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We thank Eli Lieber for his input on these pages.

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Dedoose is a web-based application designed for individual work or synchronous collaborative research from different sites; it provides a range of mixed methods tools for the handling of text, spreadsheet data and video. A series of workspaces allows coding, retrievals and memoing and a wide range of charts enable quantitative visualisation of findings if required. A subscription fee for access to the service for particular periods of time provides a flexible payment model.

Dedoose Alternatives. Dedoose is described as 'was designed from the ground up—by researchers, for researchers—to meet the needs of today’s social scientists working in academia, marketing, and education—virtually' and is an website in the Education & Reference category. There are more than 10 alternatives to Dedoose, not only websites but also apps for a variety of platforms. A tutorial of how to use Dedoose, a web-based program that allows for mixed methods research, and data analysis on quantitative and qualitative data. Sep 21, 2018 The entire author team then met to review the list of codes and revise the codes as necessary. All disagreements were discussed until a consensus was reached. Once a consensus was reached on the codes, a subset of the researchers (n = 4) coded the interviews and reflections using Dedoose (Dedoose Version 8.0.35 2018). Inter rater and intra. Dedoose is a qualitative data analysis application designed for mixed methods research. This allows for the analysis of research data that is both qualitative, such as text, audio, images, or video, or quantitive such as spreadsheets, test scores, or demographics. You can even mix both qualitative and quantitative data in your analysis.

As you will see in the subsequent pages – there are various types of data which can be imported and some of them are auto-processed as they are imported.

  • You can create an empty project and later import data
  • You can import a spreadsheet of mixed quantitative and qualitative data and the software auto-processes the information on import.
Dedoose coding

Eli Lieber gets started with a general overview processes of creating an account in Dedoose then a description of the building blocks of setting up a project. More detailed step by step instructions for each of those building blocks follows in later sections.

The step by step sections are not always oriented to specific case study data, but you can experiment with any of the textual or spreadsheet data supplied in any of the 3 sample case studies. Get started!

Dedoose Promo Code

In Chapter 5 to help get you started, we talk about productive things you can do in the early stages of setting up a ‘project’ in software. Experimenting with these processes where relevant in your chosen software will help to become familiar with useful entities in the software. We keep the subject matter of other chapters in mind as the step by step tasks get deeper into the interpretive and interrogation processes of analysing different media. Varied approaches to qualitative data analysis inform how we discuss the functions of software.

Dedoose Software
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