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  • Royal Mail Post Box for sale in UK View 43 bargains. Royal mail post box for sale Royal Mail post box ER slate grey ER Grey mail box - bit tatty: 10.5 £ Novelty Garden Full Size Metal ER Royal Mail Postbox: 5. Royal mail post box for sale Royal Mail post box ER slate grey ER Grey mail box - bit tatty: 10.5 £ Novelty Garden Full Size Metal ER Royal Mail Postbox: 5 #For-sale.co.uk.
  • Large Letter Royal Mail pip Postal Post Box A4 C4 Ebay Cardboard Small Beeston, West Yorkshire Royal mail large letter PIP boxes Measures approx 322x229x20mm White boxes small 50 for £20 100 for £35 Pickup only Also now stock C5 and C6 Cash on collection only NO Timewasters.

Did you scroll all this way to get facts about royal mail post box? Well you're in luck, because here they come. There are 201 royal mail post box for sale on Etsy, and they cost £65.44 on average. The most common royal mail post box material is ceramic. The most popular colour? You guessed it: red.

Places to buy

Until 2003, it was possible to buy redundant boxes direct from Royal Mail. However, with the adoption of a blanket 'listing' policy jointly by English Heritage and Royal Mail, the process was halted. Today, boxes are either re-sited, scrapped or stored for further use. In special circumstances, a box may be donated to a bona fide museum if no further use can be found for it. Today the best places to find old boxes are in reclamation yards and on internet auction sites - although extreme care must be exercised to avoid handling stolen boxes or modern replicas posing as authentic historic items. You should expect to pay several hundreds of pounds for any genuine box, and these days, several thousand pounds for a genuine pillar box of any era, far more for rarer boxes.


Over the past few years, more and more replica post boxes have appeared on the UK market. Some of these are appalling things that resemble nothing to be seen on our streets! They are often made from old gas bottles - easily spotted as the are far too narrow. However, fairly good copies in cast iron and sheet steel of the standard 1940 pattern lamp boxes are now commonplace. These are harder to spot. Look for GviR boxes with 'Carron Company' on the door, or with four fixing lugs on the outer edges of the front casting. These are completely wrong for the period. The EiiR copy is much harder to tell apart. The real giveaway on all these copies is the circular barrel lock instead of the traditional Chubb five lever lock. The earlier 'Hovis' top lamp box has also been copied and is sold in E7R, GR and VR versions. The lock comments above also apply to these and also there are two fixing screws beneath the aperture which should be flat head. On the copies, these are cross-heads. No crosshead screws in 1897! Always challenge the seller to prove that the box is genuinely old and not a copy.


Unfortunately this has become quite a problem in recent years. If a box is locked shut, with no key and especially if it still carries a modern Royal Mail plastic collection times plate DO NOT TOUCH IT. It is most probably stolen.

We are often asked 'Where can I get my own Post Box?'. It is not that easy, but these dealers are a good starting point:

Below Stairs -a well known antiques dealer in Hungerford. Will export

Unicorn Kiosks - The largest telephone kiosk reclamation centre in the UK, sometimes has boxes

Fagin's Antiques- Large reclamation yard near Exeter often has old boxes

Wells Reclamation - a large yard in Somerset has some (mostly pillar) boxes

Ex Royal Mail Post Boxes For Sale

UK Architectural Antiques - Specialist yard in Staffordshire - lists post boxes in Ebay Shop, prices are the tip end, but excellent stock

Salvo Web is the web portal for the UK Architectural Salvage community with links to many dealers

Mail Collection Boxes Near Me

Surplus items we have for sale

Occasionally, we dispose of postal-related items which are surplus to our needs. These may include collection plates, time tablets or other parts no longer required for restoration. In addition we stock an excellent range of Shire Library publications covering post boxes, telephone kiosks and other street furniture. These are available by mail order.

Royal Mail Stagecoach.

Photo: Royal Mail (Bristol to London) Stagecoach at Debden © LSA May 2014.
Postal and Telegraph bikes and motorbikes through the ages...

Photo: GPO motorbikes at Amberley © LSA April 2010
Bedford HA
Bedford HA (110) Mailvan.
Post Brenhinol, Royal Mail

Photo: Bedford HA (110) Mailvan at Debden © LSA Sept 2012
Bedford Midi Postbus
Bedford Midi Postbus.

Photo: Bedford Midi Postbus at Debden © LSA Sept 2012
British Leyland Mini
British Leyland Mini van.

Photo: British Leyland Mini at Debden © LSA Sept 2012
Dennis Royal Mail van.

Photo: Dennis Royal Mail van, (1910 replica) LE 304 at Debden © LSA May 2014.
Dodge Royal Mail van.

Photo: Dodge Royal Mail van © Martin Maltas
Fiat Doblo
Fiat Doblo Royal Mail van.

Photo: Fiat Doblo Royal Mail van at Milton Keynes Museum © LSA April 2014.
Ford Fiesta Courier Kombi
Ford Fiesta Courier Kombi 4-seat crewbus.

Photo: Ford Fiesta Courier Kombi W638 BOO at Debden © LSA Sept 2012
Ford Escort
Ford Escort.

Photo: Ford Escort Royal Mail van at Amberley © LSA April 2008
Ford Transit
Ford Transit.

Photo: Ford Transit van at SEAMAC (South East Anglia) Mail Centre © LSA May 2005

Photo: Iveco box van KE06 BYX at Southend Delivery Office © LSA May 2013

Photo: LDV Royal Mail Maxus Postbus at Hockley DO © LSA November 2007
Leyland DAF
Leyland DAF

Photo: Leyland DAF 'Mickey Mouse' PN09 HGG at Amberley Museum © LSA April 2011
Morris (35 cu ft)
Early Morris Minor 5 cwt. vans were specified with custom built bodies to Post Office design. As the Morris Eight became available the Minor chassis was combined with the Eight's engine to form a Post Office Telephones' hybrid.

Photo: Royal Mail van at Amberley © LSA April 2008
Morris Z
The Morris 'Z' chassis van was produced between 1940 - 1953 and was used on telephone duties for Post Office Telephones, and for postal duties in Royal Mail livery.

Photo: Royal Mail Morris Z van LUL 794 at Debden © LSA May 2014.
Morris J Type
From about 1957 onwards, the GPO purchased more than 6000 Morris J Type vans for both postal and engineering duties.
Photo: Morris JB Type YLH 449 and SLO 234 at Milton Keynes Museum © LSA April 2014.
Morris LC5
Morris-Commercial LC5 Royal Mail van.

Photo: Morris-Commercial LC5 Royal Mail van SXH 115 at Milton Keynes Museum © LSA April 2014.
Morris Minor (50 cu ft)
Morris Minor Postal Vans...

Photo: Morris Minor WLC 910G at Amberley © LSA April 2008
(Austin) Morris J4
Austin Morris J4 postal van.

Photo: Austin Morris J4 PGF 256L at Debden © LSA May 2014.
Morris Ital
Morris Ital mail van.

Photo: Morris Ital PYO 201Y at Debden © LSA April 2012.
Peugeot Bipper
The Peugeot Bipper was introduced in 2009 to selected Royal Mail sites.

Photo: Peugeot Bipper KU10 YZB at Amberley © LSA April 2010
Peugeot Boxer
Peugeot Boxer.

Photo: Peugeot Boxer KW63 YFX at Milton Keynes Museum © LSA April 2014.
Peugeot Expert
Peugeot Expert (this has a longer body/wheelbase than the Partner).

Photo: Peugeot Expert KX63 PFV at Milton Keynes Museum © LSA April 2014.
Peugeot Partner
The Peugeot Partner was introduced in 2012 to selected Royal Mail sites, as part of the Delivery Methods (DM) reorganisation of vehicle allocations.

Photo: Peugeot Partner KM12 JVC at Debden © LSA September 2012
Renault Kangoo
Renault Kangoo four-seat Crew Bus.

Photo: Renault Kangoo Crew Bus HX03 ZKC at Milton Keynes Museum © LSA April 2014.
Vauxhall Combo
The Royal Mail Vauxhall Combo is a popular small van for collection duties, typically for pick-ups at letter boxes.

Photo: Vauxhall Combo van at SEAMAC (South East Anglia) Mail Centre © LSA May 2005
Vauxhall Vivaro
From late 2009, Royal Mail specified Vauxhall Vivaros as the natural choice for medium sized postal vans...

Photo: Vauxhall Vivaro van at Southend DO © LSA February 2010
Postal Engineering
Postal engineering included maintenance of mail sorting machines, stamp vending machines and letter scales in Post Offices.
EML 137J - 1971 Morris Minor 1000 Postal Engineers' van.

Photo: Postal Engineers' van at Amberley © LSA April 2008
Postal Engineering: Commer Vans.

Photo: © Martin Maltas
Parcelforce Worldwide
Parcelforce Worldwide.

Photo: Parcelforce Worldwide Mercedes EX13 FFR in Southend © LSA September 2013.
Post Office Vehicles
The 'Post Office Counters' brand is echoed in the vehicle fleet with a green banding on its vans.

Photo: Post Office Transit © LSA September 2012
Mobile Post Offices
Mobile Post Offices, a brief study...

Photo: Mobile Post Office motive unit Karrier GGO 926J with trailer © Light Straw September 2012
ROMEC Facility Management:
Building Services
Cleaning and Office Management
Fire and Security
National Service Centre
Special Projects

Photo: ROMEC - Peugeot Bipper OV60 VLO at Southend DO © Light Straw May 2013.

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Gallery: A selection of Royal Mail Fleet vehicle photos.
Photo: Vehicles in a local Delivery Office © Light Straw Archive.
Postal Heritage
Postal Heritage: The British Postal Museum & Archive is the leading resource. Here we look briefly at some of its collections.
Photo: A 'Mail Rail' motive unit and carriage in the BPMA collection © May 2014 Light Straw Archive.