How To Display Gmail Contacts On Iphone

The process to delete Gmail contacts is slightly different on an Android than an iPhone, as Android users will access their Contacts app instead of Gmail. Visit Business Insider's homepage for. Tap on the 'menu' button on the top right corner and then choose 'Settings' 'Contacts to Display'. Select 'All Contacts'. After that, you can return and check whether you got the lost contacts back or not. If it is back, that means your contacts is not deleted but hidden. Consequently, iPhone owners tend to amass a lot of Google contacts through their Gmail accounts. If you have an iPhone, you can still sync all your Google contacts to your phone in just a few. We are going to learn how to sync iPhone contacts to Gmail by using iTunes. Step 1 Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Step 2 Get your iPhone connected to your computer via its USB cable and start iTunes if it doesn't open automatically. Step 3 Tap the 'device' icon and choose 'Info'.

How do you recover deleted contacts from Android phone? Find out the phone number that you have written down beforehand and then type in it into your mobile phone one by one? Just discard this way and now you can complete the Android contacts recovery more easily. Just read on to get them!

Accidentally deleting the phone number on Android is normal in our lives - sometimes even an accidental click can cause this issue. And when you incautiously lose the phone number of your friend or co-worker, you must want to recover the deleted contacts from your Android, right? Then you should stop using your phone and restore the lost data as soon as possible. Otherwise, your lost contacts will be covered.

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Now just check the contacts status and see how to retrieve deleted phone numbers on Android:

Probably Your Contacts Are Not Deleted, Let's Check It!

Before finding ways to restore or find back your phone number, you'd better have a look at your Android device. That's because your contacts might not be deleted. So you need to make sure all your contacts are being displayed.

Let's check it as follows:

Step 1. Unlock your Android. Then find out and open the 'Contacts' App.

Step 2. Tap on the 'menu' button on the top right corner and then choose 'Settings' > 'Contacts to Display'.

Step 3. Select 'All Contacts'.

After that, you can return and check whether you got the lost contacts back or not. If it is back, that means your contacts is not deleted but hidden. But if it is still not back, you can try the following methods to restore them.


For iPhone users, you can read another page to learn how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone devices.

Android Contacts Recovery - How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Android Phone Memory? (The Qucik & Safe Way)

An excellent Android contacts recovery program is required for the task - MobiKin Doctor for Android (Win/Mac). This tool is easy to manage as you can retrieve lost or deleted contacts from phone memory or SIM card through only several clicks. Furthermore, before you make the recovery, the program allows you to preview all the missing or deleted contacts information from the phone memory, including name, phone number, email address, company address and so on. Hence, you can choose what you want and recover them selectively. What's more, the restored contacts can be saved in the format of HTML.

With this program, you are able to recover deleted contacts from SIM card as well. If you need more info about SIM card data recovery, you can click this link.

It is worth mentioning that this powerful Android Data Recovery tool is compatible with nearly all brands of smart phone with Android system, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, Motorola, HTC, ZTE and so on. So you don't need to worry about the compatibility at all. Now just take the free trial of this software by clicking the icon below:

Before you make the Android data recovery program access to your Android devices, you should check whether your Android device is rooted or not. If not, you need to root it at first. And if you don't know how to do it, this is a brief introduction to the method of rooting Android devices. After that, you can follow the following steps to rescue all your deleted contacts on Android phone as you like. (You can also click to learn how to recover Android data without rooting>>)

Step 1. Connect your Android to computer

Download and install the program on your computer, then run it. Next, connect your Android smartphone with your computer through a USB cable, and then open the USB debugging on your device if required. If you don't know how to do it, you can go to learn the detailed steps on enabling USB debugging on Android devices.

If your Android phone is running on a system of 4.2.2 or above, you need to authorize the connection on your phone. Just check the option of 'Allow' on your phone and hit 'OK' button on the computer. Then, you'll see an interface like below:

Step 2.Scan & View the deleted contacts

After the connection, you need to check the 'Contacts' option and click 'Next' on the primary interface. After that, the program will start scanning your entire contacts list from your phone memory, including the lost and existing number and showing them in the program. If you just want to view the deleted contacts, you can toggle on the button 'Only display the deleted item(s)'. Then you can click the 'Contacts' button in the left panel for a preview of each telephone number and contact name, address, email address, company name and other contact information.

Step 3. Restore deleted contacts on Android

Now you can select what you want to recover and export them to your computer by clicking on the button 'Recover'.

Step 4. Find the deleted contacts on computer

When the recovery process ends, you can turn on the folder that you used to save the restored contacts just now to check the deleted contacts.

If you still don't know how to perform this program, you can also take a brief look on the below video tutorial:

How to Restore Android Contacts from Gmail?

Many people like to sync their Android with Google account, then you can try to restore the lost Android contacts from Gmail account also. However, this means can only date up to 30 days back. So only the people who have backed up their Android contacts to Gmail can resync their devices with Gmail and get all the backup contacts back. Here is how:

Step 1. Go to Google Contacts and login to your Google accout. After that, you can click on 'More' and choose 'Restore contacts...'.

Step 2. Then you will get the following popup in which you can restore your contacts list back to any state in the past 30 days.

Step 3. Select the backups you wish to restore, then click 'Restore' button to begin the process.

Step 4. When the restoring process finishes, you should go on to re-sync the Google account on your Android.

Use Android Data Recovery Apps to Get the Deleted Contacts Back

There are plenty of powerful Android data recovery applications on the market as well. That is to say, you can choose one high-rated as well as reliable App to help you find back the lost contacts. But which App can be a good choice? Here are 3 suggestions for you:

1. GT Recovery

GT Recovery is a free but powerful recovery tool for Android devices. It can recover your lost files securely and quickly, including contacts, text messages, images, files, Facebook Messenger history, WhatsApp history, call logs and so on. And apart from recovery, it allows you to erase the needless files from Android. All in all, with this application, you can restore the deleted contacts easily.

2. Undelete Master

Undelete Master is another option for you. This application enables you to retrieve different kinds of files like contacts, SMS, documents, photos, Wi-Fi password, etc. with ease. And before the recovery, you are able to preview the contents.

3. Deleted Contacts Recovery

How To Access My Gmail Contacts On Iphone

From its name, you can know that Deleted Contacts Recovery is a tool designed for recovering deleted contacts. With it, you can recover your lost contacts even after a factory reset or from another phone you sold.

Backup Android Contacts to Avoid Losing Data Again!

To keep your Android contacts safe, you'd better keep a backup of them. And here, saving your Android phone contacts on computer with the help of MobiKin Assistant for Android could be a good choice. By using it, you can copy complete information of your Android contacts to computer, including names, numbers, emails, job title and so on. Apart from contacts, it also enables you to transfer SMS, photos, videos, music and apps from Android to computer.

If you are interested in it, you can click the blue icon below to get the program and then use it to transfer your contacts from Android phone to computer for backup.


Well, above are the whole contents of recovering lost contacts on Android devices. Do you get some ideas about how to do it next? Generally speaking, MobiKin Doctor for Android could be the best tool to solve your Android data losing problems on Windows or Mac. So If you're interested in it, don't hesitate to download it and use it to retrieve your contacts with 3 steps! And also, if you have any idea about this tutorial, please feel free to share with us!

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I have an iPhone that is already synced with my iMac, but I am away on leave and am using a Windows 7 computer. I need to send the contacts I've created on my iPhone to my Gmail account online, because I am going to update my iPhone's operating system and want to be sure I do not lose the contacts on my phone.

All mobile users know that ease of use and smart connectivity with desired contacts solely depends on the presence of latest and all the contacts on mobile all the time. Contact list is developed over a long period of time, in fact, the history of re-occurring and frequently needed contacts. So time and again all the individual users not only have to find out quickly their contact (by name, phone number or address/location etc.) but also vigilantly keep it secure from accidental loss or damage.

Speedy communication and wider connectivity is the essential component of this era. From simple day to day activities to huge import/export businesses and many more applications, all tasks are dependent on contacts and contact details. For all online businesses, e-commerce, e-shopping, emailing etc. you need to have a good and secure contacts collection.

Contacts on your mobile therefore are very important to be watchful. Contacts along with the device itself can be lost any day and any time due to negligence or accidental cause. Contacts lost is the end of connectivity with the world. You can, therefore, suffer a sudden loss of communication with all your age old friends, business links, heart & soul associates etc.

Therefore safety and security of contacts on your mobile are of paramount importance, and users are by and large aware of it also. Among different methods to keep a backup of contacts, a versatile approach is to sync contacts either on some other device of some other trustworthy link.

Sync Contacts to Gmail

A worldwide used and trustworthy mail exchange is Google-backed powerful email service known as Gmail. While contacts can be backed up on the computer (PC /Mac etc.) or iCloud, but in the first place storing as a backup compared with syncing is less advantageous. Secondly, computers are susceptible to damages or virus infection and hence the degree of information security considerably decreases due to risk factor.

Syncing contact to Gmail enjoys a lot of benefits including simultaneous updating of contacts and elimination of risk factors due to Google’s power behind it.

How to Sync Contacts to Gmail

So how to sync contacts to Gmail? Sync contacts on both iPhone, Android to Gmail easily. One way to sync contacts to Gmail involves:

Step 1 Export all your contacts.

Wondershare TunesGo could help you export all your contacts on both your iPhone and Android.

  1. Launch Wondershare TunesGo and connect your iPhone/iPad/Android phone with the computer.
  2. Export Contacts to vCard file on PC. Click Information at the top of the the main interface, you're expected to enter Contacts > Local by default. Check the contacts you want to back up, and then click Export from the top menu, and then select one file type you want to export. To sync contacts to Gmail, simply select to Vcard File or to CSV File.

Step 2 Import contacts to Gmail.

To import contacts to be subsequently available in your Gmail account, follow following simple steps.

  1. Log in your Gmail account with requisite credentials.
  2. From top left of Gmail account click on ‘Mail’. Now choose ‘Contacts’ in your mail.
  3. Go to ‘More’.
  4. Select ‘Import contacts’. Select vCard/CSV that contains your exported contacts after clicking ‘choose file’.

Note. Several .vcf or .csv files can be merged into a single file to import in Gmail account. That's all about How to sync contacts to Gmail.

How to sync Android contacts to Gmail on Android device directly

Contacts on an Android-based tablet or phone can be synced with Gmail safely. Contacts remain available online in Gmail list of contacts. In order to sync contacts, Gmail account should be installed and synchronization enabled, on your device. Are you now seeing your contacts from your phone in your Google contacts? If not, then let's next make sure you have set to sync your Contacts to your Gmail account and not your phone:

  1. Make sure that you have Gmail installed on your device.
  2. Go to Settings, then go to ‘Accounts and Sync’.
  3. Ensure, else move contacts button to ‘ON’
  4. Enable the Accounts and syncing service.
  5. Select your Gmail account from the e-mail accounts setup.
  6. Make sure that you’ve enabled the ‘Sync Contacts’ option.
  7. Press ‘Sync now’ button and wait until all the phone contacts have been successfully synchronized with your gmail account.
  8. Now open Gmail in your computer’s web browser and click the Gmail text link that is listed on the upper left side of the Gmail profile.
  9. Select Contacts and then you should see a page where all the contacts from your Android smartphone have been stored.

How to Sync Gmail contacts with iPhone

To sync iPhone contacts to Gamil using Google sync is pretty tough but recently Google has introduced ‘CardDAV’ support to entertain third party solutions to syncing Google contacts with the phone. Which allows quick setup sync contact directly on phone, in a few steps. Following is stepwise guide to sync iPhone contacts to Gmail.

  1. Go to Settings. Select ‘Contacts
  2. Click option to ‘Add Account
  3. Select Google as mail Exchange.
  4. Enter account information correctly to sync your.
  5. Toggle ‘Contacts’.
  6. The existing contacts will immediately get synced with iPhone. Click 'Keep on My iPhone' to prevent iPhone contacts getting erased.
  7. Finally, toggle ‘Push’ to start syncing.

Once it is done successfully syncing will start automatically.

Other features of TunesGo, are also listed here below, as to why this is always recommended as a wonderful solution for syncing.

Wondershare TunesGo - iPhone Transfer

How To Access Gmail Address Book On Iphone

  • No iTunes needed
  • Transfer music, photos without iTunes restrictions
  • One-click backup iPhone/iPad/iPod to PC
  • Perfectly backup/restore iTunes library
  • Transfer between iOS/Android devices directly
  • Transfer audio/video from Device to iTunes and PC
  • Make any photos or video PC to GIF images
  • Delete photos/videos by batch with a single click
  • De-duplicate the repeated contacts
  • Selectively transfer exclusive files
  • Fix optimize ID3 tags,covers,song information
  • Fully compatible with iOS 11

How To Display Gmail Contacts On Iphone 7

You will be comfortable with it as:

Transfer Contacts From Iphone To Gmail

  • Syncing contacts allowed with iCloud
  • Syncing contacts allowed with iCloud
  • Syncing contacts allowed with Gmail
  • Phone to phone transfer allowed
  • Can be used for complete backup