Hydraulic Stacker Lift


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Hydraulic Stacker Lift

While using the hand hydraulic stacker, the bearing fork is pushed into holes on the pallet. Lifting and descending of the pallet loaded with goods is then carried out using a manual hydraulic system, with transportation completed using manual pulling. The hand hydraulic stacker is a common piece of logistics equipment, used for the transportation, loading, unloading and stacking of goods. This stacker is made of professional material with an appearance that is designed to be simple and compact. It is a flexible and durable solution for movement of goods, and effectively reduces labor intensity, while improving transportation efficiency. It is the best modern assistant for product transporting, loading and unloading.

Detail features
  • The hand hydraulic stacker features a small turning radius and flexible operation so that it works well in narrow spaces.
  • The stacker is equipped with a leak free hydraulic oil cylinder. The sealing components are imported from Japan, and can effectively prevent external impurities from getting into the cylinder. This ensures a higher quality and reliable performance.
  • The mast uses a high intensity structure that is durable and deformation resistant, thus improving the lifting stability and safety.
  • Customers can choose from two configurations: routine handle pressure lifting and dual pressure lifting of the handle and pedal. Routine handle pressuring is a pollution free, manual pressuring method through which operation is simple and easy. Dual pressuring lifting of the handle and pedal is not only easy and saves labor, but it also improves the working efficiency.
  • This stacker has two optional configurations: fixed fork and movable fork. This ensures a complete range of functions.

Used Hydraulic Stacker

Product type HS1016 HS1516HS1020HS1025
Driving mode Manual Manual Manual Manual
Operating mode Walking Walking Walking Walking
Rated load (Kg) 1000 1500 1000 1000
Lifting height (mm) 1600 1600 2000 2500
Min fork height (mm) 85 85 85 85
Fork length (mm) 1000 1000 1100 1100
Adjustable outer width of the fork (mm) 330-740/550 330-740/550 330-740/550 330-740/550
Front wheel (mm) Φ74×70 Φ74 × 70 Φ74×70 Φ74×70
Back wheel (mm) Φ180×50 Φ180×50 Φ180×50 Φ180×50
Tyre Nylon Nylon PU PU
Net weight (Kg) 224 240 280 310
Package dimension (mm) 1400×780×1850 1350×800×1870 1650×800×1900 1650×800×1900

Stacker Hydraulic Forklift

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