Can I Use Grammarly In Word

Grammarly has a new app (also called an add-in) for Microsoft Office that enables Walden students to add Grammarly’s checks directly to a Microsoft Word document. Instead of submitting your paper to Grammarly through Grammarly’s website, you can simply enable Grammarly once your document is ready to check. Here are some steps for how to download Grammarly’s new app and use it on your Word document drafts!

Activate grammarly in word

Grammarly can be used with Microsoft Office products. You can find instructions for Word and others “ here ”. Please, note that you will need to subscribe to a paid premium membership of Grammarly to get this feature. This can be as much as $29.95/month. Grammarly for Microsoft Office allows you to use Grammarly while you’re writing Word documents or Outlook emails on Windows. Before you download and install Grammarly for Microsoft Office, make sure Grammarly supports your operating system by checking the system requirements here.

Adding grammarly to word
  1. Save and close anything you have open in Microsoft Word since you’ll need to restart it to add the app.
    • You may also need to allow pop ups in your browser settings to complete this process.
  2. Go to Grammarly at
  3. Log in with your Walden email (don’t forget the 'u' in and password for your Grammarly account. Click 'Log in.'
    • If you do not yet have a Grammarly account, you can create one with your Walden e-mail and set a new password. For more instructions on setting up an account, visit our Accessing Grammarly page.
  1. On the new screen that opens, choose 'Apps' from the left-hand toolbar.
  1. On the Grammarly Apps screen, scroll down to Grammarly for Microsoft Office and choose 'Install.'
  1. Wait for the Add-In to download at the bottom of your browser window, then click to open it.
Can I Use Grammarly In WordCanGrammarly
  1. A pop-up window might open asking if you want to run the file. Click 'Run.'
  1. Wait a moment, then a popup will open. Click 'Get started.'
  1. Make sure 'Grammarly for Word' is checked. Click 'Install.'

Grammarly For Word Document

  1. Wait while the installation completes—you can watch the progress on the loading bar.
  2. If Microsoft Word was already open, a popup will appear that asks you to restart Microsoft Office.
  3. If you had Microsoft Office programs open, save your work; then close all programs.
  4. In the Grammarly popup window, click 'Finish.'
  5. Open Microsoft Word. You should see a small green dot in the upper right of your Home tab that reads, 'Enable Grammarly.' For more about using Grammarly, check out the Using Grammarly’s Word App webpage.