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为了与 GoodTask 2 区分开来,GoodTask 3 的基本 URL Scheme 改为了 ‘goodtask3://’ 。 另外动作也有一些小改动,同时也增加了几个新动作。 快速打开新建. I toyed around with Goodtask3 and TickTick for awhile, and then finally gave Things3 a try. Things3 ended up being the easiest to use and most beneficial to productivity for my needs. I was a little worried with it being iOS only, but since I do most of my task management and note taking on my iPhone and iPad, it.

Posted by @nahumck, Last update about 1 year ago - Unlisted

Creates a reminder with a link back to the draft, setting a due date and time for the reminder.


Note: This can use the following apps: Reminders, GoodTask, Things, Todoist, and OmniFocus.. Disable the Reminders script step and enable the task manager of choice. (swipe to the left to bring up the option to disable) Format of the output is unique to each task manager.


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