ヤマハの超人気モデルfg40が入荷しました。 その上、エンジンをボルボd6-480psに換装、艇体もリフレッシュ済み! 航海計器もオートパイロットをはじめとして完全フル装備 運転席左上のフルノ魚探には探検丸に対応しています。 今すぐ乗合も可能?. 2017 Mitsubishi Forklift FG40N (4 valve), The Class V FG/FD40N-FG/FD55N LP/gas and diesel forklift series offer powerful efficiency, quality componen. ヤマハの超人気モデルfg40が入荷しました。 その上、エンジンをボルボd6-480psに換装、艇体もリフレッシュ済み! 航海計器もオートパイロットをはじめとして完全フル装備 運転席左上のフルノ魚探には探検丸に対応しています。 今すぐ乗合も可能?. Fg40: pf (hb) その他: 圧縮: 高摺動: 摺動部品・計測器部品: fkcp5001: pf – cf: 圧縮: 高摺動: 摺動部品・シール部品・各種軸受: fkcp5112: pf – cf: 圧縮: 高摺動: 摺動部品・シール部品・各種軸受: fp100f typea: up: v-0: gf: 移送/射出: ノン赤燐・高強度・高絶縁.

Our April Timed Online Only Auction will be held on WiemanBid2Buy.com. All items will be located at the Wieman Auction Facility located at 44628 SD Hwy 44, Marion, SD. If you do not have internet available or are uncomfortable bidding online, you are welcome to watch the auction on the big screen at the Wieman Auction Facility. We will have multiple representatives available to place bids for you! Our next Online Only Auction closes July 28th


2009 Agco RT140A MFD, 1263 Act Hrs, Autoglide Trans, 18.4x42 Duals; 2004 Cat Challenger MT535B MFD w/ ML-77 Loader-Grapple-Joystick, CVT, Nice!; 1998 JD 7610 MFD, 6905 Hrs, Powershift, 2nd Owner-Nice!; 2003 JD 6420 MFD w/ 640 Loader, 7500 hrs, Mechanic Special; Kubota MX5200 MFD Utility, 946 hrs, Open Station, Hydro; 1982 JD 4640 2 WD, 6550 hrs, Quad Range, Nice!; 1981 JD 4240 2 WD, 4660 hrs, Quad Range, 1 Owner; 2007 CIH DX45 Compact Tractor w/ Loader, 1567 hrs, Hydro; 1968 Oliver 1850 Diesel, 7722 hrs, Std Trans, 3pt, 2 hyd; 1970 JD 2520 Gas, Synchro, Side Console; 1967 IHC 806 Diesel w/ Dual Loader; 1966 JD 2020 Gas, WF; 1961 JD 2010 Gas, WF; 1950 JD Model B Gas, NF; 1950 JD Model A, NF, Gas; 1949 JD Model B w/ Mid Mnt Cultivator, NF, Gas, Elec Start; 1948 MH 44 Gas, NF, Repainted, New Tires; 1945 JD Model B Gas, NF, Elec Start; 1948 IHC Model H Gas, NF; JD 510 16’ Plowing Disk; JD 999 2 RW Planter; JD 452 Planter; Wood Brothers / Dearborn 1 Row Picker; JD H Manure Spreader; IH 4x16 2pt Plow; IH 3x14 Plow; JD 214 Plow; AC 3x14 Snap Coupler Plow; IHC 720 5 Bottom Plow; Oliver 2x14 Plow; JD #55 3x14 Plow, Repainted; IHC 3x14 PT Plow, Restored; IHC 4x16 PT Plow, Restored; Avery Horse Drawn Sickle Mower; Case 3x16 Plow; Horse Drawn Sleigh; Oliver 546 4 Bottom Plow; Skid Loaders: 1995 Bobcat 450 Skid Loader, 283 Act Hrs, Like New!; 2007 Gehl 6640 Skid Loader, 7378 hrs, Hand & Foot Controls, CAH; 2000 Bobcat 773G Skid Loader, 1647 hrs, Cab w/ Heat; 1977 Case 1830 Skid Loader, Gas, Hand Controls; Construction: 1979 JD 544B Payloader, Shows 2242 hrs, Shuttle Trans, Runs-Drives; 1967 IH 500 Crawler Dozer, Series C, 7’ Blade; Cat RC60 Forklift, 6000# Lift; Mitsubishi FG40 Forklift, 10,636 hrs, 8000# Lift; Hyster S30A Forklift, Shows 2900 hrs, 3000# Lift; FE Meyers PC-60-10L Sewer Jetter w/ Trailer, Gas Motor, 350’ High Pressure Hose, New Water Pump; 2008 Terex AL4000 Light Plant; New IA Tile Plow; Henry 10’ 3pt Backhoe.



2009 CIH 1250 16 RN, CCS, Shutoffs, Clutches, Nice!; 2001 JD 1770 16 RN Planter, Vac, Yetter Row Cleaners, HD DP, Rebuilt; 1998 JD 1770 16 RN Planter, Vac, 3 Bu Boxes, Yetter Floating, PTO Pump, Nice; CIH 5400 20’ 3pt Drill, 15” Spacing; JD 7000 12 RN Planter, Sliding Front Fold; JD 7100 17R30” Planter, Finger PU; White 6700 Planter; JD 7200 12 RN Planter, Wing Fold, Vac; JD 7100 13R18” Planter; MM 12’ Drill; 2- Van Brunt Grain Drills w/ GSA; 32- Groff Row Cleaners; 2013 JD 640FD Flex Draper, 40’, CM, SP; 1998 CIH 1020 30’ Flex; 1988 JD 643 6RN CH; 1976 JD 443 4 RN CH; Maurer 838 38’ Head Trailer, TA; New IA 441 Head Trailer; Hmde 4 Wheel Head Trailer; J&M 525 CA Grain Cart; REM 2100 Grain Vac; REM 2500 HD Grain Vac; Westendorf 400 Bu Gravity Box; Mayrath 6”x20’ Auger w/ Gas Motor; 250 Bu EZ Flow Gravity Box; Westfield MK100-71 10”x71’ Auger w/ Swing Hopper; Westfield 10”x36’ Auger; Dakon 213 Gravity Wagon; Portable 6”x40’ Auger; Sudenga 8”x31’ Truck Auger; Fertilizer & Manure: 1998 AgChem 854 Rogator, 4779 hrs, 750 Gal, 90’ Boom, Trimble Guidance; 2004 Bestway 1200 Gal PT Sprayer, 90’ Boom; Demco HP 500 Gal PT Sprayer, 60’ Boom; Ag Systems PT Fert Spreader, High Clearance, Nice!; 2- Ace 120 Gal Inductor Cones; Campbells 500 Gal PT Sprayer; 300 Gal PT Sprayer; IHC 175 Manure Spreader; NH 519 Manure Spreader; Roorda 610 Manure Spreader; JD 33 Manure Spreader; Blue Jet 12 RN Side Dresser, 500 Gal; Tillage: Great Plains 3000 30’ Turbo Till, No Harrow; Eagle PT Ditcher, 48” Cut, 17” Paddles, Like New!; Krause 7300 28’ RF Disk w/ Harrow; 1999 Sunflower 1433 35’ RF Disk, No Harrow; 2007 CIH Tigermate II 48’ FC w/ 4 Bar Harrow; CIH 4800 24’ FC w/ Harrow; CIH 3950 32’ RF Disk w/ Harrow; CIH 5500 16’ Chisel; Glencoe 20’ 3pt FC; JD 1010 30’ PT FC w/ Harrow; Kent 18’ Soil Finisher; Krause 3100 Landsman 31’ Soil Finisher; Morris L249 48’ FC w/ Harrow; Kewanee 10’ Tandem Disk; 2- CIH 183 8 RW Cult; M&W 1815 Rotary Hoe, 15’ Buffalo 6 RN NT Cult; JD 12 RN Rotary Hoe; Lindsay 6 Section Drag w/ Cart; Haying & Feeding: 2020 Anderson RB200 Bale Wrapper, Like New!; 2018 Farm Aid 560 Feeder Wagon, Reel Mixer, Scale; 2- 2016 CIH MD82 8’ Disk Mower, Like New!; 2012 Vermeer 605 Super M R. Baler, Netwrap Only, 35k Bales; 2009 NH BR7090 R. Baler, Net & Twine, 2600 Bales, Nice!; 2009 NH BR7090 R. Baler, Net & Twine, 15k bales; 2002 JD 567 R. Baler, Twine Only, 16,715 Bales; 2001 JD 567 R. Baler; 1997 JD 566 R. Baler, Net & Twine; 1996 JD 535 R. Baler; 2003 NH BR780 R. Baler; NH 1475 16’ Moco; H&S TR9 Rake, 6 Wheel; JD 336 Sq Baler; JD 660 Side Rake; Sitrex 5 Wheel Rake; IH 35 Side Rake; Gehl 2880 R. Baler; MacDon 5000 16’ Moco; JD 800 SP Swather, 15’ Head; Gehl 270 14’ Moco; NH 1475 16’ Moco; JD 894A Side Rake; NH 56 Side Rake; Tonutti 12 Wheel V-Rake; H&S Hi-Capacity 12 Wheel Rake; CIH 1300 Sickle Mower, 7’ Bar; Vermeer 3pt Bale Processor; 1991 CIH 8480 R. Baler; Balzer 1200 PT Stalk Chopper; OMC 260 SP Swather; Hesston 114 Hydro Swing Moco; Gehl 1200 PT Silage Cutter w/ 3 RN CH; Richardton 1400 Silage Dump Wagon; Badger 30’ Silage Conveyor; Gehl 99 Silage Blower.


1997 Isuzu Cargo Van, 24’ Enclosed Body, Tommy Gate, Needs Work; 1975 Ford F880 Truck, V8, 5+2 Sp, 20’ Box-Hoist; 1973 Chevy C60 w/ 15’ Box-Hoist, Brush Auger, 350-V8; 1991 GMC C7 Topkick, Cab-Chassis, 366 Gas, 5 Sp; 1952 Studebaker Truck, 30,987 miles; 2008 Ford F350 Service Truck, Diesel, 200k miles, Newer Motor; 2007 Chevy 2500HD Pickup, 166k miles, Diesel, Crew Cab; 1999 Ford F250 Pickup, 225k miles, V10 Gas; 2003 Ford F150, 188k miles, Ext Cab, Topper; 1992 Ford F250 Pickup, 250k miles, 7.3L Diesel, 5 Sp Manual; 1993 Ford F150 Pickup, 208k miles, 4x4, V8, Flatbed; 2000 Chevy Impala, 165k miles, 3.4L, Needs Work; 1990 Ford F350 Pickup, 7.3L Diesel, 4sx4, Reg Cab, AS IS; 1993 Ford E350 Econoline ¾ Ton Van, 179k miles, 5.8L V8; 1997 Buick LeSabre, 156k miles, Leather, 3800-V6; Trailers: 2011 Sooner 8’x24’ Alum GN Stock Trailer; 1999 Timpte 42’ Grain Trailer, TA, Air Ride; 1988 Timpte 42’ Grain Trailer, TA, Spring Ride; 1994 Hmde 12’x40’ Sprayer Trailer, Pintle Hitch, Tri-Axle; 2013 H&H 18’ Car Trailer, 2- 3500# Axles; 2008 PJ 33’ GN Flatbed, 3- 7000# Axles, Flip Over Ramps; 2012 DCT ST21-14 Tiltbed Trailer, 21’, TA, Bumper Hitch; 2006 PJ 7’x21’ Tiltbed Car Trailer, Newer Floor, 2-7000# Axles; 2002 DCT 8’x16’ Enclosed Trailer, TA; 2009 Orland Mfg 5’x10’ Utility Trailer, Ramp Gate; 2012 Yacht Club 8.5’x9’ Snowmobile Trailer; 1992 Road King 8’x20’ Car Trailer; 2012 Hmde 8’x25’ Trailer, TA; 2015 DCT 14’ Alum Trailer; 1983 Trail In 8’x12’ Enclosed Trailer, TA; 1988 Hmde 4’x7’ Trailer; 1996 Ready Haul 8’x24’ Trailer; 1978 Stoddard 6’x16’ Stock Trailer; Steel 8’x30’ Pole Trailer; Hmde 6’x14’ Trailer; 1985 Free Spirit Holiday Rambler, 36’ 5th Wheel Camper, Sleeps 6; Starcraft 14’ Boat w/ Trailer; 1978 Glastron 15’ Boat w/ Trailer, 115 HP, Fish Finder; 1984 Larson 17’ Boat, Mercruiser 3.0L Inboard, Needs Work; ATVS: 2011 Polaris 400 Ranger UTV, 634 hrs, 4x4, Open Cab; 2010 Polaris Ranger UTV, 511 hrs, 4x4, ROPS; 2005 Polaris 500 Ranger UTV, 1492 hrs, 4x4, Open Cab; 2007 Honda Fourtrax 420 Ranger ATV, 6707 miles, 4x4; Koyker Raptor, needs work; 2- Honda 90 Motorcycles for Parts; 2- Honda 90 3 Wheelers for Parts; 1981 Suzuki GS550 Motorcycle, 16,600 miles;



Farm King 8’ 3pt Snow Blower; Dakon Gravity Box w/ Drill Fill; Large Assortment of Running Gears (6, 8, 12 & 14 Ton); Flair Boxes; Barge Boxes; NI 30A Sickle Mower; King Kutter 6’ Rotary Mower; Frontier 5’ 3pt Finish Mower; Land Pride 7’ 3pt Finish Mower; IHC 120 Sickle Mower; Howse 6’ 3pt Rotary Mower; Land Pride 5’ 3pt Rotary Mower; 2- Bush Hog 7’ Rotary Mowers; County Line 5’ Rotary Mower; 3- Swisher 60” ATV Mowers; Frontier 7’ Sickle Mower; 2006 Pal Finger PX9501 Knuckle Boom Crane; Dual 3000 Loader w/ IH 66 mts; Koyker K5 Loader w/ IH 66 mts; Westendorf WL-42 Loader w/ 8’ Bucket-Grapple, IH Mts; Miller P12 Loader w/ Spear, JD Mts; Koyker 545 Loader w/ Bucket & Grapple, NH TM130 mts; New Wolverine 72” SS Brush Mower; New Stout Buckets (72” & 84” Rock & Brush Buckets w/ Grapple); New Lowe 750 SS Post Auger; MDS MC133 Big Square Bale Spear; Stanley SS Jack Hammer; New IA SP09 9’ Snow Pusher; Used IA SP09 9’ Snow Pusher; Skid Loader Bedding Extractor; Assortment of 3pt Blades (6’-10’), IA Big 12 3pt Box Blade; Degelman 3pt Rock Nabber; JD Bale Spear for 620 Loader; EasyMan Tree & Post Puller; Westendorf Bale Spear; Hawz 74” & 78” Rock Buckets; Gehl 72” High Volume Bucket; Cat 72” Low Pro Bucket; SS Broom; King Cutter 5’ 3pt Rock Rake; Super 1630 3pt Post Pounder; Notch 90” SS Bucket; (80) New 6 Bar x 20’ Continuous Fence Panels; (40) New 5’x10’ Portable Panels; (30) New 24’ Freestanding Panels; 18”, 24” & 36” Cement Culverts; Dewalt Cordless Tools; Makita G6101R Generator, 5800 Watt; Century 180 Wire Feed Welder; Pacific 8500M Generator w/ Pacific Air Compressor; Lincoln R35 Welder; 60 Gal Upright Air Compressor; North Star 500 Watt Generator; Bidgeport Vertical Mill; Reed-Prentice Turning Lathe; HD Grinding Wheel; America Tool Work Vertical Mill; Metal Band Saw; Oxy-Ace Torch Sets; Alkota 4258 Pressure Washer, 3 Phase, Works; Big Red 1500# Motorcycle Lift; Snap-On KR Series Tool Chest; Liquid Fert for CIH 1220 Planter; Oliver Fenders; 2- JD 250 Computer Trac Monitors; JD Starfire ITC Receiver; CIH Pro 700 Monitor; Complete EZ Steer System; 5- 3” Trash Pumps w/ Honda Motors; 3- 2” Trash Pumps w/ Honda Motors; Large Assortment Lumber & Plywood; 1000 Gal LP Tank; Guard Rail; Assorted Barn Sheet Tin; Assorted Quick Hitches (Cat 2 and 3); 1000 Gal Fuel Tank w/ Pump; WB Monitor 6.5’ Windmill w/ Tower; Bulk Bins; Large Assortment of Fencing Supplies (Fence Posts, Wire, Woven, Insulators, Electric Fencers & Gates); Cement Feed Bunks; Metal Feed Bunks; Round Bale Feeders; Vet Supplies; Dewalt 20V Leaf Blower; Dixon Walk Behind Trimmer; Dixon Walk Behind Mower; ATV Broadcast Seeder; JD LX280 Lawn Mower; Snapper LT200 Riding Mower; Craftsman Riding Mower; New Cutting Edges.

NOTE: There is no buyer’s premium with this auction. 4.5% SD Sales Tax applies to all purchases without a title unless a valid resale tax number is on file and all documents are signed. All of the items are on our lot in Marion, SD – come kick the tires and check them out! Got questions? Give us a call – we’ve got answers! Visit WiemanBid2Buy.com to view full catalog and details!


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Download Complete Service & Repair Manual for Mitsubishi FG35 FG40 Forklift Trucks.

Mitsubishi FG35 FG40 Forklift Trucks Service Repair Manual PDF. This service manual is subdivided into various group categories. Each section contains diagnostic, disassembly, repair, and installation procedures,along with complete specifications and tightening references. Use of this manual will aid in properly performing any service necessary to maintain or restore the high levels of performance and reliability designed into this Mitsubishi vehicle.

Number of pages: 2000+ pages
Win95/98/ME/XP/vista/7/10/Linux/MAC /IPAD/IOS
Requirements Adobe PDF Reader


Chassis and Mast: Foreword
Chassis and Mast: General Information
Chassis and Mast: Cooling System
Chassis and Mast: Electrical System
Chassis and Mast: Electrical System Schematics
Chassis and Mast: Power Train
Chassis and Mast: Clutches
Chassis and Mast: Manual Transmission
Chassis and Mast: Power Shift Transmission
Chassis and Mast: Front Axle and Reduction Differential
Chassis and Mast: Rear Axle
Chassis and Mast: Brake System
Chassis and Mast: Steering System
Chassis and Mast: Hydraulic System
Chassis and Mast: Masts and Forks
Chassis and Mast: Troubleshooting
Chassis and Mast: Service Data

Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Foreword
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Determining When to Overhaul the Engine
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Engine Replacement
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Specifications
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Major Nuts and Bolts Tightening Torque
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Sealers, Adhesives, and Lubricants
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Use of RTV and Anaerobic Sealer (Gasket Eliminator)
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Diagnostic Information and Procedures
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Valve Train Diagnosis (Noise Diagnosis)
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Mechanical
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Electrical Throttle and Governor Control System
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: ECU Error Code Description
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Ignition System and Distributor
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Alternator and V-Belt
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Starter Motor
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Fuel System – Gasoline
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Fuel System-LP
Engine:GM 4.3L (G6) Gasoline: Special Tools and Equipment


Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement: Foreword
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement: Types of LP Gas
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement: Structure and Function
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement: Actions to be taken in the event of a failure
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement: Troubleshooting
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement: Disassembly and Reassembly
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement: Inspection and Adjustment
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement: Carb Tier 1 Emissions Control System
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement: Systems Operations
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement: Subsystem Operating Principles
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement: System Adjustments
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement: S-15G Troubleshooting
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement: Vacuum System Diagram and Wiring Schematics
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Supplement: Inspection and Adjustment