

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