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Let's say you've just finished recording your podcast on Audacity. Now, you might be wondering, can Audacity transcribe audio to text?

Get Audacity to recognize your mic. The show can’t start unless your recording program recognizes. RabbidHedgeHog shows viewers how to easily make a podcast. This features how to make the podcast with the program Audacity. First open your internet browser and go to Audacity. Scroll down to download Audacity 1. 6, save the file, Install and download the program. Now, open up Audacity which is basically a recorder. Connect your microphone which will allow you to record. TAP: The Audacity to Pivot podcast on demand - 'Tap into another rendition of you!' A space where introspection meets action. Where courageous women and men are willing to be transparent creating a bridge for others to cross. Telling stories, without masks, facades and judgement - discovering.


Unfortunately, the answer to this is no - Audacity itself cannot transcribe audio to text. What you are able to do, however, is use Audacity to playback the record and then you can open up another word document to transcribe manually. Of course, this option is a lot of work!

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Instead, if you are looking for a faster option to transcribe your Audacity audio file, all you have to do is save and export the audio file, upload it to an automatic transcription platform like Vocalmatic and get a head start transcribing your audio to text!