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Copy directory hierarchies, create and extract archives. Ditto can preserve ownership / permissions, resource forks and file / folder metadata. Ditto will automatically create the destination folder if it doesn’t yet exist, if the destination does exist and contains files, then ditto will merge them.

Unlike cp -R, if the destination folder already exists, the existing contents will be merged with the contents of the folder being copied.

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Copy a folder quotes are needed because of the space in the folder name. Note that this will merge the files into the destination:
ditto '~/Desktop/work files' '/Volumes/work backup'
To also preserve the Mac resource forks, type and creator codes use (only required prior to 10.4):
ditto -rsrc '~/Desktop/work files' '/Volumes/work backup'

Don’t copy metadata and resource forks:
ditto -V --norsrc '~/Desktop/work files' '/Volumes/work backup'

Windows Mac Chrome OS Step 1 - Launch Ditto Connect Locate and open Ditto Connect on your device. Permissions Ditto may ask for permission to access certain features of your Windows device. If you're prompted, you must approve Ditto or scr.

  • A Mac Like interface for the standard Apple BSD Unix command ditto, it is especially useful for adding files to your Poser Runtime folder. Making and Restoring backups.
  • How to Merge Directories in Mac OS X with ditto Aug 12, 2010 - 5 Comments If you have two directories you need joined together, you can either drag and drop everything together, use the ‘mv’ command to move files manually, or, as we’ll show here, you can quickly merge any two directories within Mac OS X by using the command line tool.

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