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80004005 thunderbird transmission
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I was connected to O365 with my work email but cannot send any message. IMAP works just fine, all folders synced regularly, but sending not work for some unknown reason.

SMTP setting is as follow:smtp.office365.comport 587STARTTLSOAuth (this is correct setting, all others shows errors, including outlook.partner.cn & smtp.office365.cn, which is completely normal since I'm not in China).

The first thing that jump out is that my password is not OK, which is not correct. Password is OK. Click on 'Retry' or 'Enter new password' do nothing, just return the same pop up. If 'Cancel', then receiving message with 'unknown error 80004005' and all other blablabla about unknown reasons, with instruction to check my SMTP settings.

I've tried all variations available, but nothing works. Sometimes, at some moment after click on Cancel, it said 'Message sent' and I can see it in my Sent Items folder, but it's fake because I never receive that test message to my personal Gmail address.

I have already tried all suggestions I could find (deleting passwords, resetting all, restarting, deleting and adding account again, changes in Config editor related to security.tls), but nothing worked for me.

80004005 Thunderbird Transmission


My OS: Win 10 Pro, build 2004, TB version 78.3.2

Any advise is very welcome. Thank you all in advance.

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