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The HUBTEX RoxX Electric Heavy-duty Compact Forklift is in its natural environment whenever heavy loads have to be transported, loaded or shipped in the tightest of spaces. The RoxX can be used both indoors and outdoors. Compared to conventional forklifts, the RoxX boasts extremely compact dimensions in terms of length and width. Hubtex Forklift ML 20 AC (2021) Operating Instructions and Spare Parts ListDE Size: 3.38 MB Format: PDF Language: Deutsch Brand: Hubtex Type of machine: Forklift Type of document: Operating Instructions and Spare Parts List Model: Hubtex Forklift ML 20 AC (2021) Serial Number: 55.620 Number of Pages: 151 Pages.

Advancing The Way Companies Move And Store Long Or Bulky Loads

With over 30 years in the industry, no one has more experience than Design Storage. We provide the material handling equipment that meets your specific industry, facility and application requirements.

When it comes to product support and service, we set the industry standard. Design Storage maintains an inventory of over 3 million parts. With full-service technicians throughout North America, we take pride in our ability to keep you up and running.


From concept and installation to after-sales support, we consistently go above and beyond to deliver on the promise of our company slogan – The Reliable Partner.


We are the exclusive distributor of Hubtex and Cavaion Baumann sideloaders in North America. Our product lines include electric multidirectional forklifts, heavy duty outdoor side loaders, order pickers, reach trucks, counterbalance forklift trucks, and more.

Finding The Right Lift Truck

Our team of experts can tailor any of our side loader models to your specific industry application and warehouse needs. We walk the floors of your facility and analyze every factor. Taking into consideration your warehouse size, aisle width and load type, as well as your external terrain and climate conditions.

Applications in a Range of Industries and Sectors

Hubtex Parts

Design Storage & Handling offers the world’s largest and most comprehensive range of long and oversized load handling equipment. Our lift trucks are ideal for any industry application where long and bulky materials need to be moved through tight spaces safely and efficiently. These industrial trucks with lift capacities to 110,000 lbs are engineered to meet the most difficult challenges. Indoors or out, Hubtex and Cavaion Baumann side loaders can handle just about anything.

Click the icons below to learn further details for each specific industry application.

Warehouse Optimization at Every Level

With over a quarter-century of experience in warehouse design, we have a proven track record for optimizing space by as much as 75% to 100%.

Hubtex Forklift Dealer Locator

We can design a new warehouse system from the floor up or find solutions that maximize the efficiency and productivity of your current system. We strive to ensure you benefit from the very latest technology.

Our comprehensive selection of world-class, customizable multi-directional forklift trucks are paired with the best heavy-duty warehouse racking systems available.

Hubtex Forklift Usa

The result – a narrow aisle system design that creates more storage in less space while minimizing product damage and maximizing productivity.


Building your business is our priority. We are dedicated to helping you achieve increased safety, productivity, and a measurable return on your investment.

Hubtex Forklift Dealer

Intralogistics Solutions

No matter what the industry, an ongoing challenge is optimizing and integrating the logistical flow of materials within the walls of a warehouse center. This is a discipline in which we excel. Our team of specialists has the expertise to engineer intralogistics solutions that deliver smarter, faster material handling to take your business into the future.

Rapid Response Support Network

Comprehensive after-sale support sets us apart from our competitors. With a network of skilled response technicians strategically located throughout North America, our problem-solving skills are truly unparalleled. In addition, our massive parts inventory can ship what you need overnight to any location in the United States.

Heavy Duty Warehouse Racking Systems

We offer cantilever, pallet racks and stanchion racking systems. Your specific material handling needs can be fulfilled by tailoring the ideal racking system with a narrow aisle forklift. Combined with our expertise in superior warehouse design, minimizing costs and product damage we can significantly increase your efficiency and productivity.

Hubtex forkliftHubtex claims to have launched the world’s first fully automated electric multidirectional sideloader for handling long, heavy and bulky goods: In introducing the PhoeniX AGV, Hubtex further secures its reputation as an automation consultant with a broad range of technologies and partners. In 2021, the customer specific AGV designs will be included in the full product range of electric vehicles for the wood, sheet metal, glass and automotive industries, among others. The basic model of the new PhoeniX electric multidirectional sideloader was designed by Hubtex for step-by-step automation utilising full electric steering, enabling longer operating times due to its lower energy consumption. Now the manufacturer has developed the fully automated PhoeniX AGV based on this core product. ...