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Adobe photoshop indesign cs6 free download

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  • File > Place formats (Import in graphics, media, and text files)

These tables list the file formats that Adobe InDesign supports for various functions.

Adobe Photoshop Indesign Meaning

For more information on settings and option when opening, importing, exporting, and saving files, see Adobe InDesign Online Help.

inddInDesign documentCC and earlier
indlInDesign libraryCC and earlier
indtInDesign templateCC and earlier
indbInDesign bookCC and earlier
inxInDesign interchangeCS4 and earlier
idmlInDesign Markup LanguageCC and earlier
pmdAdobe PageMaker6.0 - 7.0
xqxQuarkXPress Passport4.1.xsave newer versions in Quark to these accepted versions
xqxQuarkXPress3.3 - 4.1.xsave newer versions in Quark to these accepted versions
inddInDesign documentCC
indlInDesign LibraryCC
indbInDesign BookCC
ExtensionFile nameVersionComments
inddInDesign documentCC
indtInDesign templateCC
pdfPortable Document FormatPDF 1.3 - 1.7
epsEncapsulated PostScriptPS level 2 - 3
flaFlash CS6 ProfessionalCS6
swfShockwave Flash10.xFor Flash Player
idmlInDesign Markup LanguageCC
xmlExtensible Markup Language
txtAdobe InDesign Tagged Text
icmlAdobe InCopy documentCC
rtfRick Text Format
txtText only

Note: For backwards compatibility to InDesign CS4 export to InDesign Markup Language (idml). For backwards compatibility to InDesign CS3, open the .IDML in CS4 and export as InDesign CS3 Interchange (inx).

File > Place formats (Import in graphics and text files)

tiffTagged Image File Format
gifGraphic Interchange Format
jpg, jpegJoint Photographic Experts Group
epsEncapsulated PostScript
dcsDesktop Color Separation
pictPicture file format (Mac)
wmfMS Windows Metafile
emfMS Windows Enhanced Metafile
pcxPC Paintbrush File format
pngPortable Network Graphic
sctScitec CT
aiAdobe Illustrator
psdAdobe Photoshop
pdfPortable Document Formatsince ID CS3 support of multipage PDF files
inddInDesign document
txtText documents
doc, docxMicrosoft Word document
xls, xlsxMicrosoft Excel documents
rtfRich Text Format
swfShockwave File
flv, f4vFlash Video
mp4MPEG-4 VideoH.264 encoding
aviAudio Video Interface
movQuickTime VideoH.264 encoding
mp3MPEG Audio Layer

Adobe Photoshop Indesign Free Download

Edit> InCopy> Export, or options from Link or Assignment panels.

icmaAssignment fileCCis .inca in ID CS3
icmlContent file, Exported fileCCis .incx in ID CS3
icapPackage for InCopyCCis .incp in ID CS3
idapPackage for InDesignCCis .indp in ID CS3
xmlExtensible Markup LanguageFile > Import XML
N/ABuzzword DocumentFile > Place from Buzzword
epubOpen Publication Structure eBookFile > Export for > EPUB
htmlHypertext Markup LanguageFile > Export for > Dreamweaver
N/ABuzzword documentFile > Export for > Buzzword