How Do I Add Teams To Outlook

This guide is intended to help macOS users who do not have the Teams meeting button in Outlook.

Open the Outlook Web App. NOTE: You need to use the Outlook Web App in order to obtain the calendar link in step 6. Create a Group in Outlook before creating a new team. Add the people to the Group who will also be on the Team. Open Microsoft Teams. NOTE: You can use either the web application or desktop client. Create a Team from the existing. Why add a direct Teams call link. A link to make a direct Teams call to you can be quite useful in an. When I add a contact under My Contacts in Outlook, in the past Skype for business would lookup against this list for Skype Call, email integration etc, Since Teams replaced SFB, I am not seeing any new contacts I have added in Outlook, in Teams. Teams Calls Contacts ≠ Outlook Contacts. Check Microsoft Teams add-in. It’s possible the Microsoft Teams add-in hasn’t been installed in Outlook. To check if it has been installed follow the steps below. Go to FileOptionsAdd-in. Go through the list of add-ins and you should see one named Microsoft Teams Meetings. If you do not see this add-in, click the ‘Go. I haven't been able to reproduce this on Mac but I have users that Outlook is defaulting to Teams for any Event/Meeting. I have confirmed they DO NOT have the 'Add online meetings' default enabled in Outlook preferences which would be the easy fix. Then all of a sudden I noticed Outlook on my PC is now defaulting to Teams Meetings.

How Do I Add Team Chat To Outlook

The guide outlines the necessary configuration and requirements that need to be met for the Teams meeting button to populate in your Outlook client.

The Teams meeting button will appear only after the following requirements have been met:

  1. Microsoft Office is licensed via Office 365 and has been activated with your [email protected] account.
  2. Your [email protected] account has been added to Outlook using the proper settings.
  3. The MS Teams desktop client has been installed on your computer, and you have logged in with your [email protected] account.
How Do I Add Teams To Outlook

If the Teams meeting button is missing from your Outlook client, please use the toggles below to complete each of the above requirements.

You must be using the Office 365 Subscription activated with your NetID account for the Teams Meetings button to appear in Outlook. Follow these instructions to locate your Office version.

If you are currently utilizing the Volume License you will need to switch your Office version to Office 365.

If you are already using the Office 365 Subscription, but it belongs to a different NetID, you will need to follow the instructions detailed in this guide from Microsoft to remove your License files. Then, sign back into Office 365 using your NetID credentials.

Reopen Outlook

Outlook will need to be quit and reopened for these changes to fully take effect. When Outlook reopens, proceed to step 2.

  1. Open the Outlook app, then click Outlook in the top right corner menu and select Preferences.
  2. Select Accounts.
  3. The User name field should be set to your [email protected]. If it isn’t, change it.
Reopen Outlook

How Do I Add Microsoft Teams To Outlook 365

Outlook will need to be closed and reopened for these changes to fully take effect. When Outlook reopens, proceed to step 3.

If Microsoft Teams is not installed on your computer, please see our Microsoft Teams guide to install and sign-in.


If you have Teams installed, but you are signed into the wrong account, sign out by clicking the portrait in the top right corner of Teams and selecting Sign out. Then, reopen Teams and sign-in using the instructions in our Microsoft Teams guide.

Reopen Teams

Microsoft Teams will need to be closed and reopened for these changes to fully take effect

After successfully completing the steps above, you should be able to create a Teams meeting directly from your Outlook calendar.

  • Click the “New Meeting” button, enter the names of the individuals you’d like to invite, provide a subject, and then click the “Teams Meeting” button to add the online meeting info to the body of your meeting invite.


If you still do not see the Teams Meeting button after confirming that you are using Office 365, your Outlook account has been configured correctly, and that you are signed into Teams as detailed in the sections above, please fully reboot your computer.

There have been reported instances where it took several minutes for the Teams button to appear in Outlook, though, for the vast majority of users, the Teams Meeting button appears after Office and Teams were properly configured and the computer was fully rebooted.

Why do I have a Skype for Business button instead of the Teams button?

If you’ve followed the steps above and you see a Skype for Business button in your macOS Outlook client, please do the following:

  1. Open your Applications folder
  2. Locate the Skype for Business application, right-click it, then select “Move to Trash”
  3. Quit and re-open Outlook

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