How To Add Fonts To Powerpoint

  1. How To Add Fonts To Powerpoint On A Mac

Welcome to my first Tutorials for Teachers blog post! I have a passion for teaching myself, kids, and adults. With this blog series, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned with y-o-u.

These versions support embed fonts, while Word 2019 and Excel 2019 for Mac do not support embedded fonts. Open the PowerPoint file that you want to embed fonts, and then go to the menu to select “Preferences”. A dialog box will open,. The first step in adding fonts to PowerPoint is finding what you want. Once you’ve found that perfect typeface or font package, download it to an easily accessed place on your computer such as the desktop. Open your computer’s Font window, which you can search for from the Search charm and is found in the Control Panel. How To Embed Fonts in a Powerpoint Presentation on Mac Fortunately, Microsoft has finally enabled font embeddability for Mac users in 2020. If you have an Office 365 subscriber, you can now take your fonts with your files wherever you go. To start: Open the PPT on your Mac. Click PowerPoint (at the top left corner) and choose Preferences.

Today I will be sharing how to install and use fonts. Why is this important? Well…

It’s no secret I am font obsessed. I notice fonts everywhere: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Unfortunately I have passed this on to my friends, family, and even my teacher teammates! It’s always been easy to convince them to try out my favorite fonts since KG Fonts are free for personal use!

But you know what that means…”Lauren, how do I use them? They won’t show up! Where is the font?!”

I also get asked how to install fonts by teachers who purchase my editable resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. Thus, a picture tutorial! (And the last time I have to type this out. 😉 )

I will be sharing how to install and use fonts on a MAC because that is what I use. If you are on a PC, Kimberly has a great tutorial here.

Now let’s get started!


TeachersPayTeachers is confirmed safe for downloads. I have heard DaFont is as well.

[Font shown can be found here.]

If you can’t find it…you can type the name of the font in the search bar inside Finder. If you found it, skip this step.

Have fun using your newly installed fonts!


If you want to be a “friend” and keep YOUR friends from using ugly fonts, you can share this tutorial via the pin below. 😉

How To Add Fonts To Powerpoint On A Mac

What other tutorials would you like to see in this series?