Hyster 30 Forklift

Whether it is a used forklift truck or a brand new machine: the decision 'buying a forklift' often correlates with investments between 10,000 EUR and 200,000 EUR. This is especially true when the forklift truck should be used for a long time and there is an increasing demand for productivity and handling goods. The model with the highest capacity is the Hyster 36-38T Heavy Duty Forklift Truck. It has multiple brakes for extra reliability. A range of different carriage, fork, and front-end attachments are available, including container spreaders and coil rams. Whether it is a used forklift truck or a brand new machine: the decision 'buying a forklift' often correlates with investments between 10,000 EUR and 200,000 EUR. This is especially true when the forklift truck should be used for a long time and there is an increasing demand for productivity and handling goods.

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While some companies can get away with just occasionally renting a forklift, many need to have one on hand and use it regularly. Depending on your business, you may even need more than one Hyster forklift, potentially including multiple styles.

Forklifts do wonders at saving time and manpower, letting you easily move items around without fear. Hyster is among the leaders in forklifts, having begun making this type of equipment during the 1920s.

Today, the Hyster lineup includes multiple styles of forklifts, each with several models. As such, pricing for Hyster forklifts can vary greatly. Unfortunately, Hyster does not list its pricing on its website, instead of requiring you to contact the company directly or one of its authorized dealers.

Luckily for you, we understand the frustration of not knowing how much something costs and have discovered some key Hyster forklift prices for you.

Hyster Forklift Types and Models

Before getting into pricing, keep in mind that there are multiple types of Hyster forklifts. There are more than 130 models to choose from, including those for all types of fuel and with capacities between 2,000 and 115,000 pounds.

Hyster divides its products into the following categories:

  • Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Trucks
  • Internal Combustion Cushion Tire Trucks
  • Container Handlers
  • High Capacity Forklift Trucks
  • High Capacity Tire Forklift Trucks
  • Pallet Trucks
  • 3-Wheel Electric Trucks
  • 4-Wheel Electric Trucks
  • Tow Tractors
  • Pallet Stackers
  • Order Pickers
  • Reach Trucks
  • Very Narrow Aisle Trucks

All of these categories are technically forklifts, and each has its own price ranges.

Sample Hyster Forklift Price Ranges by Model

For a better idea of the Hyster forklift pricing, explore the average price for some of the more common models.

Older Used Models – Under $10,000

The E80XL Hyster Forklift from 1998 shows that this heavy equipment is made to last, as it still costs $7,000 to $8,000, with its 7,000 to 9,000 load capacity.

The slightly newer H50XM Hyster Diesel forklift from 2002 with a load capacity of 5,000 pounds and diesel power is just a little more expensive, typically $8,000 to $10,000.

If you stick to around this year or earlier, you can easily find more Hyster forklifts for under $10,000.

More Recent Used Models – Up to $400,000

At the higher end of the price range, consider a 2008 Hyster Pneumatic Tire Forklift with a capacity of 105,000 pounds, for $395,000. This is among the most expensive listings you will see for a used Hyster forklift, and it is largely due to the low use and high capacity, combined with the pneumatic tires and other features. Prices this high are rare.

A more realistic high end of the price range is around $200,000 to $250,000. At this point, you may find:

  • A 2017 model with 236 hours and a 36,000-pound capacity
  • A 2016 model with 942 hours and a 36,000-pound capacity
  • A 2008 model with 3,735 hours and a 55,000-pound capacity
  • A 1990 model with 7,900 hours and an 88,000-pound capacity
Hyster 30 Forklift

What Affects Hyster Forklift Pricing?

As with any other type of heavy machinery, multiple factors will affect the Hyster forklift pricing.

Your Location

Where in the country you live has a significant impact on the pricing. Some special offers and deals may only be regional, in the case of new forklifts. In the case of used models, the local market will dictate the price based on supply and demand.

Condition – New vs. Approved Used vs. Used

Hyster 30 Forklift Engine Diagram

As with other similar equipment, you can save thousands on your Hyster forklift by choosing a used model instead of a new one. Hyster also offers a middle ground for those who want a compromise via the Approved Use Programme.

All forklifts in this program have been maintained as well as serviced by the European dealership network of Hyster. This helps ensure they are in top condition. There are also three grades of refurbished forklifts available, making it easy to balance price with age in the way that you prefer.

Lift Height

Hyster 30 Forklift

You will notice that Hyster forklifts have a range of lift heights. The taller this lift height is, the more you should expect to pay for your forklift.

Lift Capacity

As mentioned, Hyster forklifts can handle anywhere from 2,000 to 115,000 pounds, depending on the model you choose. The forklifts with higher capacities will cost more than those with lower capacities, as they allow you to get more work done and are sturdier.

Engine Type

Generally, you will pay more up front for a Hyster forklift that is electric than one with a traditional internal combustion engine. This is due to the increase in up-front costs for things such as the batteries, battery-charging equipment, battery-charging space, and more.

Hyster 30 Forklift

These electric forklifts, however, make up for the high initial cost by costing your company less in the long run.

Tire Type

Hyster 30 Forklift Brake Diagram

As you look at the Hyster forklift lineup, you will notice that most forklifts with pneumatic tires cost more than those with cushion tires. This is due to the increased traction and improved smoothness of the ride.


Of course, you can increase the price of any Hyster forklift via attachments and options. Consider popular attachments such as side shifters, layer pickers, and single-doubles.

Hyster 30 Forklift Seats

Ready to Buy a Hyster Forklift?

Hyster 30 Forklift Price

Once you are sure that your company is ready for a Hyster forklift, you will want to take a few minutes to choose the model and even the style of the forklift. You should also confirm that it would not be in your best interest to rent a forklift instead.


Remember that you can easily get a Hyster forklift for less than $10,000 if you opt for a model that is a decade and a half or two decades old. On the other end of the spectrum, you can get a fairly new high-capacity Hyster forklift for $200,000 or spend even more on a new one.