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There are several methods for installing ESET Smart Security Premium on your computer. Installation methods may vary depending on country and means of distribution:

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ESET Internet Security is built on ESET Smart Security foundation and represents logical evolutionary step. In addition to ESET Smart Security functionalities, it contains enhanced security. There are several methods for installing ESET Smart Security Premium on your computer. Installation methods may vary depending on country and means of distribution:. Live installer can be downloaded from the ESET website. The installation package is universal. ESET Smart Security Premium covers up to 10 devices and has: Firewall. Web protection & secure browser for online finances. Anti-theft protection. Password manager. Parental controls. File & device encryption. Advanced diagnostics tools. 30-day money-back guarantee. In 2009, CNET awarded ESET Smart Security 4 the CNET Editor's Choice Award under the Internet security suite category. Reviewers stated that 'ESET Smart Security is surprisingly light, consuming around 50MB of RAM when running' and concluded that 'For getting all your security tools in one box, Smart Security is an effective and well-respected.

Live installer can be downloaded from the ESET website. The installation package is universal for all languages (choose a desired language). Live installer itself is a small file; additional files required to install ESET Smart Security Premium will be downloaded automatically.

Offline installation – This type of installation is used when installing from a product CD/DVD. It uses an .exe file that is larger than the Live installer file and does not require an internet connection or additional files for the completion of installation.


Make sure that no other antivirus programs are installed on your computer before you install ESET Smart Security Premium. If two or more antivirus solutions are installed on a single computer, they may conflict with each other. We recommend that you uninstall any other antivirus programs on your system. See our ESET Knowledgebase article for a list of uninstaller tools for common antivirus software (available in English and several other languages).


Regularly updating ESET Smart Security Premium is the best method to ensure the maximum level of security on your computer. The Update module ensures that both the program modules and the system components are always up-to-date.

By clicking Update in the main program window, you can view the current update status including the date and time of the last successful update and if an update is needed.

In addition to automatic updates, you can click Check for updates to trigger a manual update. Regularly updating the program modules and components is an important aspect of maintaining complete protection against malicious code. Please pay attention to the product modules configuration and operation. You must activate your product by using your License key to receive updates. If you did not do so during installation, you will need to enter your License key to activate your product in order to access ESET update servers while updating.


Your License key was sent to you in an email from ESET after purchasing ESET Smart Security Premium.

Current version – Shows the version number of the current product version you have installed.

Last successful update – Shows the date of the last successful update. If you do not see a recent date, your product modules may not be current.

Last successful check for updates – Shows the date of the last successful check for updates.

Show all modules – Shows the list of installed program modules.

Click Check for updates to detect the latest available version of ESET Smart Security Premium.

Update process

After clicking Check for updates, the download will begin. A download progress bar and remaining time to download will be displayed. To interrupt the update, click Cancel update.

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Under normal circumstances, you will see the green check mark in the Update window, indicating that the program is up-to-date. If you do not see a green check mark, the program is out-of-date and is more vulnerable to infection. Please update the program modules as soon as possible.

Unsuccessful update

If you receive a modules update failed message, it may be caused by the following issues:

1.Invalid license – The license key has been incorrectly entered in update setup. We recommend checking that your license key was entered correctly. The Advanced setup window (click Setup from the main menu and then click Advanced setup, or press the F5 key on your keyboard) contains additional update options. Click Help and support > Change license from the main menu to enter a new license key.

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2.An error occurred while downloading update files – This can be caused by incorrect Internet connection settings. We recommend that you check your Internet connectivity (by opening any website in your web browser). If the website does not open, it is likely that an Internet connection is not established or there are connectivity problems with your computer. Please check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you do not have an active Internet connection.

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We recommend restarting your computer after a successful ESET Smart Security Premium update to a newer product version to ensure that all program modules were updated correctly. It is not necessary to restart your computer after regular modules updates.

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For more information, please visit Troubleshooting for 'Modules update failed' message.