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As an Android user, we think it is easy to transfer photos, music, videos, etc., between Android phone and computer. However, have you ever noticed the important contacts on Android? Have you transferred contacts from Android to computer? Do you back up Android contacts frequently? My answer is no. It is no doubt that contacts are important for us, but we always ignore to back up Android phone contacts. In this point, Google is generous enough to allow you to sync Android contacts to Google with a Google account.

Tap on Default storage location and select your Google account. Also, go back and select Sync contacts. Enable the toggle next to your Google account. Note: You can also enable contacts sync for. Tap your Google account. Tap “Account Sync.” Ensure that the “Contacts” toggle is enabled. It must be on for your contacts to synchronize. Your existing contacts will synchronize with your Google account, and they’ll be there on any new Android phone you sign into. The Manual Way: Backup and Restore the Contacts File.

Keep reading this article to get the secret: How does Google sync Android Contacts?

Kindly note: before you transfer phone contacts to Google, you must be sure you have gotten a Google account. If you forgot Google password, recover Google password.

Method one: How to sync contacts to Google on Android directly

In method one, what you need is to make sure your Android phone is in the condition of Wi-Fi.

Step 1 Sign in Google account

Tab 'Settings' on your Android phone, find 'Account' > 'Google account', sign in your Google account with Gmail address and password.

If you do not have one on your phone, just create Google account on Android.

If you forgot Gmail, just lauch the Gmail recovery firstly.

Step 2 Back up android contacts to Google


Tab 'Sync Contacts'. Wait several minutes to sync Android contacts to Google.

If you keep turning on this button, then Google will sync your Android contacts automatically with the internet connection. If you turn it off, then it will not sync your Android contacts even with Wi-Fi.

In this way, you have to keep your Android phone connecting Wi-Fi. And every time, when you move contacts from phone to Google, your previous contacts backup on Google will be replaced with a new backup.

Method two: How to export contacts from Android to Google with USB cable

Method two is a little complicated to sync Android phone contacts to Google. We need a USB cable to realize it.

Step 1 Export Contacts

Tab 'Contacts' on your Android phone, you will see your contacts list. Select those contacts that you want to sync to Google.

Step 2 Select Contacts

Tab the 'Menu' button on the right bottom of the contact list > 'Import/Export' > 'Export to storage'. Then you will find your contacts are transferred into internal storage or SD Card as vCard File (VCF).

Step 3 Export phone contacts to Google

Plug Android phone with USB cable to computer. Log in your Gmail address on PC. Click 'Contacts' > 'More' > 'Import'. Click 'Browse' to navigate to your synced contacts backup, click 'Open' to import phone contacts to Google.

If you have Android contacts backup before on your PC, then you can skip two steps above, and come to step 3 directly.

Kind tip: Gmail only allows users to import phone contacts with the VCF file or CSV. This way is capable of syncing the contacts to Google with Android phone and USB cable. But it will take you some time to operate the process on your Android phone.

Method three: How to sync phone contacts to Google with Google Contacts App

If you only need to sync contacts on your Android to Google, then the above two methods are suitable for you. But if you want to sync all your contacts to Google, including those accidental deleted contacts on your phone, then you can follow method three. It is the perfect choice for you. Before you begin to transfer phone contacts to Google, you need to use a third-party tool, Google Contacts App for Android. It will achieve this goal with two steps.

Step 1 Back up Android contacts to PC.

This app will help you recover and transfer deleted and existing Android contacts to PC. For the detailed steps to move contacts from Android to computer, you could refer to this part: Export Android contacts to PC


The exported Android contacts are kept in three formats in your computer, HTML, CSV and VCF.

Step 2 Import contacts to Google

Sign in your Google account, click 'Contacts' > 'More' > 'Import' to sync your Android contacts backup to Google. (This step is the same as the step 3 of method two.)

After you sync phone contacts to Google account completely, you could manage the contacts on Definitely, if you do think Google account is a little troublesome to let you manage Android contacts, you can eaisly delete Gmail account.

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How To Sync Contacts Google Account

How To Sync Contacts To Google Account Samsung

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