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TNT offers a comprehensive suite of online tools including eInvoicing. EInvoicing is designed to make receiving invoices and managing the invoice process more convenient, efficient and flexible. Once registered for eInvoicing you can securely login to view and download your weekly invoices, documents and data. Intellectual and other property rights to the information contained in this site are held by TNT Holding B.V. With all rights reserved © 2009.

Additional Services

Express tnt invoicing portal

Should your shipment fall outside of TNT's standard handling and shipping processes, we can provide optional services which will help you tailor make a service to meet your needs. The fees for these services are in addition to basic shipping costs.

1. Paper consignment notes and invoices

Express Tnt Invoicing Software

We can provide printed consignment notes and/or paper based invoices if you do not wish to transmit your data electronically and/or receive e-invoices.

Non-electronic consignment

Fee applied where data is not submitted electronically. I.e. handwritten consignments

Fee per consignment

€ 1.00

Non-electronic invoice

Fee applied when you require a paper invoice

Fee per invoice

€ 2.00

2. Import Services

Manage your import shipments globally with our Express Import services and take control of the entire shipping process as the importer and receiving party. You can arrange the import service through our Customer Service or you can use our on-line Express Import System (EIS).

Express Import (Receiver Pays)

You can select “Invoice to Receiver” on the consignment note to indicate that the invoice is to be sent to the receiver in local currency. An additional fee will be applied to recover the administrative costs we will incur.



CS (Customer Service) arranged Import

The Import service can be arranged by a TNT representative. This fee is in addition to the Express Import fee.

Fee per consignment

€ 12.50


3. Insurance (not applicable in countries where Enhanced Liabilityi is sold)

For your valuable goods, we can provide Insurance cover up to €25k to replace lost or damaged shipments.


We can provide you “all risk” insurance with coverage up to €25k for the replacement cost in case of loss of or damage to your consignment. Terms & Conditions apply.


Min. per consignment

1% of declared value of goods



4. Enhanced Liability (only for countries who are not allowed to sell Insurance)

For your valuable goods, we can increase the value of cover beyond our standard liability, up to €25k per shipment.

Enhanced Liability

We can increase our liability up to €25k for the replacement cost or cost of repair in case of loss of or damage to your consignment. Terms and Conditions apply.


Min. per consignment

1% of declared value of goods



5. Collection and Delivery

From on demand collection to deliveries in remote areas, we can cater for the various collection and delivery requierments you may have.

Late Collection

On demand collections can be arranged at an additional fee, if you require your goods to be collected beyond the time of the normal TNT collection in your area.

Fee per consignment


Saturday Collection/Delivery

Collection on Friday for delivery on Saturday and/or collection on Saturday for delivery on Monday.

Fee per consignment

Remote Area Service

A remote area is defined as difficult to reach or remote location. This is determined by post code or by town name. For an additional fee we will deliver (or collect) in these areas. <link to OOA postal code list>




€ 0.40

€ 22.00

€ 120.00

Residential Delivery Service

TNT provides delivery services to business addresses as standard. Deliveries to residential addresses incur an additional fee per shipment.

Fee per consignment

€ 2.00

Resolved Wrong Address

If a destination address provided by the sender is incomplete or incorrect and TNT is subsequently not able to deliver the shipment, TNT will make every reasonable effort to find the correct address and deliver the shipment. An additional charge will be applied per shipment to cover the additional costs.

Fee per consignment€ 5.00

Express Tnt Invoicing Free

6. Shipment Handling

If you require prioritised handling or your shipment requires handling of a non-standard nature, we can meet your needs. To ensure your shipments are delivered on time and in perfect condition, please familiarise yourself with the types of shipments that require Additional and/or Special handling.


You can opt for prioritised handling from collection to delivery. Your consignment will be clearly labelled with our Priority sticker.

Fee per consignment

€ 10.00

Additional Handling

If you have shipments that are not suitable to be handled on automated conveyor machinery or if they exceed our standard operational dimensions, we will ship them at an additional fee.

- Non Conveyable (if one or more items weigh less than 30 kg and exceed one of the following dimensions: 1.2m (l) x 0.7m (w) x 0.6m (h)).

- Exceeding Dimensions (if one or more items weigh more than 30 kg and exceed one of the following dimensions: 1.2 (l) x 1.2 (w) x 1.5 (h) m)

Fee per consignment

Fee per consignment

€ 17.50


Special handling

If your shipments require special handling and resources because they cannot be stacked or could cause injury, we will ship them at an additional fee.

- Health & Safety (shipments containing items that could cause injury and that require special handling)

- Non Stackable ( shipments containing non stackable items, which do not allow other items to be placed on top)

Fee per consignment

Fee per consignment

€ 60.00


Multi-piece handling

If your shipment contains more than one item, we will manage your shipment at an additional fee.

Per additional item

€ 5.00

7. Special Goods Transport

In accordance with international tarnsportation regulations (IATA, ADR, etc...) we can manage special transport and handling services for the classified and designated substances and commodities. Clilck to view more details on Dangerous Goods or contact your local customer services representative.

Dangerous Goods/Hazardous

Fee applied for handling and transportation of shipments classified as fully regulated Dangerous Goods.

Fee per consignment

€ 100.00

Dry Ice

Fee applied for handling and transportation of shipments containing Dry Ice (UN1845).

Fee per consignment

€ 25.00

Limited Quantity

Fee applied for the handling and (road) transportation of Dangerous Goods shipments in ADR Limited Quantities.

Fee per consignment

€ 35.00

Lithium Batteries

Fee applied for the handling and transportation of shipments containing Lithium Ion or Lithium Metal batteries compliant with the appropriate IATA Packing Instructions (P.I. 965, 966, 968, 969)

Fee per consignment€ 5.00

8. CO2 Services

Express Tnt Invoicing App

Express tnt invoicing tool

Do you have concerns about the carbon footprint of your shipments? Our CO2 services are the answer. We can provide you with accurate and reliable information on CO2 emissions and offer concrete solutions to reduce CO2 emissions impact.

CO2 Report

Track and analyse your transport related CO2 footprint.

Per report or Annual subscriptoin€500 or €1500

CO2 Neutral

Compensate your CO2 emissions through premium credits.

per kg€ 0.01/kg - € 0.14/kg

CO2 Quote

The CO2 Quote predicts the emissions of your future business and can be used for tenders or quote requests.

per quote€ 750

CO2 Scenario

With CO2 Scenario we can model and optimiseemissions in your transport supply chain to lower your overall CO2 footprint.

Per scenario€ 1000

9. Customs Services

TNT provides expertise and support for customs clearance, import and export regulations. Our door-to-door delivery rates shown on our standard tariffs include provision for simple clearance formalities. For more complex clearance or to make international trade even easier for the customer, TNT will charge additional customs services fees.

Express Tnt Invoicing System

Import Individual Entries

A The entry of an individual consignment, due to high value, weight or commodity. Customs clearance are more complex and take more time to do these entries.

Fee per consignment

€ 25.00

Multi-line Entry

A service fee applied for multi-line item entries for shipments with multiple commodity types for clearance.

Fee per additional line

€ 5.00


Storage fees apply when the shipment cannot be released from TNT/other facility due to Customs requirements, insufficient clearance information or upon the customer requests.

Fee per day

€ 5.00

Minimum of € 10.00 per consignment

Transit Document / In-bond Entry

Allows a shipment to be transported under transit customs procedure (e.g. T1 document in Europe).

Fee per consignment

€ 25.00

Duties & Taxes Advancement

The advanced payment of import duties, taxes and other customs / governmental charges on behalf of the importer to accelerate the customs clearance process.

% of Duties & Taxes



€ 15.00

Other Government Agencies

Additional handling charges associated with OGA clearance, e.g. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Ministries, Department of Agricultures, CITES.

Fee per consignment

€ 25.00 + external fees

Entry Amendment

Amending initial clearance entry information per customer request or identified error by customer.

Fee per amendment

€ 50.00

Temporary Import/Export

Per customer request special customs entry for temporary import/export clearance.

Fee per consignment

€ 45.00

Express Tnt Invoicing

Express Tnt E Invoicing

Please contact your local customer services representative if you require additional information.