Adobe Photoshop 2021

Get the latest features and bug fixes by simply updating Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw to the latest version.

  • The current version is Photoshop 2021 (version 22.3.1)
  • The current version of Adobe Camera Raw is 13.2
  • The current version of Adobe DNG Converter is 13.2


Looking for information pertaining to older versions of Photoshop? See Legacy version updates.

Adobe Photoshop 2021 Cc

Nov 09, 2020 In the previous version of Photoshop, it won’t select subject inside the select and mask dialog box but in Photoshop 2021 it can select subject inside the dialog box of Select & Mask. Also, we have a brand new Refine Mode: Color & Object Aware. I selected the Object Aware Tool because I am working on a complex background. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 & Adobe Premiere Elements 2021; Adobe Premiere Elements 2021; Free Trial; Buy now System Requirements Windows. Intel 6th Generation or newer processor or AMD equivalent with SSE4 support. With the March 2021 release, Photoshop 22.3 runs natively on Apple Silicon devices, bringing speedier selections, filters, and performance boosts. For now, some features including Invite to edit and Synced presets, are available under emulation mode only. For details, see Photoshop for Apple Silicon. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021: New features. Improved Organizer. Adobe Elements Organizer is a separate helper app that ships with both the photo and video editors or with the bundle. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 Intelligent editing. Flawless photos. Discover all the new ways to amaze with Photoshop Elements 2021. It's never been easier to edit, create, organize, and share your favorite photos.

Adobe provides technical support and security fixes for the current version and the prior version. Bug fixes are only provided for the current version.

See Photoshop - Supported versions.

When you're updating to a major version, consider the following:

  • Configure Auto-Update > Advanced Settings to not 'Remove Prior Version' until you're comfortable with the new version.
  • Reinstall any third-party plug-ins that haven't been updated to use the Shared Creative Cloud Plug-in Location.
  • Reinstall any third-party extensions that are not installed via Adobe Add-ons.

See uninstall prior versions or reinstall a prior version.

How do I check for and install the most current updates?

Free Adobe Photoshop 2021

Launch Photoshop and choose Help > Updates.

See Update Creative Cloud apps.


Not seeing the available updates? See Available updates not listed.

How do I verify if I have the latest version of Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop 2021 Tutorial

To verify that you have the most recent version of Photoshop:

  • macOS: Choose Photoshop > About Photoshop
  • Windows: Choose Help > About Photoshop

How do I verify if I have the latest version of the Camera Raw plug-in?

To verify that you have the most recent version of Adobe Camera Raw:

Adobe Photoshop 2021
  • macOS: Choose Photoshop > About Plug-In > Camera Raw
  • Windows: Choose Help > About Plug-In > Camera Raw
Adobe Photoshop 2021


Having trouble installing Camera Raw updates? See Camera Raw plug-in installer.

What if I update Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop still doesn’t recognize my camera?

See Why doesn’t my version of Photoshop or Lightroom support my camera?

What if my computer has limited access to the Internet?

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You can install the product and updates offline, but you need momentary Internet access initially to sign in and activate your software.

  • macOS: Camera Raw 13.2
  • Windows: Camera Raw 13.2

Adobe Photoshop 2021 System Requirements

  • macOS:Adobe DNG Converter 13.2
  • Windows:Adobe DNG Converter 13.2