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HTML5 video is enabled through browser support for video and audio playback, Javascript extensions to control that playback, and ecosystem support for critical.

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  • Note: From Firefox 45 onwards, when the browser crashes/restarts, the amount of data saved per origin is limited to 10MB.This has been done to avoid memory issues caused by excessive usage of web storage.
  • Html5 Player 7.2.3 Firefox free download - HTML5 Video Player, Mozilla Firefox Beta, WebFerret, and many more programs.

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ATTENTION: This VIEWER only connects to spacedesk Windows DRIVER version Beta III v0.9.10 or above!


This Guide will help you to connect basicview with your spacedesk server.

First click on the spacedesk-Icon
in the tray of your PC (lower right).
A new Window appears. Now Click on 'About...'

Look for your IP-Address in the lower section.
Usually your IP starts with 192.168...


Now put your IP-Address in the textbox below and press the connect button.

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