Audacity For Catalina

If you’ve recently upgraded your Mac to Catalina or Mac OS 10.15.1, you may have noticed that Audacity is no longer working. To get it working, you’ll need to download version Audacity 2.3.3. However, installing and running it normally the way you’ve done it in the past will not be enough. Because of Catalina, Audacity is not able to gain permissions to the microphone inputs. The only way I was able to get it working is to launch Audacity from the Terminal.


Audacity appears to work on Catalina for some users, but it is not yet officially supported. This is not related to 32/64 bit applications, but rather to additional unannounced changes that Apple have made. 9/10 questions are answered in the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ). The new version of Audacity is out is has some great new features, and finally.full compatibility with MacOS Catalina! The new version of Audacity is out is has some great new features,. Although recording with Audacity isn’t possible in a Catalina environment, you can still edit, play back and export audio files to your heart’s content. Plug-ins also work as normal. Audacity still does not support macOS Catalina properly, but can be used with a workaround. This is because we have not caught up with Apple’s requirements for ‘notarization’ yet. We are working on this for the next release.


The newest version of MacOS has seemed to cause Audacity to flat line every time you hit the record button. Luckily there is a way to solve this issue with o.

Audacity Catalina Microphone

Audacity For CatalinaAudacity For Catalina

Launch Audacity from the Terminal.

Audacity For Catalina

Does Audacity Work With Catalina

Click Ok if prompted to use the microphone.