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OSHA Operator Training and Certification Classes for ALL Powered Industrial Trucks

Stand Up, Sit Down, Pallet Jack, Rough Terrain, Scissor Lift, Boom Lift, Tugger, Reach, Order Picker, Turret Truck, Wire Guided, Truck Mounted Lifts, Container Forklifts, Bee Forklifts, Walkie Stacker, Personal Lifts, etc.



Welcome to Forklift University.

We have been training operators on powered industrial trucks (forklifts, aerial lifts and other equipment) since 2005. There are several ways that we can support you or your company in getting your forklift or aerial lift certification.

On Line

Companies and individuals with experience can quickly get an operator license with our online training. This satisfies the OSHA requirement of formal training.

This is the quickest way to get an operator license for forklift, aerial lift, rough terrain, tugger or order picker lifts. The class takes about an hour and you will receive a 3 year license that is good anywhere in the USA and some parts of Canada.

At Your Facility

WE COME TO YOU! For companies this is our preferred method of training. It helps you to be the most compliant with OSHA and allows us to train and document your site specific training topics.

This method also allows our trainers to evaluate YOUR operators on the equipment they use in the environment of your facility. This is an OSHA requirement and we document our class and evaluations as part of this training option.

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Our Train the Trainer program is best served at your facility, allowing our experienced trainer the ability to walk your facility and help you to identify Job Hazards that relate to forklift operations. This is a key to reducing or eliminating the possibility of OSHA fines for inadequate training.

Some of our high profile customers include, Toyota Manufacturing, NFL Network, Hoover Dam, the City of Los Angeles and many others that you can see in our company section.

At Our Facility

Individuals or Companies with individuals that have never operated a forklift can attend one of our full operator driver training program. These programs are designed for people with little or no experience driving a lift but want to learn and gain experience.

These programs are only available in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Austin.

Typically the class is on a standard warehouse sit down forklift but the Phoenix facility also has walkie rider pallet jacks and stand up reach forklift classes.

There are several training options with hands on training and these classes are only done by appointment, so it is best to call the office to discuss the best options for you.

This training is must less costly than a CDL class or other vocational training programs and in Nevada you may qualify for state assistance through Job Connect or other organization.

Contact Us

By Phone Toll Free:

Forklift University has been training forklift operators since 2005. We started in Las Vegas and at the time our main goal was to make sure that people were trained and certified on forklifts so they could get a good paying job.

We worked in the community, helping with job placement and vocational training through the workforce investment board. We still work with job connect, Nevada partners and other community organizations dedicated to quality job training. We also worked with Urban league and local organizations that help some of our communities most vulnerable get quality life sustaining work.

Over the years we have not lost sight of our roots, we still train individuals in our local facilities and even have programs in local adult schools like Compton, CA. Here we work with the school district, and Volunteers of America to make sure that new people have the right training (book and hands on) to qualify for good jobs.

This will always be our history and helping people stay safe on the job and get good paying industry jobs is an important part of what we do. But now we have moved outside just Las Vegas. We have expanded to cover the entire South West USA with locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Texas. And we cover the whole USA for company trainings at your location.

We now make sure that companies and workers are safe and trained properly for the jobs they do. We do more than just forklift too. With training programs on aerial lifts, tuggers, and other powered industrial equipment we can handle most of your companies OSHA needs.

We are very proud of our Train the Trainer program. The materials are complete beyond what most companies require but we have designed our systems in such a way that you can scale the training materials easily for your own facility. You are buying a cookie cutter system that can be expanded easily and to fit your requirements. This type of scaling provides the highest protection from OSHA violations and legal actions if you do have some type of accident.

Our online trainers portal and our exclusive company document storage portal are beyond anything other training companies are offering. You now have access to all your training records 24/7 365. There is no charge for this service when we do your training and if you are a company trainer, the customer forklift license card printing service includes this online document tracking system at no extra charge.

Also, unlike buying online materials or going to a train the trainer program with other organizations, we come to you! This is part of the service and it helps you to organize site specific training as required by OSHA, and we support you after the class with direct access to our trainer anytime you need it. And if you have a 'special project' let us know, our experience allows us to build custom programs for your organization.

So in the short time that Forklift University has been working with companies like the NFL Network, Hoover Dam, URS, Toyota, and many other highly visible companies we have built a training system that is unmatched in the industry.

So if you or your company are looking for the most experienced, complete Powered Industrial Truck training available please give us a call. It doesn't matter where you are or what type of situation your organization faces, we have the experience and support that will make sure your operator are safe and certified.

Job Placement

Many forklift training companies advertise 'job placement' or advertise their services in the jobs section on line or in news papers. But when you call, they tell you that you must take their class before you can get a list of their jobs.

This 'bait and switch' technique is dishonest and does not help the person looking for forklift work. Most of the 'job listings' are from craigslist, or staffing agencies or old job sheets from your local area. They are not hiring and they are only trying to get you in to sell you a forklift license.

Forklift University is a vocational training company, we always treat our students and customers fairly and NEVER promise things that we cannot deliver. WE NEVER PROMISE JOBS, but what we DO is make sure that you have access to jobs that are open with our customer base, we work with staffing agencies and post their openings but all of these are available to EVERYONE just look at the Job listing page or blogs pages on our site.

Please use our training and our services, we support you and our customers by making sure that trained and certified operators have access to training and jobs. This is a community, if we all work together the benefits are good for everyone.

If you are comparing our training to others that say they offer training for less, look at what they are offering, chances are the hands on is a 15 to 20 minute quick on and off with the lift.

Forklift Lifting Forklift

Programs are only available in Austin, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Each location has classes in sit down forklift operations but Phoenix also offers stand up reach and walkie rider electric pallet jack training. All classes are by appointment only so you are not stuck in a class of 10 people and no real time on the lift.

Our training programs are either 2 or 4 hours and classes are limited to 4 students. We teach you to drive using drills, and racks and pallets with our unique training system.

Our training systems are so good that we have hands on driver training programs in conjunction with the Compton Adult school.

Don't waste your time and money on forklift training programs that are not as good as Forklift University. To schedule your training class, call 888-674-9992.

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Be wary of scams like the one in the news story below. This is an older news story but it still is very common in Los Angeles and Phoenix areas. Forklift University will NEVER do this and NEVER has!

If you are an individual and need to be trained or certified on a forklift or an aerial lift, it does not matter if you are in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, or Utah Forklift University has training and OSHA certification classes in your area.

For companies, we can travel to you and we cover the entire west coast and prefer to do the work at your site! So have your operators trained at your facility, on your equipment the way OSHA intended forklift training to be done. And of course Train the Trainer courses are done at your site, but if you need to come to us that is an option as well.

Not in those areas? Then take our class on line, it is quick and designed to get you your formal training without traveling to our facility.

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