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Caterpillar Forklift History

Caterpillar (Cat®) is nothing, if not a brand that’s made for the best, designed to endure demanding work environments and created to provide business solutions that get things done. In fact, it’s fair to say that Caterpillar’s forklifts provide an answer that’s responsive to the market in a way that’s faster than anyone can ever think possible. And that’s something highly important in the business that Caterpillar’s forklifts are part of.

Cat® Lift Trucks are one of the leading manufacturers of forklift trucks and materials handling equipment with a network of dealers across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Cat Lift Trucks is a manufacturer of material handling equipment, specialised in supplying lift trucks, stackers and pallet trucks with distribution throughout Europe, Africa and Middle East Global Dealer Locator Cat Lift Trucks.

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Caterpillar is not also called by experts to be the best brand in forklifts for nothing. For over 50 years, Caterpillar has built a name known for delivering robust forklift loading trucks that are built to perform. Since the 1960s these forklift designs perform in the harshest work environment known to any construction field. Whether it’s an LPG forklift or diesel variants, the complete range of electric powered counterbalance forklifts have delivered results that meet demanding metrics from companies.

Cat® Warehouse Equipment

The versatile range of warehouse equipment from Cat® include pallet trucks, pallet stackers, reach trucks and order pickers, and all of these series have delivered efficient results that meet even the most demanding expectations from discriminating clients. Whether the client needs available space for storage facilities or the client just has to get the best selection of construction equipment in the market, Cat® has shown proof that it can deliver powerful performance.

Cat® Hand Pallet Trucks: Solutions For Handling Materials

What everyone should not also forget about Cat® is their record of meeting client’s problems with its hand pallet trucks. They’re so reliable, it’s hard to see that they won’t become an essential part of the warehouse operations of any company. Hand pallet trucks are the most basic tool in materials handling, and for decades, Cat® has built a reputation of being what is called a “first assistant”, helping operators load and unload pallets in the most difficult locations.

It’s been stated by many experts, too, that Cat® has an impeccable record of making things simple. Even with the ability to help operators maneuver machines, other brands don’t stand out. Cat® is reliable because other from its lifts’ size and efficiency, Cat® gives its users the ability to transport cargo without the use of costly and heavy equipment. This, in turn, helps companies create a more productive environment and increase production rate that’s hard to match by its competitors.

The Story of Success

Another ingredient to the consistent, growing and diversifying success of Cat® today is because of a network of independent dealers committed to bringing forth solutions to companies that require specific answers to their materials' transport problems. With the ability of Cat® to bring solutions in the most affordable manner without compromising quality, it continues to be a brand that’s able to handle challenges in the industry today.

The success of working with Cat® would come from the fact, too, that the company is able to help clients find the most optimum materials that can solve their business issues. With the company’s reputation for technological evolution and service that always stands out, this success of Cat® will no doubt be sustained.

Caterpillar Forklift Replacement Parts


Searching for and buying genuine parts for your forklift trucks is both overwhelming and time consuming. Solid Lift Parts is committed to make your forklift parts buying experience as effortless and as enjoyable as possible. We offer a wide range of lift truck parts for various makes and models of forklifts at the most affordable prices. We at Solid Lift Parts take utmost care in updating out parts inventory on a daily basis, so our customers get to pick every single model of forklift parts they require. With our certified and thoroughly trained forklift parts experts, we take pride in offering you top quality brand new, used and rebuilt Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) as well as aftermarket lift truck parts, helping you to maintain your costs down and your forklift fleets operating at peak performance.

Reliability of Caterpillar Forklift Replacement Parts from Solid Lift Parts

Caterpillar forklift trucks are known for their reliability, designed to minimize downtime. These trucks require minimal maintenance and boasts extended service intervals. This is why Solid Lift Parts ensures that we deliver parts in the exact OEM specification to help prolong the life expectancy of your machine.

Caterpillar Forklift Replacement Parts

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When it comes to the purchase of a Caterpillar Replacement Parts, you should not focus merely on the features of the product and its price, but should also give equal importance to the parts it is built with, especially for steering parts, hydraulic parts, brakes, and ignition parts. You should also take into account the capability of the manufacturer pertinent to providing an all-inclusive after sales maintenance or service package. Solid Lift Parts has gained considerable experience in offering product support and has always focused on customer service and satisfaction as a vital part of its corporate culture.


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The company's nationwide presence has enabled it to comprehend the varied needs of users from different regions, and also possesses outstanding practical skills in offering localized shipments. Solid Lift Parts shipping warehouses are strategically located within multiple states to ensure the fastest shipping possible. In addition, the company also offers easy online access to its parts stock so you as the customer can easily order parts quickly without much hassle.

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The infrastructure helps the company's customers around the world to order and right caterpillar replacement parts at any time and at any place. When customers purchase Caterpillar Replacement forklift parts, they are guaranteed that the parts are built from materials that are of highest quality to meet up with OEM Specifications. All of the company's parts are completely reliable and durable in terms of their standards and also assure complete exchange compatibility.