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Nintendo released an Animal Crossing-themed Switch in March 2020, bundled with the new game. The only way to get this beautiful pair of pastel-colored Joy-Cons is by buying the bundle. However, on eBay is an option to buy replacement shells already assembled to new Joy-Cons in the same colors. Update (Tue 6th Apr, 2021 16:00 BST): Our first official look at Animal Crossing's Build-A-Bear collab has arrived (see below) and the waiting room queue has opened. Continue on down to our. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Joy-Cons and Switch Dock Might be Available Separately The Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch might look amazing but you know you don't need a new console.

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Hardware neededto Play

Here's the following hardware you need for this version of the mod:
  • Titan Two - Amazon Link ($95)
    • ​The Titan Two is an input converter. This is what you'll need to run my script! It's a little hard to come by now-and-days due to COVID-19
  • Titan Two Wireless Expansion Kit - Amazon ($45)
  • Bluetooth Adapter - Whatever works for you
    • I use a 4.0 adapter but my current one does not work. Find a wireless Bluetooth adapter that allows you to connect your joy cons to your PC.
  • RingCon and Leg Strap - Amazon ($80)
    • I think this is the only legitimate way to purchase the RingFit Adventure controller. No one else is selling the joy cons. However you do not need the whole thing. If you can make your own Leg Strap you are good to go!

Current Version: 1.0

There are two files for the mod! One file supports the Ringcon, the other expects the user not to have one. There's little difference between the two's inputs. Definitely message me on twitter (@SuperLouis_64) if there are any big issues.
Download Script for the Titan Two:
  • GTunerIV: ​Software to load script to Titan Two
  • Load .gpc below to your Titan Two
  • ​Code: Github Link

What this version does:
  • Running let's you run in game
  • Squat while holding down R or ZR will open your Menus
  • Squeezing the ring-con let's you use your item in-game
  • If you don't have a ring-con, punch to use your items
  • Supports an Easy Mode and Normal Mode:
    • ​Easy Mode: Face buttons on the joycons do not require Squats or squeezing to press
    • Normal Mode: Preform Squats and motion controls to activate buttons
    • Both are supported from the start