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FF recently updated and when it restarted my browser window is now not showing my menu toolbar or bookmarks toolbar even though they are checked to be on. Plus the minimize/maximize buttons are overlapping my tabs at the top. It seems I'm in some different sized view or something that I cannot figure out how to get out of. I am not in 'full screen' view (already tried F11 to be sure). And I've tried dragging the sides out but that doesn't fix the top min/max button issue where it overlaps and my toolbars AND my MENU bar still do not show up. I've gone into customize and removed and then re-added the 'bookmarks menu' but it only shows up next to the other icons, not in the normal 'toolbar' format with my folders, etc. I can view my bookmark toolbar in the SIDEBARS but again it's just the top of my screen that's messed up and I know it has something to do with my min/maximize buttons being overlapped with tabs but can't get out of it.

I've put a screenshot below to show you what I mean. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm checking out Firefox on iOS, but I can't seem to figure out a clean way to dismiss the address bar. Lets say I'm on a New Tab page and I tap the search icon on the bottom navigation bar. When you do so it adds a back button at the top left of the address bar and brings up your keyboard. For starters, I can't seem to swipe and dismiss the. There are some Firefox themes that I absolutely love, but they don't always get everything the way that I like them. One of the areas I'm rather particular about is the Address Bar drop-down menu that appears once you start typing. A good example of this was a theme I tested out recently that styled both the title and URL in the exact same fashion. F11 hides the address bar in Firefox eventually. Using it a second time will make the bar reappear. If you only want to hide the address bar, uncheck the menu item at View Toolbars Navigation Toolbar.