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When you think of installing a new email client, there aren’t too many options. If you happen to be both a Windows and Mac user, and want to use the same client across both computers, Thunderbird would be your most obvious choice.

Microsoft Outlook and the Mac-based Entourage are obvious options. However, Entourage isn’t the best commercial e-mail client and, to be fair, it isn’t cheap. You have to purchase Mac Office to install it on your computer and most users prefer the free Apple Mail.

Another choice is Postbox. This is a cross-platform commercial email client, based on the Mozilla platform, but with a whole host of new and powerful features that make it worth considering. If you’re used to a tabbed interface in your web browser, then using Postbox will be a breeze. You can open multiple emails within tabs, rather than separate windows. It separates the components of your email, so you can quickly see the main message, attachments, images, links and contacts associated with the email.

Commercial Mailboxes–Cluster Box Units. Commercial Mailboxes–Wall Mount 4B. Commercial Mailboxes–Wall Mount 4C. Interoffice Mailboxes. Mail & Parcel Drop Boxes. Drop Box Lockers with Optional Post - Front Access. $450.00 - $1,513.00 These Drop Boxes Are Great For Bank Deposits, Parcels, Packages And More. Many home owners plant gardens around a post mounted box to add an inviting and cheerful look to their yard. Outdoor mailboxes need to be able to withstand the variable weather conditions. A Heavy Duty Mailbox can be mounted on a aluminum, or steel standard, classic, decorative, or deluxe post.

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Search for an email within Postbox and you do not have to wait minutes for the result. The search options are presented immediately, much like spotlight in Mac OS X.

Reading emails through Postbox is made easy by the use of threaded discussions, so it will group together emails from various people, around the same topic. You can quickly open the topic and see every response. Ideal for following a conversation.


This new email client is ideal for both Windows and Mac users who is seeking a powerful system with a range of professional features

US Mail Supply carries indoor & outdoor mailboxes, cluster units, postal drop boxes, and more mailboxes for USPS access. All products featured here are built of heavy-duty steel and aluminum, ensuring your product survives snow, sun, rain, and more.

Cluster Mailboxes (CBU's)


USPS approved outdoor mailboxes & CBU's from US Mail Supply are ideal for installation on any corporate campus or multi-building property. These commercial mailboxes are built to USPS size and construction standards. The curbside pedestal mount and heavy-duty construction are built to withstand everything from the frigid snow of Wisconsin to the blazing sun of Arizona.

4C Horizontal Mailboxes

Made of steel and aluminum, USPS approved 4C horizontal mailboxes from US Mail Supply are a heavy-duty option for apartments, condos, schools, municipal buildings and more. All 4C horizontal mailboxes from US Mail Supply are built to meet the construction and sizing requirements of the United States Postal Service.

4B+ Vertical Mailboxes

Available in five sizes, vertical mailboxes from US Mail Supply are USPS approved replacement mailboxes for commercial use. Choose from three to seven door options to find the best wall mounted mailbox for your facility. All vertical mailboxes from US Mail Supply are built to meet all USPS size and construction requirements.

4B+ Horizontal Mailboxes

USPS approved replacement commercial horizontal mailboxes from US Mail Supply are ideal for use in offices, schools, and apartment lobbies. Made of heavy-duty steel and aluminum, horizontal mailboxes are built to meet the size and construction requirements of the United States Postal Service.

Drop Boxes & Postal Specialties

Commercial postal drop boxes from US Mail Supply for USPS access are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Pedestal mounted commercial drop boxes meet all USPS size and construction requirements. Packages and letters will be safe in a locking commercial drop box from US Mail Supply.

Shop USPS-approved mailboxes from U.S. Mail Supply

Many commercial mailboxes are manufactured by Florence to comply with USPS approval right out of the box for new construction (although it's ALWAYS a good idea to contact your local postmaster to make sure), while some are only USPS approved as a replacement to existing systems. Browse our commercial and residential USPS approved mailboxes and choose indoor/outdoor mailboxes built for USPS compliance.

USPS approved mailboxes from US Mail Supply can be mounted on wall surfaces, recessed into apartment lobby walls, or even pedestal mounted outside your commercial facility. Not sure what mailbox is best for you? US Mail Supply is here to help you choose a mailbox for your commercial facility. US Mail Supply ensures you have the right USPS approved mailbox for:

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  • Apartment Buildings
  • Schools
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Dormitories
  • Office Buildings
  • Military Bases
  • And More

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