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Choosing a secure and reliable web browser is often a difficult task. The hot topic is usually Chrome vs Firefox, however there is a host of popular browsers that you could use including Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. In this article, we look specifically at Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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That way, Chrome and Firefox will never prompt you again about accessing any site with a certificate from that CA. Note: This article focuses on these two third-party browsers; a future article. With Chrome set as your default web browser, and this extension installed in Chrome, Cortana will send searches to it, and all searches will be made on Google. For Firefox users, there is an add-on called Bing-Google that you can use to the same effect so long as you make sure you’ve set Firefox as your default browser first.

Chrome and Firefox are two of the most popular web browsers available. They both have a large customer base and have an excellent array of features for web surfing. To properly discuss Chrome vs. Firefox, we analyse several different features including usability, performance, security, and privacy.

Rudra Saraswat is the creator of the Ubuntu Unity distro (which uses the Unity interface in place of Ubuntu's GNOME shell). But this week they released Ubuntu Web Remix, 'a privacy-focused, open source alternative to Google Chrome OS/Chromium OS' using Firefox instead of Google Chrome/Chromium.Liliputing reports: If the name didn't give it away, this operating system is based on. Almost needless to say, versions of both Firefox and Chrome are available for the most popular desktop and mobile operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS). Both Chrome and Firefox also allow you to sync things like passwords, bookmarks, and open tabs across all your devices. So this is how you could pin websites via Chrome to the taskbar. Let’s check out the steps to do so via Edge followed by Firefox. Moreover, don’t forget to go through our guide on how to recover the deleted bookmark in Google Chrome. Using Edge (Chromium Build) Launch the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser and open your preferred site.

Firefox vs Chrome: Basic Information

InformationGoogle ChromeMozilla Firefox
First Released20082002
Owned ByGoogle LLCMozilla Corporation
Available OnMac OS, Windows, Android, iOSMac OS, Windows, Android, iOS
Installer Size30.3MB350 KB

The above table shows some basic information about these two Internet browsers. As you can see, Firefox is the older web browser, being release 6 years before Chrome. It is not the oldest, however – the original Internet Explorer browser from Microsoft was first released in 1995.

Both web browsers are relatively small and will not take up much space on your devices. In addition, you can use both Internet browsers on different devices including computers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Firefox or Chrome: Features

Basic features and utility of the browser are important. Can you install plugins and extensions? How much customization can you apply? What about capture features and mobile compatibility?

Chrome browser

Google has gone to town on the features of Chrome to make it the best browser. It has the most extensive plugin/extension library of any Internet browser. Also, the plugins integrate well with Google’s other services. There isn’t much scope for customization of Google Chrome, but it does have a PDF reader and an automatic translation feature.

Mozilla Firefox web browser

This browser has an extensive plugin library too although it is not as large as Google Chrome’s. You can find a myriad of different plugins to improve the utility of the browser. Also, Firefox has a capture feature for screenshots and a reading mode that is perfect for reading large pages of text.

Chrome or Firefox: Usability

Usability relates to the style and design of the web browser. It looks at features like tab management, navigation, and settings management.

Firefox Vs Chrome Mac Os

Chrome browser

Google has created a highly usable Internet browser that most people are familiar with. It has a decent tab management system, although it does not have scrolling tabs like Firefox. As you open more tabs, they simply shrink is size – this can sometimes be difficult to use. It does, however, have great mobile usability.

Mozilla Firefox browser

This web browser is generally fantastic to use. It has an excellent design, particularly excelling at tab management. You can easily open new tabs, change their positioning, and even pin and mute tabs. The settings tab is also easy to operate and you can customize the browser without too much effort.

Google Chrome vs Firefox: Performance

Performance has a direct impact on our enjoyment when browsing the web. We want to use a web browser that encourages quick loading times. But it should also enable you to open new tabs quickly and use its various features without lag.

Google Chrome

This browser performs well on both mobile and desktop devices. However, it does have a relatively high RAM usage rate. It can sometimes be a little sluggish, especially when using multiple tabs. Also, there is no support for data-saving, and mobile devices with minimal processing power may struggle.

Mozilla Firefox

Like Chrome, Firefox is also pretty resource-hungry. It eats RAM on both desktop and mobile devices. However, like Chrome, it also is incredibly fast and performs well. There is not much to choose between these two fastest browsers in terms of raw performance. Firefox does have a slight mobile advantage as you can disable images to improve loading times.

Firefox vs Chrome: Security

When surfing the web, you want to be secure. This can be achieved in part by using high-quality antivirus software. However, the web browser you choose is also important. Both Chrome and Firefox browsers have various security features to protect you when accessing the Internet.


You can use Chrome’s native pop-up blocker which is highly effective. Also, you can access a range of quality ad-blockers via the Chrome extension library. Moreover, Chrome has various useful security features like warning messages if you are trying to access a malicious site. It also uses Google Safe Browsing.


This Internet browser has an automatic pop-up blocker – something highly useful for web browsing. However, it does not have an ad-blocker installed as default. You can easily install an ad-blocker from the plugin library, however. Firefox also benefits from Google’s safe browsing database which keeps a record of malicious sites and content.

Chrome vs Firefox: Privacy

Privacy is hugely important when using a web browser. You are opening yourself to a myriad of external connections. Also, you are often placing your personal data on the internet for others to potentially see. You must, therefore, consider privacy and look at what each browser has to offer.

Google Chrome browser

Google is well-known for having less-than-reputable privacy policies. As a company, Google actively collects user information. You would be startled to know just how much this corporation knows about you.

Chrome, unfortunately, suffers from this same trait. You can limit the amount of data collected, but it is difficult to delete information and truly protect your privacy. If you value your privacy, you may want to consider using Mozilla Firefox, or even other browsers that put privacy first like DuckDuckGo.

Mozilla Firefox browser

Firefox chrome os

Mozilla is a non-profit organization. This means they do not rely on ad revenue and collecting customer data. As a result, Firefox has excellent privacy and it’s one of the best browsers privacy-wise. This is one of the browser’s major features. It has an extensive privacy policy detailing exactly how any personal data collected is used.

Also, it has various features allowing you to block different tracking tools. For example, you can block cookies, finger printers, crypto miners, and more.

Chrome vs. Firefox: Final thoughts

If you’re looking for the best browser with tons of plugins for each and any purpose, synchronization with Google account and your computer is powerful enough to support CPU consuming Chrome then go with the browser by Google.

If you need the fastest browser with better security and privacy options that is not resource hungry then stick with Mozilla Firefox browser.

We hope you have found this article useful. You should now have a clear idea of what each browser has to offer and who’s the winner in the Chrome vs Firefox battle. The reality is that both web browsers are highly usable. Your choice may come down to personal preference, and what features are most important for you in an Internet browser. Don’t forget to install the best antivirus software to keep your computer safe while browsing.

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Main Difference

Download Firefox

Google Chrome and Firefox every are the web browsers. Mozilla Firefox is completely open provide browser. Google Chrome is not going to be completely open provide web browser. Firefox has MPL license whereas Chrome is free beneath Google phrases of firms. Flash Player for Chrome is built-in Plugin whereas in Firefox plugin is obtainable nonetheless not in-built. Firefox has given its 27th latest safe launch whereas Chrome has given its 30th latest safe launch.

What is Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a open provide web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation. It was first launched in September 23, 2002. It is a freeware browser. It helps many media codes along with WebM, Ogg Theora Vorbis, Ogg Opus, WAVE PCM, AAC and MP3. Its auto updates may be discovered. Google is its default search engine.


What is Chrome?

Google Chrome is an internet browser developed by Google Inc. It was first launched on September 2, 2008. It helps many media codes along with Vorbis, WebM,Theora, MP3 and H.264. Its auto updates may be discovered. Google is its default search engine.

Key Differences

  1. Mozilla Firefox is completely open provide browser whereas Google Chrome is not going to be completely open provide web browser.
  2. Firefox was first launched on September 23, 2002 whereas Chrome was first launched on September 2, 2008.
  3. Flash Player for Chrome is built-in Plugin whereas in Firefox plugin is obtainable nonetheless not in-built.
  4. Firefox has MPL license whereas Chrome is free beneath Google phrases of firms.
  5. Software related to Firefox is “Firefox OS” whereas that to Chrome is “Chrome OS”.
  6. Firefox is written in C/C++, CSS, XUL. XBL and JavaScript whereas Chrome is written in C++ and Python.
  7. In Firefox PDF viewer is supported with out plugin nonetheless in Chrome PDF viewer is supported with built-in plugin which can be disabled.
  8. Firefox has given its 27th latest safe launch whereas Chrome has given its 30th latest safe launch.
  9. Website for Firefox is org/firefox whereas that for Chrome is

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