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'How do I break existing links between InCopy and InDesign? I have picked up a file from a previous design group that requires me to check in and check out every time I open and try to edit the content.'


The InDesign and InCopy workflow allows everyone to work on the layout and do what they do best: designers design, editors edit, writers write. Built-in security prevents more than one user from editing the same story at the same time. Compare Adobe InCopy vs. CS6 and discover all the new features added to InCopy. Get started with Creative Cloud today. Installing InCopy Plug-Ins in InDesign. The capability of creating, editing, and opening InCopy assignments and files is an add-on feature to InDesign enabled through plug-ins. These features are installed automatically in CS3, but you have to add the plug-ins manually for CS2. Upgrading InDesign and InCopy. When you are upgrading to a new version of Adobe InDesign or InCopy, keep the following in mind: All InDesign and InCopy users should use the same Adobe version. This is because documents created in a newer version cannot be opened in a previous version. The problem: InCopy users can't edit any text in an InDesign layout until the designer has explicitly selected the text frames the editors need to work on and exported them to InCopy format. But InDesign's 'Export All Stories to InCopy' (seems like a logical choice, no?) exports every text frame on the master pages as well as the document pages to InCopy format.

Indesign Incopy Workflow 2018

If you are sure that you want to sever the link between InCopy and InDesign, and do all further editing of all stories in InDesign, you can just go to the Links panel, and select any .icml, .icma, or .incx files you find there (the file types vary depending on your version of InDesign/InCopy). Then just choose Unlink from the Links panel menu.